AjTheFlannelGOD Talks New ”BeautifulLady” Music Video

Atlanta based emcee AjTheFlannelGOD is kicking his career into full gear. Coming fresh off the release of his “BeautifulLady” music video, he is proving that the art of chivalry is not dead. Since signing with the independent label 93 Supreme out of ATL, FlannelGOD visibility in the music industry has grown along with his budding fanbase.

To ensure the success of this release he tapped label owner and fellow rapper Tron Sagas as the featured guest artist in the “BeautifulLady” music video and single. The two came together to showcase not only the unity among the label, but also the importance of supporting each other’s music endeavors on the way to the top.

I had the pleasure of interviewing AjTheFlannelGOD to talk about his new music video, signing to 93 Supreme and what he has in the works next. See the full interview below and get to know this rising rap star a little bit better.

AjTheFlannelGOD Interview 

Who is AjTheFlannelGOD?

AjTheFlannelGOD is a mode that I step into . Pretty much an alter ego. He is a more confident and outgoing version of myself.

How did you come up with that name and why did you decide to use it as your rap name?

I came up with the name back in high school when I was in Detroit. I was wearing a lot of flannels and button ups at the time and one of my homies was trying to roast me about it. For some reason I replied “I’m the FlannelGod” and have no idea where it came from. It has stuck with me ever since. 

How did growing up in Detroit impact your decision to pursue a career in music?

I only stayed in Detroit until I was about 6 or 7 before I moved to Atlanta. However, I listen to alot of artists based out in Detroit as well as an artist in Atlanta, and kind of blended both styles together for certain songs of mine.

Who are some of your music influences that you look up to? 

Some of music influences include Kanye West, Childish Gambino , Tobi Lou and XXXtentacion.

What was the inspiration behind your new “BeautifulLady”music video?

The inspiration behind the video came to me while I was watching the Five Heartbeats. I have always wanted to do a video that kind of put people in the mind of the Temptations/New Edition type of vibe. I had this hidden desire of being in a group so this video gave me a chance to live that out in the most creative way possible.

Talk a little bit about your most recent project Love Is War.

Love Is War is a very special album to me. I had a lot of personal things happening while putting the album together and all of that really helped me make this amazing body of work. I feel like this album is really me stepping into that mode of an artist and marks the beginning of all the other amazing things that I set out to do.

How has life been for you since signing to 93 Supreme?

Life is good . I really feel like I found a tribe with 93. Everyone feels like family to me. Not just the artists but everyone involved with the label to be honest.

What has it been like working with Tron Sagas?

Tron is my guy ! He plays a big role in everything that is currently happening and I will always appreciate him for that . He’s a great mentor to me. Not just music stuff but life in general. He is family to me.

What can we expect next from you?

Plenty of videos are in the works, along with the deluxe version for Love Is War which will feature about 10 new songs . A lot of exciting things are in motion right now that I cannot really speak on at this moment but I am also working another album titled HAPPYSADAF. I said Love Is War the album of the year but “HAPPYSADAF “ will be album of the decade.

How can readers stay in contact with you?

Readers can stay in contact with me on all my socials @ajtheflannelgod on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube & Tik Tok . Stream “ Love Is War” on all streaming platforms as well.

Press play below to stream AjTheFlannelGOD’s ”BeautifulLady” visual.

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