Audiomack, known for their incredible live performances with notable names throughout the industry, taps the Islands this time with a pleasant showcase from Jamaica’s Alkaline in a series called Fine Tuned. He brings his usual bravado and unique musical talents to the stage.

Accompanied by the guitarist, Alkaline gleefully blesses the mic with an eerie and emotionally charged rendition of “Cree.” Smooth riffs and the gritty voice of the artist pleases the ear like few live performances can! 

To best describe the performance, it’s like watching birds fly away on a pleasant beach. You feel sudden emotion but in the most laidback of ways, and it’s welcomed. The immaculate Audiomack visual effects don’t overpower the performance, and it adds the flavor of the digital media powerhouse to the set. 

Be on the lookout for more live performances from Audiomack; they set the bar higher and higher with each one. You may view the latest one via YouTube.

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