Kosher Kris – “Cops & Robbers (prod. by Coopatroop)”

“Telling stories straight from the hood, Kosher’s new single “Cops and Robbers” exhibits the joining forces of LA’s underground rapper Kosher Kris and NY producer Coopatroop.  The rapper draws inspiration from his own experiences growing up in South Central LA, and exposes the realities of corrupt legal systems while delivering his relentless, unique lyricism and style.” Check out “Cops and Robbers” via SoundCloud.


Lucien Parker ft. Kaleem The Dream & Laresa Avent – “Give It Time (Prod. by 3kom10)”

FreeLiving music presents brand new banger from Lucien Parker ft. Kaleem The Dream and Laresa Avent, “Give It Time.” Check out the song and more of Lucien Parker via


Ron.Brown Ft. Matt Smith – “Maxwell & Sade (Prod. By Drew Keats)”

“Ron.Brown is a 19 year old Hip-Hop recording artist hailing from Hammond, La. Born to parents from Louisiana that raised him on Gospel and Oldies and siblings that raised him on 90s R&B and southern Hip-Hop. Ron isn’t your exact representation of what the South sounds like these days, but he doesn’t want to be cut out of the conversation. Influences from acts such as Tupac, Method Man, Erykah Badu, Lil Wayne and Curren$y, sparked the honesty within his music and with every region influencing him, that began to mold him as an artist, but more importantly as a person. 
At an early age, Ron knew he couldn’t succumb to his surroundings, he would have to take the criticism and stand out. Southern music created Ron’s style of gritty punchlines and fast but articulate flows. At first glance, Ron’s approach can be a bit difficult to handle with titles most Hip-Hop listeners wouldn’t give a chance. Such as his new rough draft, “Look What We’ve Became”, that contains enough elements to slip through the cracks of the industry but it still holds many underlying messages. When asked about the project Ron replied, “If you want to ride with this music, you can, if you want to smoke to this music, you can, but if you want to dig a bit a deeper and change your perspective on certain things, you can do that as well.” Ron has been on this plateau for a while, dating back to 2011 when he formed Nostalgic Music Group with one of his close friends, Matt Smith.
When asked why he called his music group “Nostalgic”, he replied thoughtfully saying, “Most of us can think of time when we didn’t think we would get through a certain situation, where we didn’t think we could overcome this problem, like the bigger picture didn’t exist. But look at you now, you made it out, you may not be richer, famous or necessarily where you want to be in your life, but you’re still fighting, you’re still moving. That’s what we mean when we say “Timeless”, Nostalgic Music Group is about progress, we’re about growth, it’s knowing the world has told you something but you continue to doubt the doubt that they gave you. That’s what nostalgic means to me and I stand on that.” 
The newly released “Look What We’ve Became” is the beginning of Ron’s “remember2forgetme” series, which includes 2 mixtapes and 3 EPs. “I think as an artist in this new age of releasing music we should get listeners excited about bodies of works and conceptual projects, rather than a few mediocre songs here and there. The “remember2forgetme” series is about taking a few different approaches to music and showcasing the talent of Nostalgic Music Group, when you hear me, you’ll hear them and vice versa. We’re not promising music every other week but, we’re promising music that you’ll be able to grow with, we’re promising quality over quantity, we’re promising progression.””

Check out “Maxwell & Sade” via SoundCloud.

Maxwell & Sade (Cover)