LNDN DRGS Releases “P On The Boards” (Video) & “P On The DRGS” EP

Bompton’s Jay Worthy (from LNDN DRGS) and NYC’s P On the Boards (A.K.A. A$AP P) team up for a new EP in tribute to the late, great A$AP Yams on none other than the waviest holiday of all, Yams Day 2017.

“This P On The DRGS project is really special because everyone on it is somebody who Yams co-signed on his way out.” The project includes features from Aston Matthews, Earl Swavey, $ha Hef, G Perico. “Those were the last people that Yams was really fucking with on his way outta here, so I just wanted to get the homies together one time for someone who was so good to us.

P On the DRGS [EP]

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