After blowing up on Tiktok earlier this year with his unofficial song remixes of ‘Lucid Dreams’, Seattle native AR has dropped hits with hundreds of thousands of streams such as ‘Equipped’, ‘Leavin’ Earth’, and  ‘Okay!’. This new single of his is much anticipated by his fan base and has already peaked the interest of new listeners with this new, diverse style.

It makes sense that AR is influenced by artists such as Juice Wrld, Iann Dior, Travis Scott, and Young Thug, as you can hear the influence of these artists mixed in together to create this sound AR puts his own twist on to create his own unique style on this track. ‘All I Know’ is an Alternative Emo Hip-Hop song that listeners of artists such as Juice Wrld, Iann Dior, and Lil Peep will come to enjoy.

Although he is a newer artist to the rap scene, his diversity and style of rapping is enough to continue to push him upwards and onwards the ladder to stardom.

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