Chase Compton – BENT


Bent Cover

While on a national tour with Chuck Inglish and Alex Wiley, Chase Compton drops his newest track “Bent.” The loud pounding bass and crazy lyrics really make this song shine to the fullest. Chase is also the mastermind behind the production. This track has all the makings of a hit record. Be on the lookout for more releases from the road.


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Arys Déjan – LYKE (Prod. By Roca Beats)


With a slew of shows under his belt, and his recent appearance at NXNE in Toronto, Arys Déjan lets loose and gives us another banger.
In “LYKE”, Arys plays with some of Toronto’s lingo, while his longtime collaborator, Roca Beats, feeds our ears with an eerie and unique soundtrack behind Arys’ voice.

Arys opened for Azizi Gibson (Waka Flocka’s artist) on June/16/2016 and has been running with the hype ever since.

D. Horton Releases New Album “The Sessions 2”



Mississippi’s quickly rising D. Horton looks to educate and entertain with his latest project “The Sessions 2”. From the first words voiced on the project, “What if you were God?”, it becomes apparent that David Horton is going to use the album as a space for some serious creativity. Throughout that is the case with Horton baring his soul on records like “The Offer”, which see’s him go before God to make a “major decision”. This is offset by records like “Third Base” which allows the lyricist to flex his pen skills alongside another lyrical craftsman in King Los.
From top to bottom the 16-track offering raises questions about politics, spirituality, love and self worth. From a creativity standpoint, he really separates himself from a vast majority of rappers that are in the same stage in their career as D. Horton. Features include the aforementioned record with King Los as well as Shar J, Cadillac Pac and Christina Marie. KT Got Beats handles the bulk of production with New 1 Message, Joe Dent, Trell Got Wings and Beats by KD all chiming in as well.
Stream The Sessions 2 below and purchase via iTunes here.

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Nashville rapper JermX Ask “Who The Fuck” In New Visual

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“Who The Fuck” is Jermx? In this three song short film directed by Valid You Visions the 22 year old Nashville rapper wants answers about religion, royalty, and the world we live in. Is he a God, a king, or maybe “just a human being with beliefs”?

Featuring two tracks from his Not Alive mix tape, JermX is “everywhere but nobody can tell.” This video takes you into the creative and mysterious world JermX has created through his music and visuals.


Dallas Rapper Dali Voodoo Drops New Visual “Swing Low”

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Dallas has a really dope underground scene and Dali Voodoo is at the forefront. Daily Chiefers premiered a new visual from one of Big D’s brightest upcoming stars.

His latest release comes in the form of the visual for “Swing Low,” which also features Forest Watson and Roy Kemp, who connect with Dali for a crisp trifecta to piece together a meaningful record. Overall, it’s a hella dope posse cut that now has a fire video to match.

Here’s what Dali had to say about the song’s meaning and the powerful symbolism behind the “Swing Low” visual:

“Swing Low” portrays my search for liberation. The last two years have been extremely hard on my family and I. At times I found myself asking God “Why me? Why are you putting me through this? I don’t deserve this!” But really, who am I to tell God what I deserve? The recurrence of the jungle setting represents how I felt lost. I found myself wandering aimlessly trying to find meaning in my situation. Some turn to drugs, sex, or solitude to numb the harsh realities of life… Some even turn to religion to give them hope. I chose a different route to solving my problems. The women in red symbolize the forces internal and external that make you feel like giving up. Instead of me breaking, I persevered and became wiser and a much stronger person. In the closing scene, the lady in white symbolizes a clearer vision, better understanding, and overcoming complications in life, while the baptism scene represented my liberation!”


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Legendary Spitta- “Make Me Understand” Directed by Wesley Crutcher




Nashville emcee Legendary Spitta just dropped his new project  Born N Raised along with music video to single, Make Me Understand.” 

With “Make Me Understand” directed by Wesley Crutcher, Spitta shares deep emotional remnants from his past, illustrating conflicting perspectives in hindsight. 

Also, this week, Spitta released his project, Born N Raised. The Greedy Money produced project features a single guest appearance by MPR Jizzleon the track “Geeked” and guest production by Quattro Mac on “Let Me Be Great.” 

Included in the eight song mixtape is also a bonus track to Spitta’s popular single “Steph Curry.” 


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6ixlayne – Clean Up In Aisle 6 (Mixtape)



Coming from Boston with his formal introduction to the rap scene, Devon “6ix” Layne presents his debut project Clean Up In Aisle 6. The 9-track mixtape, which is hosted by DJ Papadon, acts as a look into 6ixlayne and his proclamation as “Boston’s Litty Lord”. a moniker which holds true with club-ready bangers like 3M, From The Mud andSAWSE. Each of the records mentioned show off a braggadocios side of 6ix, filled with money making missions, women and nights under the influence.

Though it is heavily filled with records aimed at the party, CUIA6 also gives 6ixlayne a chance to show a more introspective side. In fact one the album’s standout tracks is the aptly titled Personal. On this song 6ixlayne pairs himself with Vladimir Antoine for a slowed-down cut that touches on honest thoughts about relationships and how they affect oneself. It definitely shows the immense potential in this stage of his career.

Get familiar with 6ixlayne now, check out both Clean Up In Aisle 6 as well as his video for 3M.


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Flizy – Soul Clean

It’s easy to talk about money, drugs, women and materialistic things. It’s sometimes difficult to speak on things that are affecting us as citizens of America. DMV artist, Flizy, and Detroit producer, My Producer, decided to join forces yet again to deliver a powerful song dedicated to the current events happening with law enforcement and African Americans. Take a minute and listen to their new track titled “Soul Clean”.

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