Man they switch up on you quick, no opinionated sh*t, they don’t want no Kapernicks! Bizz-E Blaze unleashes “BOOM” (Sprat Exclusive)

 SHEESH! New Bizz-E BlazE on the day courtesy of Sprat (@SpratFool). A hard hitting new exclusive that features Bizz-E Blaze laying a fury of bars down. Created in Atlanta during A3C a year ago to date, Blaze is able to predict the future in the 2nd verse when it comes to Colin Kapernick and even referencing in Mike Vick who has also entered into the conversation within the past few months. BlazE seems to be catching a wave as of late with his latest single “All Alone” masking a clean 430K+ on Spotify and 120K+ on Soundcloud. The new offering from Sprats vault is certainly nothing to sleep on as the young Brooklyn native ignites the K Beatz (Canada) produced record. Be on the lookout for more exclusive records from Sprat in the near future as he is set to deliver unheard gems from your favorite artists or soon to be favorites.
Quotable: “It ain’t really nothing to fuckin end up a VIC, one day you the shit and the next you Mike Vick, man they switch up on you quick, no opinionated shit, they don’t want no Kapernicks, you gonna lose those sponsorships”

Bizz-E Blaze Social Media
Instagram: @TheFakeBizzEBlazE
Twitter: @BizzEBlazE
Producer: @IamKBeatz
Sprat Social Media
Twitter: @SpratFool
Instagram: @SpratFool

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