Alamo Records’ Brickboydior revels in his come up on new single “Dreams & Nightmares” – Stream Here

Known for his big banger hooks, Brickboydior took a new approach on “Dreams & Nightmares” by offering a mix of flows without an apparent hook through the 3 minute track – but don’t think this song doesn’t hit. The West Palm Beach native’s raspy voice pierces through a dramatic piano and strings beat as he guides listeners through his dreams and nightmares on his way to the top. Detailing an introspective look at his recent rise, how his world is changing and motivation to keep pushing, he raps, “I used to pray for times like this, to ride like this / it just took some time / so I had to take my chances and earn this sh*t / put my foot in the door, now it’s mine.” Brickboydior’s delivery is strong and heartfelt and his variety of flows offers a testament to his skilled ability to slice any beat. Keep an eye out for a “Dreams & Nightmares” video coming soon!

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