#TheProgressReport: Meet Webbie’s Artist Beezy Boy! “Its Still Penitentiary Chances I Have To Take”


While speaking to Webbie about his latest album Savage Life 5, he introduced me to his artist and long time friend Beezy Boy who was recently released from prison after serving a 4 year bid. During the interview Beezy Boy speaks on his relationship with Webbie; Growing up in the streets having it tough but loving every moment; Importance of loyalty; Not being a fan of new school rap; Fatherhood; Spiteful baby mothers; & vowing to give every genuine person from the streets a free verse even after he gets a million dollars.

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Webbie #SavageLife5 Interview with Lalaa Shepard (The Progress Report)

Supporting the independent hustle, one story at a time. Trill OG Webbie sat down and talked music, life, and everything in between with me on another great episode of  #TheProgressReport. Webbie introduced his new artist, Project Baby and addressed years of unanswered questions. Topics discussed include: upcoming music from Lil Phat, defining what it means to be a Bad Bitch in 2016, penis size, starting his own weed, 2016 NBA Playoff predictions (Picks Lebron James over Stephen Curry), reflects on a past conversation held with President Obama and who he would vote for this year (if he voted), reveals the meaning of Savage Life, Gangsta Muzik 2 is on the way, & the return of his childhood friend, Beezie Boy.

Webbie also shed light on his personal life as he deals with “baby mama drama” and believes that parents must mentor the youth and learn how to put aside personal feelings for the greater good of the kids.

Best advice I received from Webbie during interview: “Don’t waste your time worrying or thinking about the next nigga and you fucked up… Stay in school”.

Webbie also explains that church and God is in your heart and that if you have faith, nobody can’t tell you nothing.

Webbie concludes the interview by shouting out several rappers such as Birdman, Butsa Rhymes, Twista, E-40 and credits UGK, Pimp C, DJ Screw, Bun B, & the CEO of Trill ENT for his success.

Webbie’s fifth studio album, Savage Life 5 is set to drop May 20th and features Snoop Dogg, Lil Boosie, & the Trill fam.

 Stay tuned for more exclusives and behind the scenes footage with Lalaa @LalaaShep @TheProgressReport101 www.LalaaShepard.com YouTube/ LalaaShep

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@HipHopDX Presents: Webbie Concert Ends After Brawl

Webbie and all other Hip Hop acts banned from an Odessa, Texas club after a fight breaks out at a Webbie show.

A concert held by rapper Webbie at the 20/20 Club in Odessa, Texas was cut short this month when the crowd began to act out violently. According to TMZ, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana rapper was in the middle of his performance when a fight between fans broke out.

TMZ also obtained video footage of the brawl, which shows the crowd dispersing as a handful of individuals begin to throw bar stools. In a separate video, which was posted on YouTube, it appears that those in the crowd were sprayed with mace at one point.

As a result of the incident, which did not appear to directly involve Webbie, the Trill Entertainment emcee was banned from the venue.

TMZ also reports that the manager for the 20/20 Club said he doesn’t welcome “ghetto stuff” into his club, so he has also banned all other rap acts from performing at the venue.

At least five people were arrested during the fight. It is unclear how many injuries resulted due to the brawl.

This doesn’t serve as the first time a Webbie concert has ended in violence. Back in 2011, a Webbie performance at East St. Louis, Illinois’ Blackmon’s Plaza ended with both a fight inside the club and a shooting outside the club.

As a result of the shooting, a security guard was struck by a bullet and hospitalized

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