Lil Scrappy Releases New Track “MJ” Produced by Stevie J

Grustle Gang Committee (GGC)/DangerZone is pleased to announce the release of Lil Scrappy’s newest song, “MJ”.  “MJ” is a precursor of what is the to come from Scrappy’s upcoming project, Grown, which is fully produced by Grammy award-winning producer and Love And Hip Hop Atlanta (LHHATL) castmate, Stevie J. Grown will be available in the near feature.
“MJ” offers a smooth side of Scrappy and gets its name in homage of the greatest performer of all time — Michael Jackson.
Scrappy explains, “I entered the business with a good amount of success as a teenager so in my own way I can relate to MJ’s transition from being a child star into adulthood. This album, Grown, will show my evolution.”
Stevie J and Scrappy began a friendship as cast members on the set of LHHATL where they discovered they had a lot in common musically.  With the commonalities they decided to work together on the new project, away from television.
Scrappy Explains, “Our focus was just to make great music without distractions.  You won’t hear a reference to LHHATL.  It’s important to me to give the fans what they’ve been waiting for and this project takes me back to my core.”
He continues, “It’s easy to work with Stevie,” We are both on the same page when it comes to our current musical tastes.  We wanted to offer our fans something fresh and new from me and for the first time in my career I have an album that is fully produced with live instrumentation on every track.  Stevie plays every last one and I’m excited to hear what the fan’s feel about it!”

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Lil Scrappy Releases Title Track From Forthcoming Album “Confident”

Though Lil Scrappy is currently recovering from injuries he sustained during a very serious car accident that occurred in Miami on Sunday June 3rd, the Love & Hip-Hop Star releases the lead-single and title track from his forthcoming album Confident; which will be released on Friday 6-8-18.

Crunk practitioner and Southern royalty, Scrappy returns with 12-new tracks and today HipHopDx premiered the title track hours before you can hear the entire project.

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Lil Scrappy’s New LP, Confident, Will Be Released On 6-8-18!!

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FoulMouth J (Lil Scrappy Concert & BTS Footage)

Go behind the scenes with DJ/Producer and New Mexico’s own, FoulMouth J, as he spins the 1’s and 2’s at the Lil Scrappy concert in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico. The concert was presented by Takeover Promotions & Glasshouse ENT, which was held on January 27th, 2018 at Burt’s Tiki Lounge. The video is shot & edited by 10 MP (MP Visuals), as he recaps the whole day with scenes and highlights, documenting a day in the life of a few artists who are trying to bring their dreams to life. FoulMouth J has been killing the scene down in New Mexico behind the DJ board, but also behind the keys, producing for fellow New Mexico artists while DJing for plenty of shows there in the Land of Enchantment. The beats in video are produced by FoulMouth J himself & are mixed by 10 MP. Watch the video down below and don’t forget to show some love and follow FoulMouth J and 10 MP on their social media platforms. Be Known.
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Lil Scrappy – Side Bih Feelings

It’s been awhile since we got a serious new project alert from the Prince of the South “Scrappy” the Atlanta native, now South Beach resident. Scrappy has been spending his time working on his new EP, “Hopeless Romantic” , which is scheduled to release 4th of July Weekend, with the first single off the project “SIDE BIH FEELINGS“. The catchy track comes on schedule with the pending summer break up season and is sure to get a reaction from the ladies this Summer. Produced by Dj Tee The Barber, Scrappy’s long time Dj and Producer, the duo deliver a certified anthem for the single elites of the world, reminding all side chicks out there to play their roles, and good things will follow. With Scrappy coming off another successful season of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” as well as guest appearances across other television series, it feels good to see Scrappy Focused, Single, and Ready to drop more heat in the near future.
Be sure to listen now on his official Soundcloud page, also available on iTunes now.
“Hopeless Romantic EP”  Releases 4th of July Weekend


Wendy Williams has caught flack over the years for her outspoken thoughts on a variety of celebrity scandals, and Lil Scrappy spoke out against the talk show host’s thoughts on Bill Cosby.

The Atlanta rapper feels that Wendy is “helping tear down black people,” and Scrappy adds that he doesn’t care if he’s ever invited back on her show again. He also explained that he was once a fan of Wendy, but is clearly not siding with her thoughts on Cosby.

There have been many people speak out in defense of Cosby, including Pete Rock, who says the allegations came at a coincidental time when the actor was gearing up to start a major media company.

Lil Scrappy & the Dog House

Since the beginning of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta we have witnessed Lil Scrappy dig himself into quite a few holes but last night on part one of the reunion we saw Scrappy take his lies to a whole another level. Last night Scrappy found himself sitting on the reunion stage with not only his child’s mother (Erica D.) but also with his two side chicks (Bambi) and (Erica P.). From the start we expected that there would be tension between Bambi and Erica P. but the secrets that came from Scrappy’s baby mother was more than we imagined when she exposed Scrappy for denying their recent “hook-up’s”; but as the saying goes, “What’s done in the dark shall come to the light”. In response to Scrappy denying his recent dealings with his ex-fiance she provided a hotel bill proving that she was with Scrappy while also giving details of their activities that got a little explicit. In defense of the truth that came out Scrappy decides to swear on God and his young daughter as an attempt to not appear guilty. Scrappy then decides that he should take it a step further and volunteer for a lie detector test … which he failed! It’s never surprising when a rapper lies about the truth in order to protect himself but when you bring God and your child into the equation you cannot fail the lie detector test.

The moral of this story is, when you are stuck in a situation with the mother of your child and your two side chicks never turn on the one whose most likely to have evidence of your dirty deeds.