Chillz Muzik – Peaceful Blessed [Video]


Emerging artist Chillz Muzik brings you his new song Peaceful Blessed. This music video was filmed in Costa Rica while attending the 2016 Costa Rica Fruit Festival. Peaceful Blessed will give you a new level of inspiration & good vibes! With Positive Affirmations in the chorus & groovy lyrics, this song brings Conscious Hip-Hop to life!

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Chris Rivers feat. Oswin Benjamin- Black Box (Video)

In light of today’s 2016 Presidential Election Chris Rivers and recent 2016 Bet Cypher mate Oswin Benjamin drops visuals to Chris’s Black Box. In hopes to inspire people to go out and vote the video compiles real clips of civil and human rights movements as a reminder to why we even have this right. Both artist delivers postive heartfelt messages while self reflectiing. “If you change nothing , nothing will change” please excercise your right to vote.


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HFE Tee – Thoughts (Feat. Nigel Damani) [Video]


Tee is currently working on his newest single entitled “Thoughts” featuring Nigel Damani. Listening to “Thoughts”, Tee discusses finding direction, hope, life struggles and keeping good company around. “Surrounded by the real, keep the fakes from round’ me…anything worth having is going to take a challenge.” “Thoughts” which not only has a smooth melody but has a relatable and positive message behind it. The hook which is also catchy, “Don’t let the hard times get the best of you… don’t let the hard times get you down”, is a perfect example of how to cope with life, especially in the times were living in now. “Thoughts”, visuals include the beautiful scenery of Tee’s hometown Richmond, VA and captures Tee reflecting on the past and present times of his life. You can find “Thoughts” on the “Now or Neva” mixtape via Spinrilla.


Katlynn Simone Shows Love To Her City In “H-Town” Video

the Natho and Plex-directed visual for Katlynn Simone’s “H-Town” illustrates nothing but love for the actress-turned-singer’s hometown of Houston, Texas. Simone, who played Brittany Pitts from BET’s The Game, just turned 21 and celebrated by premiering the song dedicated to the city she came from.

“‘H-Town’ is me introducing myself to the music world,” the H-Town princess says. “Most people recognize me as an actress, but they don’t know music started it all. This is my way of putting it out there and letting y’all know where I come from. I love my city.”

Currently working on a full-length studio album, Simone is hoping to make her mark in the music world. “H-Town” was produced by Fayo and Chill who made “For However Long” on Bryson Tiller‘s platinum-selling Trapsoul album.

Day & A Dream describes the song as a “Swampy production mixed with drowsy, almost intoxicating vocals, ‘H-Town’ situates itself as a ready made radio record for R&B,” and it has already received praises from legendary chopped not slopped Houston DJ, OG Ron C and the founder of TLC, the best-selling female group of all time, Pebbles.



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Chicago’s Vonte Reflects on Why Things “Won’t Change” in the City


The city of Chicago tops many “lists” — best music, best food, and sadly, the homicide rate. While many of the Windy City’s hip hop stars have capitalized on the violent environment and unforgiving streets, some artists are taking a hard stand against a city that continues to kill itself. In his brand new visuals for “Won’t Change”, MC Vonte takes a deep look at the problems in Chicago and why many are feeling hopeless and lost… like things “won’t change”.

Vonte’s video opens with a shocking news report, the gun death of a 9-year-old boy in Chicago. The transient production and floating vocals of Yajaira Lyriq provide the emotional cushion for a record meant to tell a cold but true story of a relentless city. Vonte’s powerful lyrics pay homage to victims individually, as well as address the overall influence of big homies and parents in Chicago, begging for a brighter day for the youth.

Having always embodied the city of Chicago, Vonte’s new single and video hit closer to home than he could have imagined. His enthusiasm for music that matters is impeccable, and with a drive to create for good, we don’t see this MC slowing down anytime soon. Though Vonte may feel like things “Won’t Change” soon, his knack for lyricism and positive hip hop are a force to be reckoned with that we know can start change for his city.

“We killing ourselves over petty, smal things. A grown man makes decisions and he has to live with them. But as afar as the kids go, we killing off our future doctors, lawyers and teachers. The kids are the future and at some point somebody gotta say enough is enough. This city is filled with hate! It’s easier to hate the next man than to spread love. ‘Won’t Change’ is just how I’m sure a lot of people in Chicago feel. The day I heard about Tyshawn Lee, I broke down in tears! I love the city, but it’s certain days and things that go on here that make you ask God when things will get better. One things to always rememebr is God is in complete control at all times.” – Vonte on the record

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