6lack Addresses Comments About Looking Like a Cartoon in Noisey’s “People Vs”

Today, Noisey released the newest episode of “The People Vs.” where artists read and respond to YouTube comments from their hit music videos. After 50 Cent, Cardi B and Migos before him, it’s 6lack‘s turn to take on the internet trolls for his single “Prblms.”

During this short episode, the rising star apologetically responds to comments from everything about his hair to not looking like Ski Mask The Slump God. 6lack addresses the confusion with his hair choice and explains that his “freedom locks” are symbolic to strength. Additionally, he goes into detail about what it was like shooting a music video with a bear and mentions that its more fun to be happy than being emotional and dark. Lastly, with a mix of intense and hilarious responses, 6lack touches on comments of him looking like Ski Mask The Slump God and the moose from Zootopia. “If I was like a frail person or a fragile person I would really have to like pull up on people.”

The People Vs. 6lack https://video.vice.com/en_uk/video/noisey-the-people-vs-6lack/5bacb018be407755f320bf61

Noisey Finds That Rapper Received Threats From Zulu Nation Affiliates Before His Murder

Its about Noisey’s latest story on Grandmaster TC Izlam, the former Zulu Nation member that was found dead after receiving threats from the group’s affiliates. Less than a month before TC was gunned down in Atlanta this June, he gave a chilling interview to filmmaker Leila Wills in which he said he feared for his life. The interview was for a forthcoming documentary detailing sexual abuse allegations against Zulu Nation founder and hip hop pioneer Afrika Bambaataa.

51-year-old rapper, TC Izlam, alleged he’d been receiving threats from members and affiliates of the Zulu Nation after he resigned from the group and refused to help with damage control of Afrika’s molestation scandal. Leila Wills tells Noisey when creating the film, “He [TC] sent me through all kind of rigors before I could meet with him and before he would give me his address. He was constantly watching his back.” As the threats continued to pour in, TC left New York and traveled to Massachusetts and Connecticut before ending up in Atlanta where he was killed.

“TC said he had received numerous death threats via phone calls from what he described as ‘Bambaataa’s fan club.’ He said the threats accused him of disloyalty to ‘the Father,’ and that he would ‘end up in a box.’” – Willis

Afrika Bambaataa’s first public accuser, Ronald Savage, explained to Noisey that TC reached out to him two days before his murder. “He needed to talk to me. What I do know is that he was scared, very scared all the time that Zulu was going to get him.”
Before He Was Shot Dead, Rapper Allegedly Received Threats From Zulu Nation Affiliates:

D.R.A.M. Talks About Vanessa Carlton’s Inspiration for “Broccoli” in Noisey’s People VS



During this short episode, D.R.A.M. addresses the comments about the women featured in the video and shows his love for a voluptuous booty. Noisey and Big Baby D.R.A.M. discover whether twerking and rap will help kids eat their veggies while he reveals his mom’s recipe on how to make broccoli tasty. The rapper also admits that the moving piano was indeed inspired by Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles” video. With a combination of Yo Momma insults and hilarious comebacks, D.R.A.M. speaks on the innuendos of the term “broccoli” and gives the final words of “respect yourself, love yourself and know what you’re doing.”

NOISEY Lebanon : Can Hip Hop Help Combat Religious Extremism?

The short 15-minute film, Noisey Lebanon, explores whether or not hip hop can help young people in the region resist the temptations of radical organizations like ISIS. Noisey host, Poet, travels to Lebanon’s capital of Beirut to meet a collective of local MCs who are making an album that tackles the sensitive subject of radicalization.

Headed by rapper Chyno, these group of artists ranging across the capital to the Syrian border, use rap as a way to show what is truly happening in their country. Their project involves interviewing psychologists and other experts who work with extremists and using this knowledge in their lyrics. Chyno states that the Syrian War has influenced him to bring light to the region while rapper Bilal Ahmad reveals he once considered joining a radical group due to his hardships. Later, Poet joins two social workers to visit the Lebanon slums whose conditions make it easier to understand how the country’s high poverty level make citizens vulnerable to joining ISIS. With hope that their album will steer people away from joining radicalization, El Rass tells Noisey, “It would be very sad to see that the only way my city is represented is with these psuedo-Islamic thugs.”


The Cult of Cardi B With Noisey

Cardi is known for her funny social media posts and signature laugh on VH1’s Love and Hip Hop, but she opens up about crying from the negative feedback she received when she first did the show. Growing up in the Bronx, Cardi states she was able to always defend herself but its impossible to clap back at the thousands of people being hateful. The conversation takes a political turn when Cardi says she believes the beginning of Trump’s presidency is hell, but she’ll try to give him the benefit of the doubt even though he seems to be going too far. If asked to perform at Trump’s inauguration for 5 million dollars she would say no because she isn’t a sellout, referencing that “a lot of people are mad at black artists or black people that is on the media talking to Trump.” Even during a Trump presidency Cardi has big plans for 2017 as she hints at her own show in the future, but she is putting TV on hold in order to sacrifice for her music.

In addition to the interview, Noisey released a the latest episode of their new series, Self Portrait, where music artists draw themselves showing either the good, bad, or odd versions of how they view themselves. For this video, Noisey joins Cardi B who made sure to highlight her best assets and doesn’t forget to bring her one-of-a-kind personality.

Full Interview at Noisey: https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/the-cult-of-cardi-b

Omarion Talks With Noisey About Being Vulnerable, Career Longevity, and His New Album


In the interview, Omarion talks about connecting his music with his African heritage. For his newest single, “Distance,” the R&B singer reveals that he traveled across the world to South Africa to capture the art for a song that embraces the afrobeat-influenced R&B that catapulted Drake’s “One Dance.” The music video for “Distances” also showcases Omarion’s dance moves displaying his ability to join his dance expertise with heartfelt lyrics.

After “Post to Be” became his most successful song during his twelve-year solo career, Omarion believes it changed his song making process stating, “It showed me that there is no structure.” He also mentions that having children has allowed him to be more emotional in his songs. In time for the debut of his new album, Omarion tells Noisey, “I think when people finally see the videos and they understand my intention behind the space that I’m in, I think they’ll have a different appreciation for the music I previously created. “


More of The Interview at Noisey.com : https://noisey.vice.com/en_us/article/omarion-talks-about-being-vulnerable-career-longevity-and-his-new-album


Ed Sheeran and Stormzy Get Personal in One Flavourful Conversation on Noisey

Ed Sheeran details an early encounter with the British rapper who laughed at the lyrics to “Love Yourself,” the popular song Ed wrote for Justin Bieber. Stormzy gives Ed a lesson on why Hennessy is popular in the rap game and his fashion choice of wearing socks with sandals. After testing if Stormzy’s iPhone 7 is actually waterproof, they reveal their firsts, including the first time Ed Sheeran knew he could make a living with music and the first time getting memed to Stormzy’s unique experience of falling sleep during sex to the first time having underwear thrown at them.

#NOISEYATLANTA: Gucci Mane & Jeezy : Trap Lords (Episode 3)

Noisey is back with Episode 3 of “Noisey Atlanta”

Thomas continues his conversation with Coach K about the origin of trap music, beginning with Young Jeezy’s 2004 mixtape, Tha Streets Iz Watchin (according to Coach). Both Coach and super producer Zaytoven—who rose to prominence alongside Gucci Mane—explain the explosion of the genre and eventual beef between Young Jeezy and Gucci Mane. We quickly learn that Gucci Mane has not only become one of the most significant rappers in the Atlanta scene, but has so much leverage that his opinion can essentially decide the career trajectory of any new rapper trying to make it. What’s perhaps most impressive is that Gucci’s influence is still just as prominent as ever—even though he’s currently locked up until 2016.

#NoiseyAtlanta – Welcome to the Trap – [Episode 1]

“In the first episode of our new 10-part series on Atlanta, host Thomas Morton meets longtime stick-up boy Curtis Snow (Snow On Da Bluff) while explaining what Atlanta means and why it’s become the center of drug trafficking and rap music. Later, we find ourselves in iconic Patchwerk Studios with Black Mafia Family’s Bleu Davinci. He explains the rise and fall of BMF, the city’s scene over the last decade, and what he thinks it takes to make it today. After a game of pool, we head to the strip club to meet Migos.”