Lambo – “Keep Steppin”

Recently Northeast Ohio rapper Lambo released his visual for his new song,“Keep Steppin.” Following up his previously successful records” Lambo continues to deliver street ready music with an appeal to masses. 

Keep Steppin is just how I was feeling, the mood that I was in.  I wanted to start the Summer off with something big and this is that record,” Lambo said. “I’m ready to continue releasing music, I want to do another tape and we got more music videos coming out this Summer. We’re going to keep the content coming and make sure that people know who we are.”

In the @then8brhood shot music video Lambo smokes out while he’s surrounded by motorcycles and souped up race cars. 

“Keep Steppin” is currently available on Spotify, Apple, Tidal and other service providers, but aside from this single, Lambo has stayed busy working on a full-length album to continue  push his movement well beyond just Cleveland of Northeast Ohio. 

“I’m just trying to campaign and promote the music and build a movement, not just in Cleveland, but the whole Ohio and even further. You know, keep building and getting bigger,” Lambo said. “I’ve been working in the studio recording so I got a variety of songs I can choose from,  That’s what I’m working on now. What’s the next move? And making sure everything that I drop is hard.”

Keeping the fans on his mind and making sure to always connect with the streets, Lambo vows to keep pushing the content to fans.  

“I’ma keep pushing out good music and content, thank you to the fans for the support!

AGS Drops Collector Coin, The First Cryptocurrency for Collectors

AGS, Inc. announced the launch of Collector Coin, the first cryptocurrency for collectors. They made the announcement at Collect-a-Con, an event focused on trading cards, sports cards, comics, video games, toys, and more in Frisco, Texas, this past weekend.

AGS offers automated grading services to instantly add and grade any Pokemon card with machine learning technology through their mobile app. The app is currently in beta testing.

“Humans are prone to error. Computers are not. We believe grading cards should be an exact science. Current grading services are inaccurate, expensive, and extremely slow,” said Gary Haase, aka The Pokemon King. “Our team has created a scanning system that can provide valuable data about the card being graded. We have developed software to analyze the data from our scanners that will give each card a 99.99% accurate grade. We know that card grading will be done by computers eventually. We are doing it now.”

Collector Coin has also launched a cryptocurrency that goes hand-in-hand with collecting. Collector Coins will become the new standard method to buy, sell, and trade collectibles. The current collectibles market is an estimated $370 billion. In the collectible market, proving authenticity and verifying ownership is vitally important. Smart contracts on the blockchain allow collectors to authenticate and prove ownership of collectibles. This validation of provenance helps to scale transparency to the collectibles market.

Collector Coins have a total supply of 1 billion coins. The original minting was 100 million Collector Coins. The remainder of the coins will be minted at fixed rates over the next ten years. Every quarter, AGS will spend 25 percent of profits to buy back Collector Coins from the open market, rewarding holders by driving up the token price and providing continued liquidity of the Collector Coin.

Collector Coin is built on the Binance Smart Chain, the largest and fastest-growing crypto ecosystem. Twenty percent of the tokens were given to the founding team, 25 percent will be awarded to RoboGrading users. Fifteen percent of the token are reserved for new investors and AGS, and buyers from public exchanges such as Binance and Pancake Swap. Twenty-five percent will be awarded to users of the AGS database, and 15 percent will be held in reserve and used to grow the Collector Coin economy or be given to developers and employees of the Collector Coin foundation, a non-profit organization to build and scale Collector Coin.

Collector Coin holders also receive VIP service for RoboGrading on the AGS mobile app. In addition, they will get faster and cheaper pricing and have access to premium features based on their account tier.

The company is focused on Pokemon cards at this launch stage. However, as the coin matures, AGS envisions introducing the machine learning validation process to other collectors’ items worldwide.

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Laudiano Delivers Barrage Of Hits Via His ‘2Notorious’ Album

Mid-City-bred artist-producer Laudiano started off 2021 with bang.

Now, following his work with artists such as Drakeo The Ruler, and viral San Pedro rapper Remble this year, Laudiano delivered his 11-track 2Notorious album last month featuring 1TakeJay, Big Sad 1900, and countless other L.A. rising stars last month.

Laudiano has also notably orchestrated hits for L.A.’s top-tier rap talent in 2021, such as Atlantic Records’ signee $uede’s “I’m Back” and Drakeo The Ruler’s “Hang With The Ops.”

Stream Laudiano’s 2Notorious album below.

Bettie Gang Twins Talk Forthcoming Album, & Plans For The Future Following New “I Did It” Single

Bettie Gang Twins are double trouble in all of the right ways. Hailing from the “Windy City” of Chicago, IL they are holding it down for the female emcees rising to the forefront of music. On their latest single “I Did It” the two emcees show off their superstar qualities in a sonically and lyrically appealing manner. They are definitely the next stars brewing out of Chicago.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the Bettie Gang Twins for candid convo discuss their plans for the future, challenges in the industry, and their forthcoming coming album Boss talk 2 on One. Check out the full interview below.

Bettie Gang Twins Interview

Where are y’all from and how’d did y’all first fall in love with music?

We are from the Westside of Chicago, K Town. We started rapping when we were 9 years old and were inspired by up and coming artists in our neighborhood at the time and we thought we would fit in with the industry.

How did your stage name the Bettie Gang Twins come about?

Our mothers name is Bettie. We were originally the “Baddest Twins” but after our mother was killed we decided to keep her name alive by being “the Bettie Gang Twins” Gang is also not like a street gang meaning, its an acronym it means “Gather awareness now globally” 

What are some of the most memorable moments in ya’ll career so far?

We love to perform for everyone. It’s a thrill to meet our fans. 

What have been some challenges?

These haters and trying to find people who are genuine and arent here to use us but rather help us succeed. 

What are you looking forward to in the coming year?

We are looking forward to our new project and dropping new music videos. 

What blessings came out of the pandemic for the Bettie Gang Twins?

Meeting our managers Andre U.R.L Williams and DJ K Yung. 

What was the first piece of music that Bettie Gang Twins bought for yourself and what was the medium?

SGezzy: Chief Keef – Finally Rich – CD
LBezzy: T.I. Paper Trail and T.I. vs Tip – CD

What’s at the top of Bettie Gang Twins professional bucket to perform at?

SGezzy: Rolling Loud and the Grammys
LBezzy: The Grammys 

How did y’all  hometown/city shape who the Bettie Gang Twins are?

Growing up was rough where we live, because it was the hood, and surrounded by drugs, violence, and gangs. We definitely a product of the windy streets of Chicago.

What’s the last song you listened to?

SGezzy: Mello Rackz – Diamonds 
LBezzy: Moneybagg Yo – I got time to day

If y’all could see any artist in concert dead or alive who could it be?

SGezzy: Gucci Mane
LBezzy: Moneybagg 

What’s one thing that even your most devoted fans don’t know about Bettie Gang Twins?

We are loyal to the people who are loyal to us and big hearted and will give the shirt off our back but dont take the kindness for weakness.

If you were not a musician, what would you be?

SGezzy: fashion stylist or model 
LBezzy: interior decorater or hair dresser

What are Bettie Gang Twins currently working on?

We are currently promoting our single Big Homie and looking forward to the release of our new album “Boss talk 2 on One”.

What advice would y’all have for anyone who wants to join the music industry?

SGezzy: Make sure you have the right team. A team that believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Surround yourself with a team that pushes you to your fullest potential. 

LBezzy: If you’re gonna do it – go all in

Press play below to stream the Bettie Gang Twins latest single “I Did It” and follow them on social media @bettiegangtwins.

Boslen Drops New Video For “QUARTZ” Featuring Charmaine

Vancouver-bred alt-hip-hop newcomer Boslen shares the ferocious video for “QUARTZ.” Featuring Zimbabwe-born rapper Charmaine“QUARTZ” is the third single released from Boslen’s forthcoming debut album DUSK to DAWN, due out later this year. Watch the Natasha Dion directed and produced video HERE. The video showcases the new Canadian wave with the upcoming artists cruising in their luxurious cars putting on for both Vancouver and Toronto.

Lil Yachty Releases New Single “Love Music”

Lil Yachty has shared his newest track “Love Music” via Quality Control / Motown. The laid-back single is his first release following his highly praised Michigan Boy Boat mixtape. On “Love Music” the ever-versatile rapper takes a turn from the rapid-fire, off kilter delivery of his latest body of work. The track yet againdemonstrates a new side of Yachty backed by alt-pop production, showcasing his melodic prowess and story-telling abilities. The release is accompanied by a visualizer of the single’s artwork.

Big Jade Shares “Pressed” Video, Along With Chopped & Screwed Version of Pressure

Fierce, defiant, and outrageously talented, Beaumont’s Big Jade is Texas to the core. Partaking in one of Texas’s most venerable hip-hop traditions, Jade shares a Chopped & Screwed version of Pressureher debut album. Employing the talents of Houston’s DJ Michael Watts, the founder of H-Town’s legendary Swishahouse RecordsPressure (Chopped & Screwed by Michael Watts) slows down and stretches out the album’s ten songs, placing an even greater emphasis on Jade’s tough-talking bars and making her voice even more commanding than it already was. Remixed with the renowned Swishahouse precision, the latest version of Pressure further establishes Jade’s bonafides as the Lone Star State’s rising rap queen.

Along with the Chopped & Screwed version of Pressure, Jade shares “Pressed,” her latest video from the original album. Produced by BeatKing, “Pressed” finds Jade taking aim at those who pretend to be tough on social media, but wouldn’t dare stand up to Jade in person: “You don’t want to see Big Jade bust/Call my ratchet b*tches up, make it hard for b*tches to stand up.” The song features an appearance from Houston’s OMB Bloodbath, who describes their perfect woman in great detail. Directed by Trill Art, the video demonstrates Jade’s power in East Texas, captivating a bus full of students with her bars and her demeanor.

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Jay Loud x Ty Dolla $ign “Need It Back” Music Video

Emerging artist Jay Loud enlists Ty Dolla $ign for his R&B-tinged new single “Need It Back,” out now via Taj King Ent/Art Club International/Asylum Records. On the sleek track, the 21-year-old rapper/singer reclaims his power after a failed relationship. The emotional music video, helmed by JVisuals312, depicts the complexities of love, karma and starting over. A few years ago, Jay Loud traveled to Washington state with a one-way bus ticket and an unwavering desire to begin a new chapter. A chance meeting with Seattle entertainment mogul Taj King landed Jay his first studio session and would chart the course for his music career. Since that life-altering session, Jay has blessed fans with a string of buzzworthy releases including 2019’s Nap Town, accumulating over 1.2 million streams upon its release. His latest project Deep End delves deeper into his R&B roots and positions Jay Loud as one of 2021’s new artists to watch. Stream Deep End here.

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