Roney from Toronto Releases New Video “Dennis Rodman”

Roney is one of the most well known rappers in Toronto who recently came out of jail after serving almost 4 years. He came out harder than ever and is back with a new single “Dennis Rodman” where he compares himself to his competition in the rap game. The track is definitely catching major attention across the country receiving over 45,000 views in less than 3 days. He is definitely one of the hottest rappers coming from the 6. Check out his new video and you’ll know why he considers himself the MJ of rap.

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Toronto’s Ziyaad Luceō Releases A New Project ‘CHANNEL: Division’

 Toronto’s Ziyaad Luceō releases a new streaming project entitled ‘CHANNEL: Division’. ‘CHANNEL: Division’ is a 27-minute experience consisting of 12 tracks. He describes this body of work to be ‘a collective string of unreleased songs’; somewhat like a playlist or mix. ‘CHANNEL: Division’ isn’t like his previously released EP, ‘Late Night Calls’. Production wise the channel is way more upbeat and diverse. From the first record ‘Dishonest’ (which was packaged as Division’s second single release) to the last song ‘Voicemails’, the overall feeling and energy of the project swifts with its tempo and melodic rhythms. Like many of his other work, Ziyaad is able to create a storyline and theme that are very connected to his previous EP where he communicates about his past memories and conflicting emotions. Expressing feelings toward love, friendships/relationships, sex, heartbreak, his Outlier crew and etc. All strung together to present a cohesive project that can be analyzed but also background music for those late night moods. ‘CHANNEL: Division’ is an interesting project that represents a new form of sharing project/bodies of music.

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The Lytics Release Music Video for “Glow”


Today, rising rap stars The Lytics unveil the debut music video “Glow” from their forthcoming album Float On. Over the last few years we’ve witnessed the eclectic five member group’s steady ascent, moving from being critically-acclaimed local hip hop legends, to teaming up with Converse to help launch the brand’s first waterproof Chuck Taylor sneaker featuring their track “Legendary” that was produced in Brooklyn with mentorship support from The Beastie Boys Mike D. Directed by Avery Stedman, the video showcases an intoxicating and aesthetically pleasing neon dreamscape in unified colors where the world starts to “feel”. “The song is about those moments that remind you, you matter” says group member Alex “B Flat” Sannie. “Everyone expresses that feeling differently, but the feeling is nevertheless the same.” Watch the Glow video HERE:

After showcasing at SXSW, CMJ, participating in a JUNO (Awards) Master Class, and with several international and Canadian tours under their belt over the years – they will be touring throughout Europe late summer and fall 2018, tickets can be bought HERE – The Lytics are gearing up to release their fourth and best album to date. Consistently praised for their throwback rap style influenced by early nineties hip hop, soul and R&B , smart lyrics, witty wordplay, and exceptional live show, this family affair of musicians consisting of three brothers (Anthony “AOKS” Sannie, Alex “B Flat” Sannie, Andrew O) plus rapper Mungula “Munga” Londe, are looking to further cement their status on rap playlist charts and in your hearts, minds and souls.

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Rising Jamaican Dancehall artist Trekar Releases New Track “Real Know Real”

Trekar released a story packed single about his relationship between “Fake Friends” and “Real Friends”. Trekar uses this song to tell the story about the journey in the music industry so far and challenges its presents in finding the real support. A lot of fake people walking saying they are your friend and they support you but in dark they are fake!!! 

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DillanPonders Release “MATRIX” LP

This tidbit of reassurance was passed from Morpheus to Neo nearly 20 years ago and now, the message resurfaces in DillanPonders‘ newest effort:

The 11-track project tracks Ponders’ steps to unplug himself from the irrational and volatile cycle of Western society.

As a black man sporting yellow dreadlocks with a love for tie-dye, Ponders has never really fit in. He’s struggled with the system around him for years, waging war against it through music.

On tracks like “GOKU”, the opener for MATRIX, Ponders belts “This society always lies to me / These police been always eyeing me / It’s a sign to me / I can’t fuck with this monopoly.” This same system Ponders denounces labelled him “unemployable,” rendering him homeless. He found refuge only in bank lobbies, bus stations and his music.Ponders fought on, finding ways around the system. In turn, he uncovered a freedom that many will never know exists. On MATRIX he guides listeners along a free path to enlightenment and self control.

Ponders’ epiphany has reshaped his sound as a whole, unlocking a new wave of prying eyes and success.

His last project, NO MANS LAND, broke 2,000,000 streams worldwide. He was recently featured on Spotify’s 580,000 follower-strong playlist, Hip Hop Central and will soon be joining south-Floridian powerhouse Pouya on the Canadian leg of his FIVE FIVE tour.

At its core, MATRIX chronicles Ponders’ innermost struggles, as well as his hopes and fears, offering an honest insight into what unplugging from the Matrix really entails.

Listen to MATRIX and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.
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Classified Honors Female Empowerment With New Video “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much”

JUNO Award winning, multi-platinum Canadian hip-hop artist and producer, Classified shared the video for “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much”, the newest track off his forthcoming EP, Tomorrow Could Be…, set to be released on June 29th via Half Life Records/Universal Music Canada. Delivering the innovative and genuine narrative fans expect from one of Canada’s most respected rappers, “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much” honors female empowerment, and follows previously released new singles “Powerless” and “Changes”.

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“With this song I wanted to do something more lighthearted…something fun that represents and pays homage to the girls who don’t have to try too hard to be seen, but simply get noticed for just being themselves,” shares Classified (Luke Boyd). These 10 incredible women from across Canada came together to express themselves to my new single “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much” so we built out a compilation for you guys to see. Massive shout out to this great group of ladies for supporting the track!”

With an inherent and candid ability to break down the barrier between performer and audience, Classified is one of Canada’s most respected and successful rap artists and producers. His self-titled 2013 release debuted at No. 1 on the Canadian Nielsen Soundscan Chart and has sold over 1 million singles and is certified 2x Platinum.  Additionally, the album boasts two Top 10 singles including the 4x Platinum “Inner Ninja” featuring David Myles and the Platinum certified “3 Foot Tall”.  As one of the most influential hip-hop artists in Canada, the multiple JUNO Award winner hosted the 2014 JUNO Awards and has a combined 24 nominations and 8 wins between the MuchMusic Video Awards, JUNO Awards, and East Coast Music Awards.

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Classified feat. Anjulie – “Changes” [Video]

Juno award-winning Canadian rapper, Classified, unveils the visual for his new track with Anjulie, “Changes” with Half Life Records/Universal Music Canada. The track was initially released on 4-27-18 and was quickly added to the Viral Chary on Spotify Canada.

Classified has become one of Canada’s most respected and successful rapper/producer. His self-titled 2013 release debuted #1 on the Canadian Nielsen Soundscan chart and has sold over 1 million singles.  The release also has two top ten singles (“3 Foot Tall” is Platinum and “Inner Ninja” featuring David Myles is 4x Platinum). As one of the most influential Hip Hop artists, Classified hosted the 2014 Juno Awards, gained a combined 24 nominations and 8 wins at the MuchMusic Video Awards, Juno Awards and East Coast Music Awards.

For decades, the CD player and format was the life of the party, coveted by music lovers worldwide. In 2012, the music industry shifted and the way we purchased, consumed and listened to music drastically changed—almost overnight—leaving the former life of the party, the portable CD player, a virtual dinosaur searching for one last dance in a digital age.

For this particular Discman, “Changes” is his story.  We all grow up and move on, just remember, when you speak of him, please speak well.  Also, please be kind and recycle your waste!

“Changes” is where my mind frame was at after touring for almost 15 years continually and then taking off a year and a half off.  I spent all of my time in Enfield (Nova Scotia, Canada) and hanging in the studio making music by myself.  I wasn’t sure what was coming next or even what I wanted next” Classified opined.  “These are usually the thoughts we kept to ourselves (in our own head), but I wanted to speak about them.  The song is so personal and direct to my life. The “Discman” is a representation and central to the narrative of the song.  It reflects what I am talking about, changes, both personally and professionally, that makes it more relatable to the listener and viewer.”

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Classified’s Tomorrow Could Be… EP will be released on 6-22-18.

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Toronto’s Alex Snow Makes A Statement With New Video For “Wake Up”

Alex Snow is a new artist hailing from Toronto with a stand out sound. Alex was raised by his Mother in a Ward 12 apartment located in the Eglington Ave. West neighborhood in Toronto. At age 16, Alex was given the opportunity to leave home on his own and go to Florida to chase his dream of playing basketball, where he relied on sleeping on couches and rooming with teammates.

Alex returned to Toronto where he met with rising indie artist J-Soul among others and started the group “RVRE Republic”. Alex soon took on the behind the scenes role of managing J-Soul, putting together music videos and throwing events that soon gained enough traction to get noticed by Birdman of Cash Money

After parting ways to pursue new goals, Alex began to experiment with recording and writing music himself, he developed the name Alex Snow and in October 2017, Alex released his first single, “Wake Up”.

Now working on his debut EP project, Alex has released a brilliant and dark video for his single “Wake Up”. Directed by Zecko J, “Wake Up” is a cold, dark visual experience. With representations of lust, pain and fame, the video is stunningly shot and is a great introduction to Alex Snow’s style and sound.

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Kresnt – “In Your Place (prod. by 40K)[Video]

Vancouver up-and-comer Kresnt collaborated with Kanye West producer/mix engineer Ken Lewis to complete the new EP.

The six song EP contains production and mixes from both 40K and the 55-time Grammy-nominated Lewis, who has worked with some of the biggest artists in music. The hard-hitting production mixed with melodic vocals and clever lyricism shows the diversity of young Afghan-Canadian rapper Kresnt. Kresnt hosted a sold-out listening party for the project in his hometown Vancouver earlier this month, showing that his fan base is not only loyal but growing. So we’re looking forward to seeing how things continue to build for the young talent.

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