Tutorial: How To Submit To Blogs Correctly

Blogs are not dead! Some of these blogs are ran by influencers, A & R’s, DJ’s, Producers, etc. Even if there’s someone running it thats currently not major, its a big possibility that they become someone in the industry eventually and networking and building relationships is the key to success, so please don’t disregard the smaller outlets/people! When your submitting content for posting heres some tips to keep in mind.

First, don’t attach files even if your submitting for premier
Make the subject of your email interesting, but to the point
Don’t beg for it and look desperate
If your doing a blast to multiple emails BCC them
You don’t have to brag about being next up, thats an opinion
Every blog has a different process for posting. Ask them theirs
If possible submit one link to promote
Structure the email neat and clean for easy transfer (Don’t forget social media)
Don’t get mad that they want a few dollars if you want on their site
Submit new shit thats nothing past 30 days from the release
Don’t forget a few good quality images to use for the post
Repost, Share, Comment, Like, Favorite, etc
Don’t forget to thank them and stay in contact
Keep building that relationship


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