Odunsi – Time Of Our Lives (Mixtape)

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Odunsi (The Engine) releases his debut EP “Time of Our Lives” in July 27, 2016.The EP was put together in 3 months !!and features a new creative genre emerging from Africa under the moniker “Afro Fusion”. Afro fusion is a blend of traditionalAfrican beats and foreign genres such as RnB, Electronic Dance Music (EDM),Reggae and Soul music. Odunsi has carved this niche for himself and the EP is a testament of this. The seven track EP features Ghanaian Afro EDM artist Okuntakinte, Nigerian singer Dami Oniru, and Nigerian Musician Black Magic. Production on the EP was produced ,mixed and masterd by Odunsi the Engine, GMK, TMXO and Osato. DJ Juls, Ghanaian producer who has worked on hits such as Skintight, Bankulize and Teef teef described Odunsi as “The Future”. Odunsi is a Nigerian living in Lagos. He started his career in music extensively in 2015. So far, he has produced for many artists all over Africa including Adomaa, an Afro-Jazz musician from Ghana, Saint Kwam a New York based Ghanaian rapper, Dami Oniru, and OZZY B . One of his best works is Cina Soul’s Julor featuring Manifest, which has received massive play all over the continent and is featured on music streaming site Spinlet. Odunsi is heavily influenced by musicians like Sade, Asa and Desiigner. A blend of all these various styles makes for his unique sound.
Odunsi Himself said this about his latest project
““Time Of Our Lives” is a manifestation of a dream I had a while ago about myself and my music. I have always wanted to discover myself in different ways, especially musically and this project helped me do just that. I only started taking my career as an artiste seriously in January, 2016 and I must say that I am very satisfied with the progress so far also keeping in mind that there are bigger things on the way. This EP took me a span of about 3 months to put together and it was a refreshing event. What makes this project special was that it was being created while I was finding my sound and growing as an artiste and producer. With this project, I had the intention of projecting a style of music that had defined me and my creative process. It is called “Afro-Fusion”. It is basically a blend of international sounds with African roots. “Time Of Our Lives” is more than a musical project, it’s a musical movement for the new direction of sounds coming from Africa.”

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