283 Vlog: Episode 1! ( Shot By : 283FREDDY )

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Being different and setting yourself apart from everybody else is maybe not such a bad thing. Watch two “real” brothers from Savannah, GA on their journey to drop their first EP “We’re Brothers”. 283 compose of Bear and Deagle that are both perfect opposites to create their new sound. Since the best recognizes the best, an aspiring cameraman that now goes by the name of 283Freddy, saw the potential in the duo and wanted to become a part of their success by capturing nothing but greatness with their new wave. As they get ready to drop their ep, they do a couple of interviews such as Be100 Radio, Georgia Media Agency but also run into some special guests such as Kap G, Young Scooter just to name a few. Despite their busy schedules, they take a break from promotion to do exclusive performances although the EP isn’t released just yet. This is just a small sample of what happens in a day in the life of 283.

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