Jayy Grams – “Dew It All” featuring Von Wilda & Hayelo

Coming out of the Cinematic Music Group camp, Jayy GramsVon Wilda and Hayelo, better known as LOWFi The Movement, returns to the airwaves this evening with a brand new anthem titled “Dew It All” produced by talented and famed producer 183rd. With their first official LOWFi collaborative project on the horizon, the three young and powerful emcees give fans a strong taste of what to expect with this new release. The Baltimore (Jayy + Von) and Florida (Hayelo) splitters are what we in Hip-Hop call “a problem” — especially when they all join forces on one track. 
This week, it was also announced that Jayy Grams has been added to Smoke DZA‘s upcoming “The Money In The Bank” tour alongside Bodega Bamz. Things will kick off in Cleveland on May 17th and run all the way until July 1st when they close out the journey in New York City at S.O.B.’s. Marking Jayy’s first official tour, this is just one of many major accomplishments the buzzing spitter can already add to the list.
As for LOWFi, more information on the collaborative project will be announced soon and you can expect a bunch of new solo records from each member as well. Each artist in LOWFi brings something new to the table, which is why their synergy is so on point. From Jayy’s insane wordplay and catchy flows to Von’s pure grittiness and authenticity to Hayelo’s passion and message-driven lyrics, LOWFi The Movement is most certainly a collective that the industry will be talking about for quite some time to come.

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Sir Banks – Now We Eatin ft. Prez

Born and raised in Winston Salem, NC, at the age 11, Sir Banks realized he wanted to pursue music as a career. “As a child, I only listened to Michael Jackson. As a teenager, my older brother introduced me to the sound of the Wu-Tang Clan, 36 Mafia, and UGK. From there, I knew rapping was in the cards for me”, states Banks. 
To get some experience under his belt, Sir Banks did talent shows at churches, after-school programs, recreational centers, and summer camps. “I first really took my music seriously in 2009. My best friend and I were a rap duo called Fly Luminati. His name is Chill”. During their freshmen year in college, the two shot random videos and dropped random songs on Facebook. They had become known for their consistency around the city. “We dropped a visual every Sunday”, recalls Banks. 
Why the name Sir Banks? “My mom used to work at Dilliards, a well-known department store. She would always buy name brand, fly, and conservative clothes for me. I was always dressed up more than the average person. My friends teased me and called me “Carlton Banks” from the show, “Fresh Prince of BelAire”. But as I came into my own, that style of dress stayed with me so I coined the name, Sir Banks. 
When asked about his musical influences, Banks pays homage to his Father who was a music major at Winston Salem State University. “My mom and sisters sing as well. Altogether, I come from a musical family”. Outside of his family, Banks lists established acts such as Kanye’ West, Andre 3000, Common, Pimp C, and Pharrell as musical influences as well. 
At the age of twenty-two, Banks went solo. “My partner no longer had an interest in music, but I decided to stay the course and go solo”, states Banks. Since that time, Banks has since dropped four projects. In 2014, he dropped his debut mixtape, CRUISIN. “I developed this EP while cruisin around in my car. The words to every beat came out of me driving around in my car. At the time, I was driving a 2003 BMW 3 series”, recalls Banks. In 2015, Sir Banks came with his sophomore tape, BANKUET. “It was a mix of all of unreleased tracks and skits based off of Carlton Banks from “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. This release talks about being humble, formerly being in a duo, and taking care of my son, Princeton. 
The Sophomore album from Banks was MIDDLE CLASS. Dropped in 2016, “This album talks about my life growing up. Coming from a middle-class family, I rhyme about how hard it is to get out of that class. This project also talks about how easy it is to sink down. This was my favorite project. I put a lot of time and hard work into this album. I was fighting a lot of demons during this time. I had the most money ever and had the most personal issues with relationships, myself, family and money. I was dealing with everything…all while trying to remain humble. I needed balance during the production of this album”, states Banks. 
“My current EP, WEALTH, is the album I did during a time where my entire life was on the up climb. My entire tax bracket changed for the better. I was more focused on being a more responsible student, father, and citizen. This album talks about becoming more whole”, states Banks. This album was released in July of 2017. His featured single, “JLo To My Diddy” is out now. It also comes with a cute visual. The single is available on all platforms for download. “I was going through something with a female. I thought she was perfect for me. The whole single is about how I lost that situation. So I used Diddy’s song ‘I Need A Girl’ as inspiration for this track”. 
When asked, “Where do you see yourself five years from now? Banks states, “I see myself on that “Top 5: Dead or Alive”; however, I will be alive. When asked to describe his personality as an artist, Banks states, “I am more of a modern day old school artist. People think I am from up north, but I am southern. I see myself as the musical modern day Picasso”. 

Jay Lonzo -“It Takes A Village”


Brooklyn, New York rapper Jay Lonzo releases his debut album, “It Takes A Village.” The 12-track album is a collection of stories from his high-school years, including those inspired by a father in recovery from alcoholism, a mother recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, a complex relationship with an older brother and internal struggles with religion.

Stream below and on all other major streaming services.

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Mr. Mince ‘Wine Ya Body Remix’ feat. Safaree


Statesboro, Georgia’s very own Mr. Mince is on fire right now fresh off signing a major label distribution deal with Priority Records. The retired NFL player is continuing to make a name for himself. With each new release, he continues to leave his mark in the entertainment industry, on the road to making history. With the music industry doing well and seeing growth for the first time in years, the hip-hop superstar could not have picked a better time to drop. “Wine Ya Body” is a classic Hip-Hop, Reggae, Dancehall, and Caribbean type joint featuring VH1 Love and Hip Hop’s very own Safaree Samuels. The track is a real spring break/summer time ready record. Ladies and gentlemen this is for you! Listen to the remix to “Wine Ya Body” out now!
“Mr. Mince Productions Inc., The Number 1 indie record label & production company.  OVER 43 Million YouTube Views and 80 million SoundCloud Clicks… Fresh New Start!!! MMP is the Future.”   

PGH Kiz – “Carbon Copy”

Pittsburgh up-and-comer, PGH Kiz, has a few words aimed at all the copy cats out there with his new single, “Carbon Copy.” Recently signed to local label, Kourageous Entertainment, who themselves just signed a distribution deal through Starvin Lion Entertainment and its sister company, pushandpromo.com, Kizmin Hatcher aka PGH Kiz is only 15 years old but he has been in training for this moment since the age of 8. With influences that include Playboi Cardi, XXXTentacion, and Lil Wayne, Kiz’s style combines his family’s New Orleans background; they left after Katrina, with the grittier influences of his new “Steel City” home. Take “Carbon Copy” for a spin and peep why PGH Kiz is truly one of a kind. Available on all digital platforms.

Twitter: @PGH-Kiz Instagram: @PGH.Kiz