93FEETOFSMOKE featuring Kamiyada+. New Single “Oh Nah Oh Nah”

Sending you the newest single from 93FEETOFSMOKE featuring Kamiyada+. Called “Oh Nah Oh Nah” via Photo Finish Records, the singletouches upon themes of integrity and character, and the consequences that extreme avoidance can have on interpersonal relationships. 

“Oh Nah Oh Nah” is an energetic sonic hybrid, sitting at the crossroads of alternative rock, hyperpop, EDM and trap metal. The composition of the track features harmonic vocal skramz, pitched up acoustic guitars, and bouncy electric guitar leads flying at 1000 MPH over top of new age Drum & Bass inspired production. “Oh Nah” takes the listener on a roller coaster of dynamic peaks and valleys corresponding with a range of soft vocal deliveries to full blown screaming by the climatic end of the track brandishing intense backup vocals from legendary trap metal artist “Kamiyada”.

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