Fresh Rebel Muzik and EMPIRE’s youngest female star, Fourteen-year-old Houston native, That Girl Lay Lay, is excited to announce the debut of her brand new weekly YouTube series “Living My Dream,” today, April 2. 
Watch it here.
Lay Lay takes her unicorns on a journey through her life experiences showing how she lives her dream while inspiring young people to pursue whatever their hearts desire. In addition to being the youngest person to start a label, it was recently announced that Lay Lay also has inked a deal with Nickelodeon for a new series named after her.

In case you missed her rise to stardom, “Living My Dream” shows Lay Lay’s growth from IG fame to superstar status. 

Lay Lay states, “All this happened so fast! One day I was rapping in the car, and the next thing you know, I’m signed to Nickelodeon, I’m on Wild’ N Out, I’m on Ellen… but for now I’m going to take ya’ll to the beginning of how all of this happened.”

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