DillanPonders New Single “KOBE”

On the new single, Ponders raps “I never make no average songs” and this one is truly on another level. Indignant 808s strategically popped in around a murky bell loop and bouts of blunt kicks create an environment in which Ponders flourishes. He switches flows smoothly like a finger roll layup, and tosses himself an alley-oop for a banging chorus. 

The hazy and mercurial track serves as the lead single off of Ponders’ forthcoming album, The Boy Who Died, entirely produced by Australian-based BVB, known for his work on Ponders’ “OUTSIDE” single. A sequel to his 2014 album, The Boy Who Lived, this will be Ponders’ second album released this year. The ‘SHROOM DADDY’ train simply won’t stop.

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DillanPonders Drops New Single “ROCKET MAN”

DillanPonders just doesn’t seem to stop.

Immediately after dropping his MATRIX album in May, Ponders hit the road with Pouya on his ‘FIVE FIVE’ tour in-support. Back in Toronto, he headlined the fifth annual ‘Speak Your Peace’ festival and performed alongside Toronto’s elite emerging talent at 199Z Fest, which also featured the likes of Sean Leon, Langston Francis, Lemin and more.

With a dizzying flow, Ponders protrudes confidence and gusto, executing slick wordplay on lines like “I know that you know I got the game inside my pocket / I been blasting off just call me Dillan Pon De Rocket” with precision.

The brooding, dusty and 808-ridden Kevin Rolly—who has also produced for the likes of Yung Tory and Lil Durk—produced single serves as a stand-alone transition between MATRIX and Ponders’ forthcoming album, The Boy Who Died, a sequel to his 2014 album The Boy Who Lived.

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DillanPonders Premieres ‘SAMSON’ Video

Last month, DillanPonders gave the world MATRIX. Today, Ponders delivers a music video for ‘SAMSON’, the album’s lead single.

Hazy and archaic, the video for the Kevin Rolly-produced goliath sees Ponders at a hazy party with angels, demons and masked creatures, melting away into an almost unrecognizable pile of ooze.

The song itself is a behemoth and rightfully claims its own space from the start. Atop thick, full bells and lush 808s, Ponders seamlessly switches back and forth from his signature multiple flows.

On bars like “Wanna see a change? Stop watching the news / Stay true to yourself and you’ll be a better man” and “Your girl wants me to sign her tits / Your man wants me to sign his kicks / I don’t know where to draw the line / Maybe when they ask me to sign their kids” Ponders blends both insightful and comedic lines together into one exciting package.

Ponders recently brought this flair with him on tour with Pouya. Brandishing his music like a weapon, he incited riots inside every venue and left fans demanding more from ’SHROOM DADDY’, as they infectiously call him. Stay tuned for the full length tour recap releasing soon!

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DillanPonders Release “MATRIX” LP

This tidbit of reassurance was passed from Morpheus to Neo nearly 20 years ago and now, the message resurfaces in DillanPonders‘ newest effort:

The 11-track project tracks Ponders’ steps to unplug himself from the irrational and volatile cycle of Western society.

As a black man sporting yellow dreadlocks with a love for tie-dye, Ponders has never really fit in. He’s struggled with the system around him for years, waging war against it through music.

On tracks like “GOKU”, the opener for MATRIX, Ponders belts “This society always lies to me / These police been always eyeing me / It’s a sign to me / I can’t fuck with this monopoly.” This same system Ponders denounces labelled him “unemployable,” rendering him homeless. He found refuge only in bank lobbies, bus stations and his music.Ponders fought on, finding ways around the system. In turn, he uncovered a freedom that many will never know exists. On MATRIX he guides listeners along a free path to enlightenment and self control.

Ponders’ epiphany has reshaped his sound as a whole, unlocking a new wave of prying eyes and success.

His last project, NO MANS LAND, broke 2,000,000 streams worldwide. He was recently featured on Spotify’s 580,000 follower-strong playlist, Hip Hop Central and will soon be joining south-Floridian powerhouse Pouya on the Canadian leg of his FIVE FIVE tour.

At its core, MATRIX chronicles Ponders’ innermost struggles, as well as his hopes and fears, offering an honest insight into what unplugging from the Matrix really entails.

Listen to MATRIX and find out how deep the rabbit hole goes.
Select a platform below or head to DillanPonders.co and choose your own adventure.

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DillanPonders Releases ‘GZUS’ Single

DillanPonders’ name is not new to hip hop, but his current sound and mindset are. Today he brings us the second single off his upcoming MATRIX album: ‘GZUS’ (Prod. Kevin Rolly & NASTII). After the wild anthem that was the first single ‘SAMSON’, ‘GZUS’ is slower, more introspective, but with a bass that could break your car windows.

Once celebrated as the rapper to get fucked up to, Ponders’ infamous lifestyle used to match his party music. Inevitably, he spiralled out of control, losing his friends, his money, his house, and ending up homeless.

As he says on ‘GZUS’, this was the rock bottom he needed to hit before he could take flight. Ponders got clean, locked himself in the studio, and began forging a new path. Now, at 26, he’s the healthiest he’s ever been, and creating the best music of his career.

This life evolution has set the stage for Ponders’ new album: MATRIX (set to release May 31st). With a clear mind and body, Ponders unplugs himself from the irrational expectations of society and encourages his listeners to do the same. He raps on ‘GZUS’: “Play my old songs and lose your mind, play my new songs and find yourself.”

‘GZUS’ is a track to boost your confidence, positivity and self-worth. Ponders wants to show listeners that they’re all Gods in their own right, and he’s leading by example.

Link : https://lnk.to/GZUS

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DillanPonders Releases “OUTSIDE”

In 2004 Kanye West bragged about making five beats a day for three summers straight. DillanPonders might know that life more than any of us ever will.

Ponders has barely stepped outside his studio in the last six months, keeping a tight lip on the sound of his forthcoming project, MATRIX. The November released ‘SAMSON’ is the only
record confirmed to appear on the LP. And though he recently released the third instalment of his infamous YOU’RE WELCOME remix series, fans are clamouring for more.

DillanPonders lets loose a single for his fans and to remind us all that he’s coming for the top. Appropriately titled ‘OUTSIDE’, the track is a braggadocious punch to the gut, with Ponders showcasing his skills and mindset: He’s that gourmet, and his competition? Merely Popeyes.

The release is a gift as Ponders once again returns to SXSW next weekend for another year of official showcases, including the soon to be announced inaugural ‘6XSW’ Showcase featuring a
Toronto centric line-up!

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DillanPonders – I SHYNE (Remix) & YOU’RE WELCOME 3

DillanPonders is starting 2018 off happy. Last year was a career high for him, and his most recent project, NO MANS LAND, broke 1,000,000 streams in just a few short months.

To celebrate, and keep fans happy while he works on his next original album, Ponders is releasing the third instalment of his YOU’RE WELCOME remix series, starting with “I SHYNE”.

Though the original was released less than a week ago, Ponders hops on the Carnage produced beat and tears it to shreds. These remixes let him have some fun, and on “I SHYNE” he displays a dizzying flow sounding more like Busta Rhymes than Lil Pump.

Listen to “I SHYNE”, check out YOU’RE WELCOME 3 track list below and look out for the project February 1st!

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DillanPonders – RAGE (Official Video)

DillanPonders’ ‘RAGE’ is unlike any other music video you’ll see this year. With animated explosions, electro shocks and Supreme starter packs, the rising emcee takes us on a psychedelic trip that doesn’t take any substance to enjoy (though it might magnify the experience).

‘RAGE’ is the first video single off NO MANS LAND, a project which has been positively received by critics like Complex and Sidewalk Hustle. This release is another step in a major year for Ponders, which has seen him headline his first performances in New York City and SXSW, hit the road with Pouya and Fat Nick, and release his most streamed song ever: ‘PLANET PONDERS’.

‘RAGE’ is a testament to Ponders’ unique creative vision. As he says in the song’s opening line, you should believe the hype.

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DillanPonders’ New Single: ‘SAMSON


DillanPonders is gifting the world a present for his birthday, and it could be his hardest hitting song yet:

Protect ya neck, because this beat will slap you and Ponders himself isn’t pulling any punches, with multiple flow switch-ups and a riot inducing hook that will have venue owners looking to increase their insurance.

‘SAMSON’ is the first release since Ponders’s NO MANS LAND project, and is another step in a major year for him. NO MANS LAND led to his first headlining show in New York City as well as features in Complex Magazine and Sidewalk Hustle. This year has also seen Ponders perform at his first official SXSW showcase, earn the cover spot on Spotify’s Northern Bars playlist, and release his most streamed song ever: “PLANET PONDERS”.

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DillanPonders Releases NO MANS LAND

Toronto’s young free thinker has had a strong 2017, which saw him perform at SXSW, support Pouya and Fat Nick throughout Canada and earn his first MuchFACT grant. NO MANS LANDS’ lead singles — “DOUBTS” and “XANNY MAN” — are two of his most-streamed tracks ever, landing him the cover of Spotify’s Northern Bars playlist and a feature on Complex Magazine’s top tracks of spring 2017. Dillan’s critically acclaimed ‘ACID REIGN’ album has officially surpassed 1,000,000 streams, paving the way for NO MANS LAND.

The project showcases Dillan’s unique vocal range, wordplay and diverse flows, and features menacing production from multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated Daniel Worthy, best known for his work on Drake’s ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late,’ in addition to Chef Byer, BATMANONTHEBEATZ and rising Toronto producer’s Kevin Rolly & Dutch Revz. NO MANS LAND is reflective, angry and hopeful, following Ponders through the purgatory that is being a mid-tier artist, clawing his way to the top.