Singer-Songwriter And TI & Tiny Family Hustle and Growing Up Hip Hop TV STAR Zonnique Launches New Merchandising Company with Infamous Mugshot on Tees


Singer/songwriter, and TI & Tiny’s Familly Hustle and Growing Up Hip Hop TV star has launched her new merchandising company, starting with the sell of her infamous mugshot on tees and cropped hoodies.

Zonnique states, “I chose the mugshot as the first image for my shirts because that was a pivotal moment in my life that taught me the importance of paying attention. It’s a lesson I do not take for granted. Besides that, I received thousands of comments about how much my friends on social media loved the photo. For me it’s a perfect start, a nice picture with a lesson attached seemed like a great way to begin my entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Zonnique released her debut EP, LOVE JONES, debutting in the Top 10 of itunes R&B chart.



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Family Hustle Television Star & Singer-Songwriter ZONNIQUE Pays Homage To The Seminal Film Of The Same Title, ‘Love Jones’


Tameka “Tiny” Harris and her label Pretty Hustle is pleased to announce the TOP 10 (#8) R&B iTunes release of LOVE JONES, a 6-song EP debut by ZONNIQUE available for purchase on itunes. BUY IT HERE..

Paying homage with snippets from the seminal film of the same title, The EP, LOVE JONES, is ZONNIQUE’s first release as a solo artist offering the listener a taste of what is to come on her full length album.
Featuring song titles like “Patience (ne’ Decisions),” “Greedy (ne’ Self Confidence),” “Should’ve Been (ne’ Get Back Sh*t),” “Ghost (ne’ No Commitment),” and “I’m Great (ne’ Not Trippin’)” Zonnique writes songs that gives the first real look into the young lady she has become.
Listen to ‘Love Jones’ via SoundCloud
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