Daphne Willis Releases the Stunning “Somebody’s Someone”


With her effortless vocals paired with heartfelt lyrics, Daphne Willis will remind everyone in her new single, “Somebody’s Someone”, that everyone’s life matters. The song analyzes a situation that one may go through when a loved one is battling dark times and wants to remind them that they are not fighting their illnesses alone.

Lyrics from the song shed an uplifting light that will encourage people to keep fighting for their life, to become aware of their mental health and that you can be missed by your loved ones – even in those tragic paths that life sometimes takes people.

She’s got deep, soulful lyrics that resemble Sia that’s mixed with a gut-punching vocal range that will keep listeners craving what’s next for her career. This touching song will be something that you will want on repeat. We can’t wait to see what she does next.

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