HillTop Hype Exclusive: Kent University Students Create The Perfect APP Specifically For College Needs

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when somebody mentions, “college?” Besides homework! Parties? Campus Life? Money? Meal Plans?

What if I told you that there’s a new app on the way that’s going to change your college experience forever!

Tiffany Coleman and Asia Frazier, both 20-years-old, have committed to the phrase, “Black Excellence.”

Still both attending their 3rd year of college, these ladies have designed a convenient resource for all your college needs.

When prompted to come up with an innovative idea for their entrepreneur class, Tiffany and Asia cleverly came up with their idea for, “The Fresh App.”

An easy to use resource for finding nearby parties, campus events, student services and more.

‘Fresh’ allows students on campus to connect with each other in a unconventional way by keeping them up to date with what’s popping on campus, and helping students find peers with similar interests with as much ease as possible.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

It also allows students who don’t have enough money of their own to make some extra cash by being their own boss through the apps, “Students Servicing Other Students,” feature, which allows students to buy, sell, and trade any of their items to other students on campus… school related or not.

All in all, the app is to create a thriving, comfortable, and accommodating community amongst college students.

While the idea for the app had their peers excited to try it for themselves, it ended up being a winning idea with their classmates. ⠀⠀⠀

Both, Tiffany and Asia, are current students of Kent University with Tiffany majoring in Digital Systems and Software Development, and Asia focusing on her study of Interpersonal Communication.

With both a year until they reach graduation, these two ladies have proven that any idea can be more than just an idea!

If you’re a college student, “The Fresh App,” is for you!

“The Fresh App,” will be available for download via its official launch date, March 16th.

Make sure to follow the @TheFreshAppLLC for more details about the APP coming soon!⠀⠀

“The Fresh App” Creators:



HillTop HYPE Exclusive | Oj Da Juiceman & Lost God w/ Baby CEO – The Making of “East Atlantafornia”

Atlanta representer, OJ Da Juiceman, and West Coast’s own, Lost God, take us behind the scenes with exclusive clips of the making of their most recent collab project, East Atlantafornia.

Check out the official mixtape available via Spinrilla.


#ATL The HillTop HYPE Radio Show & NDORADIO Present: Monsters & Margaritas

The HillTop HYPE Radio Show, NDORADIO, and Da Warehouse ATL present the biggest Halloween party this year!

Monsters & Margaritas will be the livest Halloween turn up event in the city, so make sure you don’t miss it!

There will be Monsters and Margaritas of course.
Body Paint. Beer Pong. Photo Booths. Edibles. Pre Rolls. And more!

The dope music will be provided by, @CodyGotBeatz and DJ Oh La La.

There will be a twerk contest and costume contest for CASH prizes.

Sounds too lit to believe?

As the hosts of the HillTop HYPE Radio Show would say… “It’s a lituation!”

Come start off your Halloween weekend and turn up with your hosts Portia Terrae, 6Twelve, and the entire ndoradio staff!

When: Thursday, October 26th
Time: 10 pm – 3am
Where: Da Warehouse ATL (2339 Brennan RD)
Sponsored By: Still Broke Clothing & Green Goddesses

$10 Tickets at the door!
$5 Presale Available HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-hilltop-hype-radio-show-amp-ndoradiocom-15465202893

Twitter & IG:

Event: “Empowered” By PR – A Brunch & Roundtable Event

Atlanta, GASunday, October 22nd 12:00 PM – The Empowered by PR Brunch and Roundtable Event presented by Georgia Media Agency is set to take place this month at Holly’s Event Center, celebrating the profession of Public Relations. Our brunch includes Mimosas and Champagne for our guests, door prizes, networking, and more. Join us as we honor Publicists and Business Professionals: La’Torria Lemon, Tamiko Hope, Diana Schweinbeck, and Leon Valentine. Our Master of Ceremony is RJ Darnell of Partnr, Inc. along with a special keynote presentation from Author and Public Speaker Juan C. Moore, MBA.

Immediately following the empowerment brunch, stick around for our networking mixer beginning at 2:30 – 4:30 PM. At our mixer, expect to meet attendees, engage in networking games and activities, and experience a performance by R&B Singer Alexis Ayaana.

We invite you out for a collaborative networking and engaging experience to connect with PR Professionals, Business Owners, and Creatives. Both events are open to the public. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket to our empowerment brunch, please visit GeorgiaMediaAgency.com before tickets sell out.

Sponsorship: There is still time to become a sponsor! Click here to learn more about contributing.

Point of Contact: Ayana Gunn

Email: Media@GeorgiaMediaAgency.com

Social: @georgiamedia

Get your tickets for The #EmpoweredbyPR Brunch here: EmpoweredbyPRBrunch.Eventbrite.com

HillTop HYPE | Artist Spotlight: Meet ‘The Thr33’

The DMV area holds a handful of notable hip-hop artists from Wale, D.R.A.M, Lightshow, Fat Trel, and Shy Glizzy just to name a few.

Now we get a breath of fresh air with this rising collective, The Thr33.

The unique rapping style of The Three is evident. They incorporate their East Coast roots, all the while finding ways to intertwine all styles of rap that appeals to the whole hip-hop culture.

Here to build an empire of their own… Meet, The Three:

1. How did the dope collective of The Thr33 come about?

– “We originally started as a group of 8 in 2006… overtime the groups vibe just narrowed itself down to the three of us as of last year. Of course that wasn’t our name when we first started, but when it ended up being just the three of us and because we rep the 301 (DMV) we changed our name to The Thr33.”
2. It’s pretty easy to decipher an East Coast sound given the lyrical flow of the artist(s) and the general feel of the music (v.s. West Coast or down South hip-hop)… How would you say your music differs from the typical East Coast vibe of Hip-Hop?
– “We give a little bit of everything… from down south vibes, trap, soul, to chill music you can smoke to.”
3. Who are your top 3 music influences of all time? – If you had to make the difficult decision to choose 1 of those artists to work with as a collective who would you choose and why?
Jahlike: Pharrell
   Deemo: Wiz Kahlifa
   Nabu: Kid Cudi
   “We would choose Pharrell because he’s also from the DMV area. We all grew up listening to him. We look at him as inspiration because he can be in whatever lane of music and still be comfortable… something we’re trying to lock down as a group also.”
4. What has been one of the groups most memorable / favorite projects thus far and why? 
– “My single, “Got That.” It got a lot of love once it was released, but while we were working on it, it was still a group effort… we all wanted it to be and knew it was gonna be a hit.” – Deemo

5. How do you guys manage to work successfully and productively on your music as a group, but still focus on your craft as an individuals?
– “It’s all about balance and finding time for everything we’re doing. We spend a lot of time together but we also get time to ourselves. That gives us time to gather our individual thoughts and figure out what direction we wanna take for our solo careers.”
6. Top 3 adjectives to describe your groups style of music. 
– “Smooth. Creative. Lit.”
“We take our time with everything we do.”
7. I know one of your groups ventures is to create an entertainment platform for rising creatives like yourselves… What would be your groups mission statement for that company / the overall goal?
– “The DMV is an untapped market that no major label has paid attention to. We wanna show these labels and everybody else that there’s hella talent here and that it’s worth putting the money behind it. There’s really a lot of dope artists here that whole rap game is slept on.”
8. As 3 individual creatives, is it easier to create authentic music by combining your skills? – Or do you guys tend to struggle to fit together everyone’s individual styles when creating music? 
– “We fam before anything. We already have that vibe, it’s always there. We just go into the studio and make it happen… We vibe, we talk, come up with ideas, we always end up making something dope.”

9. Top 3 goals as a collective you guys hope to accomplish within the next year?
– “We definitely want to get our company off the ground. We wanna be seen on tv and start doing more festivals and performances outside the DMV. Basically we just wanna get the ball rolling and become a household name.”

As you can see, The Thr33, is here to make a wave of their own. The talented collective undoubtably has the drive, the creativeness, and the hustle to make it happen in no time. As the group strives to shine light on the DMV, there’s no telling how much further the set will go beyond that. Let’s just sit back, wait, and see.

Don’t sleep on The Thr33 as they’re working on an upcoming EP, more shows, and some dope new merch to share with their fans.

In the meantime, listen to, The Thr33, via SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Links:
Deemo: https://soundcloud.com/deemodontplay
JahLike: https://soundcloud.com/jahlike301


HillTop HYPE Artist Spotlight | Meet New Jersey Producer ‘Coopatroop’

Up and coming East Coast producer, Coopatroop, isn’t a stranger to the music scene. Putting on for New Jersey, the kid has produced for, Sir Michael Rocks, Jay305, Lucki, Alexander Spit and more. Currently, Coopatroop, is producing an entire album for LA staple, El Prez.

An eccentric and versatile artist to say the least, Coopatroop, has a respectable list of hitters he’s produced for.

This time, Coopatroop, links with Baltimore artist, Trey RX, for their new wavy anthem and ode to his city, “I-83.”

The track features, Dacia King, on the background vocals, and, Aidan Graven, on the guitar solo.

“I-83,” officially drops here, Thursday, the 15th. Meanwhile, get to know more about the magic behind the scenes…

Meet up and coming producer, Coopatroop.

Coopatroop! Who dat!?
1. “Coop is actually my last name… so everyone calls me that. I knew kids in Albany that would go ham at Mario Kart (lmao); and if you’ve ever played, you know the best level is Koopa Troopa Beach. I was producing locally and needed a twitter handle… Never changed it.”

I’m sure growing up on the east coast had a lot to do with your love for music… Do you think where you grew up has anything to do with your style of music/your personal influences? If not, what inspired you to become a producer?
2. “Yes, the East Coast influences me daily. How I talk..dress… make moves; it’s a long cold winter. Musically though… taught me to keep it gritty & dust it off.”

How would you describe your style of music to those that haven’t heard a ‘Coopatroop original beat’?
3. “I tuck a lot of weird sounds, textures, and effects in the background of every beat. For example, one time, Blacktophero‘s phone went off while recording and we used the ringtone in the beat.”

Who are your top 3 music influences of all time?
– If you had to choose just one of your influences to work with, who would it be and why?
4. “Frank Dukes, a band called, Yes, and Ski Beatz. I’m tryna work with Ski; That longevity makes me want to get better everyday. I’ve been in a few of his beat battles, holla at me mane.”

Who do you think would be a dope artist (of today’s generation) to work with?

5.” j.i.d. he just gets it.”What’s one of your favorite artists that you’ve produced for so far, and why?What’s one of your favorite artists that you’ve produced for so far and why?
6. “Can’t lie, I think it’s this TreyRX track, “i-83,” dropping this week. Two, three, years ago I was hoppin’ the train to Ocean Hill in Brooklyn to play beats in his kitchen. Trey ahead of his time.”

With technology making it easier for artists to create music on their own, do you think it’s essential that artists still pair with those that are usually behind the scenes in order to really create quality music? Engineers and producers for example.
7. “Artists have to connect with producers and engineers eventually, unless they produce, engineer, mix, and master themselves. Tech stuff is gonna advance at scary speeds. I’m even behind; but use it to your advantage.

Without giving away too many of your secrets, how would you describe your work ethic as a producer to your fans?
8. “Keep creating. Dolo often. When you get stuck, collab and learn from others. Repeat.”

What advice do you have for other up and coming producers?
9. “Internet is cool, but step out. I’ve gotten placements from giving out usb’s full of beats in the street mane.”

Top 3 goals you hope to accomplish with your career by the end of the year?
10. “Drop, Labtrappincalifornia. Get better and faster at makin’ beats right on the spot… More album placements, and rhythm roulette.”

Make sure you be on the lookout for TreyRX’s new single, produced by Coopatroop, “I-83,” dropping tomorrow.

Don’t sleep on Cooptroop, the hit maker has a lot more left in him !


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