ATL Rapper Slimelife Shawty Can’t Be Messed With In His “Freestyle” Video

Known for his heartfelt lyrics and addictive melodies, Slimelife Shawty stands out among the rest in the Atlanta hip hop scene. Showing a side of him that shouldn’t be played with, Slimelife shares “Freestyle,” a new Diesel Filmz-directed video. The video features Slimelife spray painting inside of an old warehouse and on the clothing of a hostage he has taken as he spits fire on the trap beat. Flashing his Nike Dunks, Slimelife closes out the song with a message to his enemies, “Middle fingers up, I ain’t throwin’ no peace sign / F*** them boys for life.” Always ending up on top, Slimelife proves that he will take what he wants by any means necessary.

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