BHM Releases Official Lyric Video For Hit Single “Bag” Featuring Paper Lovee

Today Atlanta’s hottest new rap group BHM released the lyric video for their current single “Bag”  featuring Lovee. Up-tempo beats paired with BHM’S signature melodic sound makes “Bag” the perfect track for your summer playlist. With the expected release of their mixtape, Ape Shit BHM are the ones to watch this summer.
Comprised of husky-voiced, 21-year-old Demontez “BHM Facts” Franklin, airy-toned 21-year-old Gregory “BHM Y Pezzy” Morgan, and 19-year-old charismatic, tenor-voiced Javion “BHM Honcho” Pressley, the members of BHM rose from humble beginnings in low income Zone 3 to pursue their sonic dreams and become as BHM puts it “yucc,” meaning fly.
BHM weathered storms: Before striking their current deal, they survived being signed to a small label with virtually no support, had to work up enough courage to perform in front of small and massive crowds all while navigating their way through the business called music.
The group is focused on a bright future: aspiring to tour the globe, assist with their peers dropping projects, and churning out new music from their home studios, striving to be the best. They’re catching waves and ripping stages in shopping malls, block parties, and skating rinks. BHM anticipates “piping up,” or bringing a lot of energy to the music scene: releasing new music and their upcoming mixtape Apelanta, an update on their 2017 debut set Ape Shit,summer 2018.

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