#WordToTheWise: “Brand Yourself”

Brand yourself. Find ways to separate yourself from the rest. Have a personality that doesn’t distract from your music, but rather compliments it, and ultimately attracts more fans.

Ms. Cardi B is a prime example! People fell in love with Cardi’s unfiltered persona on TV and social media, and when people started to listen to her music, they were pleasantly surprised. Not only that, once Cardi started gaining some heavy clout, she NEVER changed — and people love her even more for that!

And what about Blac Youngsta?
His Instagram videos are beyond hilarious, and even if we don’t get what he’s talking about half the time, he makes us laugh, and we continue to go back to his Insta for more. Best believe, when he drops any posts about his music, that we’re here for that too!

#WordToTheWise is brand yourself as an ARTIST, your music and image goes hand and hand.

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HillTop HYPE Exclusive Interview: Jo$e Rivera talks about his latest release, “Another Day,” with Curtis Williams and TC Hitz; up coming music; his come up, and more!

Atlanta artist, Jo$e Rivera, talks about his latest release, “Another Day,” with Curtis Williams and TC Hitz; up coming music; his come up, and more!
Check out the official interview below, and stay tuned for more exclusive sit downs on the way!


#WordToTheWise: “Don’t Focus On Chasing A Deal!”

A record label can drop you as quick as they signed you! Plus, most labels won’t even sign you unless you have a notable indie career. For many, signing a deal isn’t always the best idea — all that hard work to “share” your hard earned money, or having someone tell you to change your artistry to fit ‘their’ brand. Not trying to knock labels, because some of the BEST are signed to major deals, but if you can create your own label or go strong independent, then more power to ya!

And don’t forget, different deals are good for certain situations, and there’s many to chose from — distribution deals, record deals, management deals, etc. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

#WordToTheWise is don’t chase a deal, let it chase you, and in the meantime, focus on YOU and making yourself a commodity!


#ATL The HillTop HYPE Radio Show & NDORADIO Present: Monsters & Margaritas

The HillTop HYPE Radio Show, NDORADIO, and Da Warehouse ATL present the biggest Halloween party this year!

Monsters & Margaritas will be the livest Halloween turn up event in the city, so make sure you don’t miss it!

There will be Monsters and Margaritas of course.
Body Paint. Beer Pong. Photo Booths. Edibles. Pre Rolls. And more!

The dope music will be provided by, @CodyGotBeatz and DJ Oh La La.

There will be a twerk contest and costume contest for CASH prizes.

Sounds too lit to believe?

As the hosts of the HillTop HYPE Radio Show would say… “It’s a lituation!”

Come start off your Halloween weekend and turn up with your hosts Portia Terrae, 6Twelve, and the entire ndoradio staff!

When: Thursday, October 26th
Time: 10 pm – 3am
Where: Da Warehouse ATL (2339 Brennan RD)
Sponsored By: Still Broke Clothing & Green Goddesses

$10 Tickets at the door!
$5 Presale Available HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/the-hilltop-hype-radio-show-amp-ndoradiocom-15465202893

Twitter & IG:

HillTop HYPE | Artist Spotlight: Meet ‘The Thr33’

The DMV area holds a handful of notable hip-hop artists from Wale, D.R.A.M, Lightshow, Fat Trel, and Shy Glizzy just to name a few.

Now we get a breath of fresh air with this rising collective, The Thr33.

The unique rapping style of The Three is evident. They incorporate their East Coast roots, all the while finding ways to intertwine all styles of rap that appeals to the whole hip-hop culture.

Here to build an empire of their own… Meet, The Three:

1. How did the dope collective of The Thr33 come about?

– “We originally started as a group of 8 in 2006… overtime the groups vibe just narrowed itself down to the three of us as of last year. Of course that wasn’t our name when we first started, but when it ended up being just the three of us and because we rep the 301 (DMV) we changed our name to The Thr33.”
2. It’s pretty easy to decipher an East Coast sound given the lyrical flow of the artist(s) and the general feel of the music (v.s. West Coast or down South hip-hop)… How would you say your music differs from the typical East Coast vibe of Hip-Hop?
– “We give a little bit of everything… from down south vibes, trap, soul, to chill music you can smoke to.”
3. Who are your top 3 music influences of all time? – If you had to make the difficult decision to choose 1 of those artists to work with as a collective who would you choose and why?
Jahlike: Pharrell
   Deemo: Wiz Kahlifa
   Nabu: Kid Cudi
   “We would choose Pharrell because he’s also from the DMV area. We all grew up listening to him. We look at him as inspiration because he can be in whatever lane of music and still be comfortable… something we’re trying to lock down as a group also.”
4. What has been one of the groups most memorable / favorite projects thus far and why? 
– “My single, “Got That.” It got a lot of love once it was released, but while we were working on it, it was still a group effort… we all wanted it to be and knew it was gonna be a hit.” – Deemo

5. How do you guys manage to work successfully and productively on your music as a group, but still focus on your craft as an individuals?
– “It’s all about balance and finding time for everything we’re doing. We spend a lot of time together but we also get time to ourselves. That gives us time to gather our individual thoughts and figure out what direction we wanna take for our solo careers.”
6. Top 3 adjectives to describe your groups style of music. 
– “Smooth. Creative. Lit.”
“We take our time with everything we do.”
7. I know one of your groups ventures is to create an entertainment platform for rising creatives like yourselves… What would be your groups mission statement for that company / the overall goal?
– “The DMV is an untapped market that no major label has paid attention to. We wanna show these labels and everybody else that there’s hella talent here and that it’s worth putting the money behind it. There’s really a lot of dope artists here that whole rap game is slept on.”
8. As 3 individual creatives, is it easier to create authentic music by combining your skills? – Or do you guys tend to struggle to fit together everyone’s individual styles when creating music? 
– “We fam before anything. We already have that vibe, it’s always there. We just go into the studio and make it happen… We vibe, we talk, come up with ideas, we always end up making something dope.”

9. Top 3 goals as a collective you guys hope to accomplish within the next year?
– “We definitely want to get our company off the ground. We wanna be seen on tv and start doing more festivals and performances outside the DMV. Basically we just wanna get the ball rolling and become a household name.”

As you can see, The Thr33, is here to make a wave of their own. The talented collective undoubtably has the drive, the creativeness, and the hustle to make it happen in no time. As the group strives to shine light on the DMV, there’s no telling how much further the set will go beyond that. Let’s just sit back, wait, and see.

Don’t sleep on The Thr33 as they’re working on an upcoming EP, more shows, and some dope new merch to share with their fans.

In the meantime, listen to, The Thr33, via SoundCloud.

SoundCloud Links:
Deemo: https://soundcloud.com/deemodontplay
JahLike: https://soundcloud.com/jahlike301


Event: Eric Leon Mixtape Listening Party Hosted By Grammy Award Winning Producers Cool & Dre

Recently signed Miami hype, Eric Leon, drops his self-titled mixtape with DJ Khaled on August 7th.

The tapes official release party will be hosted by Grammy award winning producers, Cool & Dre.

If you’re in the area, make sure you go vibe with Eric and his team at the official self-titled, Eric Leon, mixtape listening party.

Where: Universal Miami Studios located – 6043 NW 167st A27, Miami Lakes
Hosted By: TruStory Entertainment’s CEO Dave Moise with Cool & Dre


Event: Check Out Local Music Wednesday’s at Live Bar

Mr.Mince Productions Presents Local Music Wednesdays…

Live Bar’s ‘Music Wednesdays’ will be playing the hottest local music every wednesday to spotlight the city’s local talent.

$25 will get your record spun; $50 will get your record promoted & spun; $300 will get you a VIP Section and a bottle for 5 people Max; $150 to perform one song (5 performances max).

If you aren’t planning to perform, just make sure you drop by to support!

Submit Records and Register: localmusicjax@gmail.com

Hosted By: Mr.Mince x Dj Poo Pie x Dj Selectah Cy

Where: 331 East Bay Street (Downtown Jacksonville, FL)

Twitter :

Georgia Doll Sits Down With Artist Skeme And Producer Lyle LeDuff To Talk Music, Love, & More!

“Georgia Media Agency
 had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for an exclusive interview with Recording artist and Generation Now Signee, Skeme by way of Los Angeles, CA and Producer, Lyle LeDuff from New Orleans, LA. These two multi-talented, multifaceted creatives met in a studio session and from then became great friends and brothers.

The introduction of the interview began with a Public Service Announcement from Don Cannon who states “If you don’t sin, [then] Jesus died for nothing.” We’ll just let your brain ponder on that thought for now.

For more insides and interesting facts about Skeme and Lyle LeDuff, check out the full and intense interview below!”