Milano drops New Single Savages – Single

Milano looks to be one of the first female rappers to put her city “Long Beach, California” on the map. You don’t really hear about women succeeding in the Hip Hop world on the West Coast. That’s soon to change, due to this young creative star. Milano is definitely the hidden diamond in the dirt that’s getting ready to make the earth shake with her bars, clever wordplay, delivery, and lyrical content.

Recently she dropped her hot new single “Savages” on all digital platforms. Since the release, numerous people have given great feedback, and shared it amongst their peers. This record was created for all the ladies living in their power like bosses. Milano let’s it be known that she and her friends are about the bag. Don’t let the pretty looks fool you, it’s in their DNA fo hustle hard. I highly recommend you all go check out the track below.

Gringo Gang – “Risks” Ft. Cook LaFlare (Prod by Zaytoven)

Recently Gringo Gang linked up with legendary trap producer Zaytoven for the song “Risks” featuring rising Cincinnati rapper Cook LaFlare.

The track is taken from their upcoming EP The Language as the Gringo Gang consisting of (Spacedad, Shawn Ham, and J Mo) have united the Southside and the Westside’s of Naptown for a movement the whole city can get behind.

Recently the group interviewed with Radio One Columbus’ radio station WCKX 107.5, stating “We are not just another white rapper group, our music speaks for itself. You are witnessing the future unfold.”

“We started back in 2015, it started as a city wide movement with a clothing line we were pushing and then J-Mo and Shawn Ham started to come around more and we formed the group Gringo Gang. It’s crazy because the name came from a friend who was actually making fun of us. We took it and ran with it,” Spacedad said.

Gringo Gang Records formed in 2016 and has seen success with the regional singles “Slap Bacon” as well “Prank Out”, which was covered by most mainstream outlets, blogs, and music services.

While Spacedad, Shawn Ham and J Mo make up the Gringo Gang, each have come from solo success. Shawn Ham’s visuals ft Lil Wyte have over 500k views on Youtube, Jmo has an active campaign online with the EP Lights which has generated over 3k spins on the popular platform Spotify and Spacedad had the popular hit “Slap Bacon” which currently has over 180k views on Youtube.

“We’re really excited to be able to partner with two companies that have assisted in the guidance of the careers of artists such as D12 and Bone Thugs and Harmony,” says Gringo Gang Records founder Jason Reed. “We can now take advantage of this powerful platform and look forward to growing our company reach.”

This special co-branded partnership of Federation Records/Gringo Gang Records will provide a unique double-sided relationship, in which both subscribers and their friends will receive opportunities for monetary compensation for investment and support of the company. This is a groundbreaking effort in the music industry.

“I’m excited to watch Gringo Gang’s development from a music group from Indianapolis to an advanced competitive record company generating hits and fusing it with new technology,” Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor said.

“We are the dopest fucking thing fans will experience in 2018!” Jmo said joking. “We really love what we do and put our all into the projects to give the fans the best experience possible. From the shows to the music and videos we aim to create high quality shit for the people to rock with! We are a family and our fans are related and on the journey with us. Oh…… and lastly a Gringo is an ‘American'”

To date Gringo Gang have been on tour supporting artists such as Migos, 21 Savage, Montana of 300, Young Dolph, Trippie Redd and more. The group Gringo Gang, has also been booked in New York at the Piano and SXSW at the popular “Beer and Tacos” Stage.

“Most of the concepts we try to develop around our everyday lives. The words we say, the clothes we wear, the lifestyle. We are really different in what we like throughout the group but we all have our own swag and ways of thinking. So we try to mesh those together and give the fans a piece of who we are in these concepts. Our newest project is called The Language because we want to indoctrinate people into our lingo first,” Shawn Ham said.

The first offering from the partnership is the single “Keep Me Going” available via all major outlets.

AZRA – “Dimension”

Hollywood, California based singer AZRA is riding high on the success of her single “Dimension” that was released earlier this Summer in July. Shortly after her release, AZRA followed up with a Lyric Video for “Dimension” that was premiered on the popular site Singers Room and was interviewed on Pop Dust.

Now AZRA continues to celebrate her success as VEVO recently premiered her debut music video for “Dimension” in August 13th opening the video up to over 3 million impressions! AZRA is also up for consideration for VEVO’s VEVO DSCVR as AZRA is set to introduce her debut music video with awesome cinematic filming and dance choreography. Check it out below:

Durt Boi – “On God”

Memphis native, Durt Boi drops off another visual, “On God.” The track, “On God” is Durt Boi’s remixed version of Joe Gifted’s hit record, “Water” record. “On God” is a record that has a catchy hook with smooth lyrics and definitely will leave fans wanting more. The Moe Nunley directed visual to “On God” is a tribute dedicated to Durt Boi’s late mother.  which was shot and directed by Moe Nunley! Check out the music video on YouTube today and stream “On God” on Soundcloud today. 

Durt Boi first discovered his love for music while serving in the United States Military in Iraq. Scribbling rhymes in a tattered notebook, the artist was setting down the first lines of what would soon launch his musical career. Riverside Beginnings Hailing from the tough streets of the Riverside community in South Memphis, Durt Boi has overcome many hardships over the years, all of which have shaped him as the artist he is today. Since his homecoming from Iraq, he has dedicated himself to his music and produced numerous singles and viral music videos, including his recent single “Supa Soakar“. Durt Boi has worked with major acts such as Too Short, Devin The Dude, Playa Fly, 8Ball&MJG, and Young Buck. Thus far the rapper has performed primarily in his hometown and in the Northwest but is continually reaching out and debuting at more clubs across the country.

Anderson Alley – “High On Fashion”

There are very few arts that come along and have a rarity that can be unmatched. Anderson Alley has reinvented his sound gaining a new audience from his content to his songwriting. Previously an implied country musician, Anderson is back to tell his truth and address the naysayers of society and self-image with new video “High On Fashion.” Check it out & let me know what you think, I would love to get some press on this visual as well as your feedback.

From barrels of the country to a new found sound, Anderson Alley is creating a new lane of alternative RnB with an influence of hip-hop with new video “High On Fashion.” Filmed on a set, the one angle scene forces you to focus on Anderson and his various perspectives of fashion while conveying a strong social message about the pressures of fitting in. From the ego to self-image, Anderson demonstrates the layers of what many do for acceptance in this visual. Sending a strong message to his fans and the world, High on Fashion is just one of the many levels for the songwriter & musician.

Rell Cash “TRVPCVSH 2”

Coining him as one of the newest emcees up next, Rell Cash is kicking down the industry door with his new mixtape “TRVPCVSH 2” bringing hard hitting bars and lyrics coupled with major production.  From dropping jewels of the game to working in the trap, Rell Cash bring a fresh sound to hip hop with “Get Em Off”, recently covered on HHS1987. With a melodic flow and lyrics, he uses metaphors for the streets and new sounds, Rell Cash raps with bounce trap, 808 bass with the influence of early hip hop. Producers Dame D., MeloDroppin30, 84 Music & Kay GW have fused a street hood love story collided with Rell’s love of the game and busting moves. Listen to TRVPCVSH 2 and click the link to listen.

Click the link & Listen to Rell Cash “TRVPCVSH 2” on Itunes id/1433828052

Twitter: @RellCashMusic IG: @RellCashMusic

RE77 (@RE77____ ) – “D.I.P.”

After establishing himself as a founding member of the Raider Klan, rapper RE77 – pronounced RELL, recently released his project [RA8N].

For this project RE77 expects fans to be looking for a deeper meaning in his music while still getting that turn up vibe his fans have come to expect from his tracks and fellow Raider Klan rappers as he releases the song, “Dip.”

Keeping with the theme of using entendres or double meanings throughout his music RE77 will make fans look deeper into the meaning of his project RA8N, which stands for [Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity.]

“The project is called [RA8N], that 8 is an infinity sign flipped over and the infinity sign is part of the acronym. It means Reigning. Against. Infinite. Negativity. I pretty much based it on how I have been feeling. I’m heading out to Canada with the head of my label to start on another project with a different mindset, where I can get a whole different view of life,” RE77 said. “All my records got double entendres that people miss because I rap too fast and they may not be listening to all the lyrics like they used to – people not thinking about the records like that. My records are mix of meaning and that turn up music, so you have to pay attention.”

While speaking about his upcoming album, RE77 spoke on the passing of XXXtentacion, who was closely affiliated with the Raider Klan and is well known for having lived with Denzel Curry and the Raider Klan’s infamous U.L.T. house for a period of time.

“I will never deny that I was never a part of Raider Klan I will never act like it wasn’t a big deal. I will never act like I don’t appreciate it. I will never act like I’m not going to reference it if its brought up. I will never act like I’m a fake about it. I still respect the same people from it – the fans and the artist – each artist that was part of the movement. And each artists whether it was a disagreement about being part of the movement or any disagreements about that I don’t discredit anyone in it,” RE77 said. “Because at the end of the day a lot of people’s favorite underground artists came from this movement. I didn’t know what it was when it started and it was a something great. It put everyone in position to be what they wanted to be and not a bartender.”

Having had a tough Summer after losing people close to him like XXXtentacion, RE77 is looking to find peace in Canada as he works on his new project with in-house producers and his label-mates with Gold Bricks Ent.

“I met XXX through Curry and I was around when XXX and Ski Mask the Slump God started pumping out to the shows and they ended up living with Curry. It was a like a get away where you could create and you weren’t judged and we did this shit from the beginning.

“With him he was hard headed bro. Me being me I’m always in the middle and I wasn’t forcefully in the middle, but obviously social-wise I am a mediator. If I am able to do my part, as far as knowing people in the group, I’m going to do my part unless I don’t agree with something, like if its some shit that’s pointless, but I’m gonna end up trying to solve some shit,” RE77 explained.

Part of the pain of losing XXX was that him and RE77 had recently worked out some of their issues before XXX passed away.

“All our issues and all that shit started with some altercation bullshit with Raider Klan, I felt like he was trying to insert himself in it for the wrong reasons, but I can’t really judge nobody or their intentions neither so I can’t say what I thought was right. But it was how I was thinking at that time, and now know what I do, I wouldn’t have done that,” RE77 explained. “Its just the way he was moving, he didn’t understand that it was way more serious than how he thought it was because he never knew what I knew when he was doing some shit. You feel me?”

“It was at least two occasions where I was like listen dammit! Why am I going out of my way for you? He was always doing some shit and I was trying to save him. I had only knew him for a few months and it was like every time he was doing some shit, but I was trying to help him and save him subconsciously because that’s what I do. It’s pointless to argue and I tried to help him morally understand situations.”

“I peeped a lot of the shit that he had to say. It’s just weird not only because of the people that it affected. It’s like how many times do you speak to somebody before they really understand? Like me him and a lot of other people I know were at a point to where we could speak to each other on another level. Like him being one of those people trying to understand and get past the bullshit and how that shit happened when it happened, that shit was lame as fuck man. Its just part of the bullshit that people gotta learn to avoid man. Learn to avoid it dog.”


J. Morgan teams up with producer, Stife to deliver this fun record about whippin’ some secret sauce up! The energy level is high when you’re cooking something special in the studio. Check the ingredients out and see what J. Morgan is bringing to the table! “Secret Sauce” is available on all streaming platforms. 

Stream “Secret Sauce” here:


Anout J.Morgan
J.Morgan is a prolific rhyme slinger based in the Bay Area. Since 2008 the emcee has been making noise throughout California and beyond with his tireless work ethic and consistency. He is equipped with vivid lyrics, quality production and exceptional rhyming skills. J.Morgan’s lyrics convey a musical diary of sorts; his records are honest, personal and touch on matters close to the heart. J.Morgan matches these songs with cinematic videos that are anything but average. Over the past few years, J.Morgan has been consistently headlining his own shows and supporting touring artists like Andre Nikatina, J.Lately, Equipto, and Berner. Hip hop music is J. Morgan’s passion, and you can hear and feel that on every track. 
J.Morgan, born Jonathan Albert Morgan, is an American rapper from the San Francisco Bay Area. Jonathan entered the hip hop scene under the alias J-Doe (John Doe) in 2010 with his debut mixtape, Money Be Da Motivation, presented by Goldtoes Entertainment. He is better known for his more recent releases as J.Morgan such as Human, Demons, Livin’ Lyrics and a variety of self written/produced music videos cleverly paired with captivating songs. J-Doe’s name switch came in 2015 and was motivated by his growth as an artist. The name change was symbolic in the sense that J.Morgan had found himself and was no longer J-Doe (an unidentifiable person) and essentially separating the old art from the new. J.Morgan was fascinated by music and performing arts at a very young age. He started writing lyrics in elementary school but wouldn’t learn to develop them into songs until his high school years at Cappuccino High School. There he would partake in endless freestyle sessions with other kids and he started to emerge himself in the local Hip Hop scene of the San Francisco area. It wasn’t until he graduated from high school that he got the chance to be in professional environments where he honed his song writing skills. Since 2010, he has released mixtapes, solo albums and collaborative works with various hip hop artists from the USA and Canada. J.Morgan has been described as a “prolific rhyme slinger” with a “musical diary of sorts; his songs are honest and personal and they touch on matters close to the heart.” His 2010 mixtape Money Be Da Motivation, featured Bay Area legend San Quinn. His 2011 mixtape More Bars In More Places included the popular song Vodka In My Coffee which resulted in his first professional music video filmed and cut by 4Reel Films (Josh Blacman). From 2012-2014 he released 6 collaborative albums with recording artist and producer Heroe Diah Pyles titled J-Doe As Captain Morgan, Make It Count, The Way I’m Feeling Now, Read Between The Lines, Faded, and More Problems Than Money. In 2013 J.Morgan and Heroe opened up shows for Ras Kass, The Jacka, San Quinn, Berner, Sellassie and Love Rance. In 2015 he made the name switch to J.Morgan and started a new era of his music. He began working with producer/song writer Bryce Graven aka Shiesty which helped develope a distinct style and sound. Together they created J.Morgan’s debut solo album Human. Shorty after the Human release Morgan traveled across the United States on the Bourne Madd Tour performing alongsid J.Lately, Telli Prego, and Hugo Monster. In 2016, J.Morgan was apart of events that included many emerging emcees along with Equipto and Locksmith. J.Morgan released a two part EP titled Demons and continued producing cinematic music videos like The Trap and Echo. J.Morgan was born April 6th 1989 in Daly City, California. He lived between San Bruno and San Mateo until the age of 7 when his family moved to Santa Rosa, California, where he resided until the age of 14. His parents divorce ultimately lead to another move back to San Bruno,California which is where he attended and graduated high school. He graduated from Pennisula High School in 2007. J.Morgan’s music label, Grown Up Entertainment, is an independent label in which he releases his music and 
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Bryan SM Gang

After creating a major buzz off of his new project Pains & Gains, Bryan SM drops major street anthem “Gang” giving the hood a fresh sound. From the burbs to the streets, Bryan SM delivers a dope performance in new video keeping it raw and uncut, Gang is Bryans break out a song that is taking him to the next level. From the quick switches to the squad behind him Bryans makes a bold statement with this new video.

EMG – “New Identity” [Video]

Recently multi talented instrumentalist and R&B singer Evan Michael Green aka EMG released the audio for his song, “New Identity.”

Beyond the lyrics that address his naysayers and doubters while he was risking it all living homeless, the track speaks to EMG’s musical journey after he abandoned his blue collar corporate life out East trading it in for dreams of musical success out West in L.A – even if it meant being homeless for a few months.

“I wanted this so bad that I lived in my car from September 2016 to March 2017 when I was in Boston. I drove Uber 10 hours a day for 6 months so that I could start my label and so that I had time to do what I could do,” Evan said. “It wasn’t just because I was broke, it was because I saw it as an opportunity for me to get out to LA. Depression is a real thing and when I was working at the bank I was unhappy. I would rather die trying to pursue my musical dreams than die slowly at that bank withering away.”

But EMG’s musical journey is not some short-lived day dream. Evan started off at an early age composing music by the age of 5 and it was determined that he had a rare gift known as “relative pitch,” the ability to identify or re-create a given musical note by comparing it to what he was hearing. From there EMG began learning music on a host of instruments from the piano to the bass guitar to the sax as he mastered the ability to use his musical gifts.

After high school EMG pursued a degree at the Berklee College of Music playing the sax, though it took time for Evan to find his way to singing R&B music. It actually wasn’t until the age of 20 that EMG began to really sing and write music lyrics as heard on the song, “Nice Voice.”

“Nice voice was kind of an ironic song because I went from playing jazzy really complex music to playing a 3-chord song in C-Major on guitar while singing,” EMG said. “But the song was like an autobiography in some respects. I did door to door sales for 10 months and had to change my voice to get sales and sound professional. But I did that in real life too in different situations, so it was just kind of a song that asks people to look deeper than the voice and superficial aspects of people’s physical appearance because they are not always what you think, the character in the song has some real dark sides to him.”

With the success of his album, All The Things That I Am last year, EMG has been gearing up for the release of all new music culminating with his song “New Identity.”

“New Identity’ is a sarcastic song in the beginning because I’m using cliches about acting brand new and during the chorus I tell the people who were sleeping on me that I have triumphed through it all. With where I’m at now I don’t need the encouragement and props. I got 5 iPhones and I’m with my team pursuing my career on the West Coast living my life,” EMG said.

“With this current record now, my artistry is leaning towards storytelling. I like to take my experiences and put them in another character’s shoes and then I think about how my life experience translates to telling this story. I take a lot of pride in creating music and sometimes it takes a while. Sometimes I take 6 months in between songs but I’m getting quicker with the pen and really connecting with the fans with various stories.”

Coupled with the release of new music, EMG is continuing to release vlogs and behind the scenes footage via his YouTube page. This Fall he is also planning contests for fans as he gears up for a tour.

Connect with Evan Michael Green:……