RZA’s Protege Dontius Drops Off A Valentine Day Gift With ‘The Fourteenth’ EP

Wu-Tang Clan frontman, RZA knows good music, and he knows a good musician when he meets one. So when Bobby Digital inks someone to his newly-minted 36 Chambers ALC label, we pay attention.

The first artist on 36 Chambers ALC is Amityville, New York native, Dontius. Armed with an absorbing pen game and soothing voice, the rookie crooner shows a promising career as a songwriter and singer. On his debut EP dubbed, The Fourteenth, Don shows much versatility. He can flex his vocals by gliding through laid-back instrumentals like, “Fighter,” or get the party hype with songs like, “Turn Up.” Also, he shows his potential for penning radio bangers like, “You the Best.”

“I am excited to be the first artist to launch on 36 Chambers ALC with my 4-song EP, The Fourteenth, said Dontius via e-mail. “We are releasing the EP on Valentine’s Day because it’s the perfect day to release one of my favorite love songs, “Love You Down,” by Ready For The World. We also included three more songs on the EP to give you a sample of what’s to come.”

RZA’s protégé has been practicing his craft since an adolescent. But it was after getting shot in the leg at house party that moved Dontius to get serious about his music career. Since then, the budding artist has moved with pure passion and a tireless work ethic, which has led to a coveted deal with 36 Chambers ALC.

The Fourteenth shines the brightest as a result of Don’s promising songwriting skills. Criticism are few, though. Dontius doesn’t sound one hundred percent comfortable with his voice yet. But that’ll come with time. And with RZA steering the ship, it’ll come sooner than later.

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