Zane Davis – Trophysounds

Bronx, NY’s own Zane Davis has been using music as a tool to express himself and escape reality for years now. It started as a youth, when he found a role model in Harlem World’s Ma$e. 
Zane started making music in 2010 and recently has taken it more seriously. With the help of his manager, Zane has been more driven than ever before and has kept a steady flow of singles coming, inciting a buzz that isn’t dying down anytime soon and is only getting bigger.
 His latest work comes today in his new, long-awaited EP, “TROPHYSOUNDS.” Featuring the emcee’s latest singles “WOAH” and “HBH,” the new EP keeps it short and sweet with 8 tracks, just enough to leave a lasting impression on new fans and have them ready and waiting for more.

Twitter: @zanedaviss

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