A Room Full Of Mirrors Are The Next Stars Of HIPHOP Following New “Money Bags” Visual EP Under The Direction of TDE’s Punch

A Room Full Of Mirrors have officially released their highly anticipated Money Bags EP under the direction of TDE president Punch . Comprised of rising superstars Daylyt, Nick Grant, Lyric Michelle, Ichiban Don, Billymaree, Jrias Law, Earlee Riser, Hari, and Punch himself, the group have put together an impressive array of lyrically conscious driven songs that speak to their true artistry and raw creatively. As this release is actually a visual EP, Punch’s vision to create a bodywork with some of his closest friends and musical confidants has come full A just in time for the holiday season.

Debuting “Money Bags” at a private listening viewing party in Compton last month, Lyric Michelle made her directorial debut as shp wrote and directed the visual EP that is inspired by Quentin Tarantino’s 1992 hit film Reservoir Dogs. Her skills as a spit firing lyricist, and trendsetter allows her to tell a story from a unique perspective that is resonating with the masses. As the crew suits up to prepare for a robbery you candidly hear a copious amount of lyrically conscious bars and punchlines that create a unique viewing experience for anyone who is an enthusiast of REAL HIPHOP.

The fact that they created an entire visual album to accompany the actual audio EP release is beyond genius because it allows fans and listeners to see and hear how musically talented each individual artist is. It also gives us a deeper insight into the mastermind behind a lot of TDE’s albums and artists, which is Punch. As Hari produced each single featured on and in Money Bags, you can expect to hear ARFOM debut single “Mirrors” along with the fan favorites “Woah” and namesake “Money Bags”.

Daylyt’s raw lyricism and leadership, mixed with Nick Grant’s insane use of metaphors makes it easy for the legend Ichiban Don who annihilates all of his verses alongside his counterparts. Throwing in Lyric Michelle and Billymaree gives diversity to the collective as Billy is an angelic R&B/Soul artist who dabbles in rap and Lyric is a female lyricist who always holds it down for the lady spitters in the game. Jrias and Earlee’s high IQ for music shows as their voices and word choices mesh well with everyone else like a symphonic band. This collective shines the most on track 2 titled “Woah” which embodies the real talent of each individual artist. 

Punch is creating the next wave of superstars with A Room Full Of Mirrors. Stream their new visual Money Bags EP below. 

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