Toon Releases Fire Track “Only”

Atlanta, GA: On the rise artist, Toon releases a new single titled “Only”, that needs to be added to all playlists and mixtapes that features club bangers. “Only” starts off with in your face lyrics and a pounding beat that gets you singing along by time the chorus comes on. If you are anything like me you’ve come across at least one or two people that feels as if they are the ONLY ones to do something, well, if you have, Toon provides them the response they deserve and need. Press play, add the track to your collection, and checkout his entire “Undecided” mixtape, hosted by DJ Chill Will by visiting LiveMixtapes.

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Get Familiar w/ Toon as he answers a few questions

Where is Toon from? Who inspires him?
I’m from Southside of Atlanta and T.I is one of the artists that inspires me the most.

What’s can we expect from Toon 2018-2019 ?
I expect to drop more and more great music, that real Atlanta music to be exact.

Who do u look forward to working with?
I would love to work with many of underground and upcoming artist that work just as hard as me and of course, T.I.!

Do u consider yourself competition to whose poppin now?
No I don’t consider myself competition; I consider myself confident. Someone who would rather let actions speak than words.

Connect w/ Toon:

Twitter: @toon_clb



Dimez – “New Porsche”

Queens, New York recording artist Dimez is a fast-rising star due to her latest single, “Blow a Bag”. Known for her astonishing play on words and superior lyrical abilities, Dimez returns to the limelight with the release of her new single, “New Porsche”.

A passion for fast cars and exotic appeal, Dimez pulls off the lot with a convincingly persuasive series of verses that features drop-top lavish style. Easily a grooming new single by the recording artist for her newfound fan base that will enjoy the trendy trap infused sound of the Jeremy “Backpack” Miller production. Flashy, Dimez doesn’t dumb down her highly-respected lyrical skills but effectively balance the radio-friendly backpacker track that the hipsters, trendsetters, and true rap enthusiasts will all enjoy.

Before releasing brand new music, Dimez accumulated songwriting credits as she recently provided catchy bars and hooks for legendary female recording artist Lil Kim and her upcoming album. A great mention to the prelude of Dimez forthcoming new project, slated for a late-2018 release.

Pull up and stream the new single from Dimez today via Backpack Music, LLC.

Otis Bruno – “Heartbreak Theory” EP

Brooklyn’s Otis Bruno went through no less than 2 years worth of recorded material to compile the 7-song EP that comprises “Heartbreak Theory.” Even as his single, “Lean to the Right”, a certified club banger, is heating up both parties and airwaves from NY’s Hot 97 to Texas, the New York up-and-comer felt it was important to show that he is, in fact, a well rounded artist; even this early in.

“I went thru almost 2 years of songs for the e.p. just wanting to actually capture who I was as a person on this project. The title came from me thinking of all the ways a persons heart can be broken; not just with love but also failed friendship, family etc..and also love of course lol. I just wanted to show my supporters and the music industry who I am as a well-rounded artist and not just a club record or single.” He shares. “I’m really proud of the way I did that.”

With his debut single, “Lean to the Right” currently reigning as the breakout hit from this newly released project, Otis had this to say about its creation.

“Well for years me and Ricky Blaze talked about working on a record together but never got to actually make it happen. One day he called my phone and invited me to his studio and he was playing me beats and we ended up making something from scratch. I told him I want it to be a simple but bump at the same time. Soon as he did the baseline I started rapping automatically….literally wrote the song in 20 minutes, went in the booth and layed it down naturally. We just both was vibin heavy and in the moment and the record just happened! From there it was a go! I put the song on Soundcloud, Kid the Great danced to it and after that, it started catchin a wave online…. “

Bruno can count Hot 97’s Drewski, who has the song in his mix currently, as one of the newly converted. Stay tuned.

Socials: @OtisBruno

Judson Wright – Palm Trees | @JudsonMusic

Mississippi’s Judson Wright is still very young in his career as a solo musician, but sometimes youth means very little in comparison to quality. This is very much the case for Judson with his new single “Palm Trees”. You would be hard pressed to find a comparable sound, as the musician’s knack for genre-bending sounds shines brightly. An infectious hooks, meaningful lyrics and self-production drive the single.

Within the message of Palm Trees is an expression of a man at his breaking point. Judson Wright both raps and sings, full of anxious excitement, about denying dissatisfaction and breaking through depression to pursue his full potential. It’s seldom that you will find a song that balances both being extremely catchy and carrying such a message of positivity that people need to hear. This is just the second release from Judson Wright, with “Original” dropping prior to it. Be sure to check it out and let us know your thoughts.

GlassHouseBiggs Drops “Pots Boiling” Audio [STREAM]

Biggs is a rapper and businessman from East Atlanta, Lithonia, Georgia. He was introduced to music at an early age as his uncle used to record in his grandmother’s basement.

Atlanta has always been the mecca for music and Biggs credits the likes of Future, Migos, and JT The Bigga Figga as his main influencers as he witnessed each of their careers blossom with years of footwork and dedication.

Due to a poverty-stricken environment, Biggs was faced with the obstacles of the streets and knew it would lead to either death or prison. Recording music about his personal life became first nature for Biggs and he describes his music as soft yet energetic and motivational for the trappers and ladies.

Biggs realized the power of having a studio and wanted to keep his peers out of the streets and he opened up Glass House Studios in 2015 and it became home to local producer, Gudda Tay, and other local talents.

In 2016, Biggs nearly lost his life in a battle with cancer and Glass House Studios became his lifeline as rap duo, Yung Mal & Lil Quill kept Biggs motivated, prompting him to work out and record. Yung Mal & Lil Quill later recorded their first mixtape at the studio which went viral and they are now signed to Gucci Mane’s, 1017 Eskimo Records Imprint.

Biggs is now ready to make a name for himself with the release of his first official single, “Pots Boiling”, presented by his label, Glass House Ent. Biggs is seeking to build a household name and sign other talents in the near future.

Instagram @GlassHouse_Biggs

Twitter @GlassHouseBiggs

Soundcloud @GlassHouseBiggs

Youtube @GlassHouseBiggs


Atozzio – ‘Situationship’

Hailing from Jacksonville FL, R&B crooner Atozzio Towns, is responsible for writing hits for some of the music industry’s biggest artists like Chris Brown, Monica, New Kids on the Block and Keke Palmer (to name a few). He’s now back with his own single, titled “Situationship”!

“I follow my heart, my pen and the melody” explains Towns, as he talks about this new silky, aggressive ballad which will have the ladies talking all summer!


A’riah; Detroit’s Next Rising STAR, ? Check Her Out!

Detroit born and raised, A’riah is a rising star ready to take Detroit’s music scene to the next level.

Together, A’riah’s explosive rap skills paired with A Wil Management are delivering much needed change to the current state of music affairs. This dynamic duo is responsible for creating the music that our city has been waiting to hear.

At A Wil management, the philosophy is simple, “where there’s a Wil, there’s a way”. A’riah doesn’t just rap, but with every verse, she is living proof that a tough past does not determine one’s future, but it makes the road to success much more interesting.

Her music tells the story of a young expressive artist that has channeled the events from her life, both good, and bad in a way that ensures that her voice will be heard by many. She grew up writing about the negative and sad experiences in her life as an outlet, and even sang to her mother to make her smile. As she grew older, those around her encouraged her to share her skills with the world.

On her road to the top A’riah hopes that her music can influence others in the same ways that music has inspired her, and to be a source of inspiration for those who may find themselves listening to her music.

A’riah first video feature was JKT’s “She Say She Not a Freak” shot in Detroit mi downtown at the White House directed by Delicious in 2016, and it was one of her favorite experiences, thanks to the guidance of Delicious. My next video was made men how my life played out. shot in Detroit mi featuring Herbie rich In 2016.

Connect w/ A’riah


Twitter: @AriahMusic

Instagram: Ariah_Ariah1


For Management Contact:

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Sensei Feng Xhui – “Prelude To Newd (EP)”

Queens, New York native, and Covenant Government artist, Sensei Feng Xhui, blesses us with a new small, yet impressive body of work titled, Prelude To Newd.

The 3-track collective features prolific lyricism from Feng Xhui, and a complimentary feature from fellow Cov Gov member, Hot Boy Hazy.
Stream the official, Prelude To Newd, project via TIDAL. 
“Prelude To Newd” Official Link: