Fendi P (FKA Corner Boy P) featuring Lil Wayne – “Wit My Left”

Born and raised on the East Side of New Orleans, Fendi P’s (FKA Corner Boy P) unique voice and lifestyle raps caught the attention of Curren$y who brought him into the fold of his Jet Life Recording imprint where he has resided for the last few years.

After dropping numerous mixtapes, the first Jet Life recording artist will release his official debut album, Late Nights, Early Mornings, on 5-11-18 via Jet Life/EMPIRE.  Late Nights, Early Mornings is the embodiment of years of grinding; and also promises to make Fendi a household name.  “This is my greatest work to date” Fendi stated to Complex.  “I’m excited for people to hear it and hear how much I have progressed.”

While the name change may throw fans off for a second, it was part and parcel of his evolution as an artist—and as a person.  “As Corner Boy P, fans got to see me grow and develop as an artist.  However, there are things I want to accomplish as an artist and as a man.  I want to share my story and be a mentor in my community.  If I want to visit a school as Corner Boy P, I do so with pre-conceived ideas of who I am and with negative connotations.  So moving forward, its Fendi P; we all grow and mature.”

Late Nights, Early Mornings lead single, “Wit My Left,” which was exclusively premiered by Complex is a home team and family affair.  “The song came about on tour” Fendi commented to Complex.  “I was in the studio banging out records and this track was different then what I was doing on mixtapes; it was next level.  I knew it needed Wayne on it and I’ve always wanted to work with him.  When I was in school we always used to argue who the G.O.A.T. was and that’s what Wayne is too me.  I always go home team!  Shout-out to Mack Maine!”

Anyone who is familiar with Jet Life knows they hold a special affinity for classic and custom whips.  In addition to releasing his debut album, Fendi is also holding a raffle for a 1986 Buick Regal, which was custom built for him by N.O. Street Customs.  Fendi will be announcing the winner of the raffle during his set at Rolling Loud in Miami next month.

Raffle Link: https://www.cornerboyp.com/sweepstake

Fendi P’s Late Nights, Early Mornings will be released on 5-11-18 via Jet Life/EMPIRE.

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Connor Evans Channels “Wayne (Lil’ Wayne) in 2007” on “Kodak”

Evans released the song in the midst of evacuating from the US Virgin Islands following Hurricane Irma. When Connor says he “feels like Wayne in 2007“, it’s a notice to the game that Connor is about to release new music in a prolific nature.

Kodak was one of the first records I cut when I got back in the studio after spending a lot of time traveling to Atlanta and New York” says Evans. “I’ve been locked in the studio just doing track after track.  I’ll always remember Wayne’s run up to the Carter 3 and when they dropped the documentary showcasing his work ethic in that time period. That’s been my wave, pushing myself to record as many records as humanly possible. I feel with this next round of records I’m dropping I’m making a case for why I need to be in all these discussions everyone’s having about who you need to watch the fuck out for.”

Additional music:

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