Compton’s own, Kalan.FrF’s newest release featuring upcoming R&B superstar, Damar Jackson, titled “Love Song”

This Compton x Louisiana collaboration is undeniably a hit! Being released only two days ago and peaking 16,000 plays already on Soundcloud, the ladies have begun creating their instagram videos singing along to this catch hooky which features both Kalan & Damar.

Damar pulled up to the studio we started listening to a few beats and we was like this the one. We started going through melodies and the vibe was just there. We went back and forth on that hook it start reminding me of that Jamie Foxx episode when they was singing “plain white rice”, naw but in all seriousness Damar a great artist I’m progressing over time it wasn’t no pissing contest we just went in there and knocked out a banger. Kalan.FrFr

I knew the song was gonna be something special because this was a real collaboration, where two artist create together in the studio and not email. Everything that happened was priceless because music is a moment and was took advantage of it and created Love Song.Damar Jackson

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James Worthy Announces New EP For 2019

Most recently R&B Singer & Grammy Award Producer James Worthy took to social media to announce the name of his new highly anticipated EP entitled “Blu Leisure”. The project is scheduled to release in January of 2019 with some special guest appearances that include: Ecstacy of Whodini, Kalenna of Dirty Money & many others. Follow his social media below for all updates.

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West Coast Artist Macntaj Returns From International Tour With The New Single “Live Enough”

West Coast rapper Macntaj has been putting in work nonstop since breaking onto the scene with his work on Bassnectar’s 2017 album Reflective. Since then Macntaj has connected with Raz Simone and Gunplaybeen featured on XXL, released his own solo projects, and also had multiple successful tour runs. Returning from an Internation Tour in India, Macntaj is back and more focused than ever. Connecting with up and coming Producer Michelangelo for “Live Enough,” Macntaj wastes no time getting to business on this high energy track. Aggressively on point, ‘Taj stays in the pocket with his verses and lets his adlibs take over like a devil on his right shoulder telling him what to do with every lyric. With hypnotically addicting production, Macntaj shows his versatility on “Live Enough” slowing things down and talking to his audience calmly before erupting on the track all over again for the second verse. 
Stream the new single “Live Enough” from one of the most exciting up and coming artists on the West Coast, Macntaj! Also, be on the lookout for a very special music video for “Live Enough” filmed on Macntaj’s recent trip to India.
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Chris Lane Drops “Snooze Button” produced by Dame Grease

Hailing from Sacramento, California (Strawberry Manors) and now residing in Phoenix, AZ, Chris Lane with out a doubt, is the quadruple threat MC, singer, songwriter and producer. The direction of the video came from the lyrics that speak to the Bible’s Book of Revelations. The director wanted to visually represent his words as they relate to that topic. It was equally important to stay away from a depressing vibe, because Chris brings such an amazing energy. Its an apocalypse vibe, with a light cartoonish feel that takes graphic animation to a new level.


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The Lifted Gift – “Answers”

Newcomer The Lifted Gift releases a new single titled “Answers,” a record that targets the very social issues that plague our society. The rising dabler delivers his soulful passionate message over a trappy melodic fabric that’s easy to listen to produced by E. Smitty. The Lifted Gift looks to continue his growth and share his message to the people, and will hopefully touch young lives who need the guidance.

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A-Plus & Knobody – “Been Loud (Roll Up)” [Video]

Fresh off the release of their new project Grow Theory, A-Plus (Hieroglyphics/Souls of Mischief) and Knobody are back with a video for the track that features Equpito and Mike Marshall entitled “Been Loud (Roll Up)“.

This video is the first and only music video filmed in the infamous Harborside marijuana dispensary in Oakland. Joined by the Harborside staff in the video are owner Steve DeAngelo, an icon in cannabis rights and avocation, and blunt rolling champion Chris Ironchef. Also look out for a cameo from Hiero’s own Del The Funky Homosapien.

A Plus says, “Knobody really knew where he wanted to go with the weed-song angle, and Been Loud came naturally to us. Then Kno, again with the great idea, said we should reach out too Equipto and Mike Marshall. We sent them the song, and they sent the chorus back quickly, we knew it was the perfect fit.”

“When it came time for the video, Harborside was generous enough to let us use their facility to shoot. We have a great working relationship with them, as they have been sponsors of our annual Hiero Day block party. So when you have an open door to such a legendary establishment, a super motivated and talented director like Stacy Rose willing to work with us, and a song like this, it was a no brainer to make happen.”

Directed By: Stacy Rose



Wifi Gang (Young Lyxx + Dandee303) – Telling The Truth [Video]

Young Lyxx‘s & Dandee303 have been recently formed their new group Wifi Gang. To continue their premiere run of the new international group and announcement of their new banger “Telling The Truth” Produced by @Deedotwill @Prodcaliber @itsgoose shows the more playful trap bounce influence which is reflected in new age trap music that is alos transitioning globally to reach the youth as well. This video was shot in Los Angeles where artist Dandee303 is was in Los Angeles for his first time recording and conceptualizing the project alongside Young Lyxx. This is just beginning of the Wifi Gang Movement and new project Stay Connected Vol. 1 coming sooner than you think.

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