Las Vegas Native Kiari Stone Turns In His Festive New Single, “Summerlin Hoes”

In every major city around every state in the country, there is an area of rich kids who live by their own set of rules. In Las Vegas, that area was Summerlin for a long time. A upper-middle class suburb that sits 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, Summerlin is home to the wealthy kids who’s actions in high school weren’t as monitored as others. For the rest of the city, this meant taking advantage of them, and their parties, leading to some memorable fun not possible a few miles north. Hailing from that area in the north, rising Las Vegas artist Kiari Stone checks in with his engaging homage to this notion, “Summerlin Hoes.”

Serving as the first single of the year, Kiari Stone returns with his energetic, high-octane single, “Summerlin Hoes.” Paying homage to an upscale suburban outset of Las Vegas, Summerlin is known for being home to some of the city’s richest and most powerful people. Coincidentally, the area is also known as one of the most festive local locations in the city as the heirs of those rich and powerful people have been known to have a bit of fun while they work. Produced by UliCookUp, “Summerlin Hoes,” perfectly captures the fleeting feelings of angst, anxiousness and joy that come with a high-octane, unpredictable night of partying with some Summerlin women.

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Kiari Stone.

Get Familiar With Austin Geller & His Reflective New Single, “Boring Life”

Though life is a gift, it’s far from easy, and sometimes that notion smacks us right in the face. While many of us just want to make our younger selves happy of our progress–which is inherently impossible unless you had no imagination as a kid or you’re BALLIN’ now–there comes a time where many of us look in the mirror and start reassessing how we feel about our current status. Hailing from Los Angeles, rising vocalist Austin Geller touches on this topic poignantly with his engaging new single, “Boring Life.”

Set to the tone of fast paced guitar riffs and infectious drum patterns, “Boring Life,” finds Geller evaluating an earlier self, reflecting on life playing out in unexpected ways. It explores the questioning and acceptance of shifting goals, interests, and phases in our lives as we progress and grow individually. Showcasing impressive vocal range and a knack for melodic progression, perhaps the greatest quality of this record is the sense of empathy in the lyrics. With such a relatable topic on hand, it’s easy to see this record making an emotional connection with listeners.

Be sure to take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Austin Geller, who’s new EP, Going Nowhere Fast, releases in July.

New Jersey Rapper Neilan Dolan Drops Off His Festive New Video For, “How Many.”

Since 2022 has started, rising rapper Neilan Dolan has been hard at work. Hailing from Jersey, the East Coast native now finds himself in Los Angeles, which is sure to breed different creative results due to location and cultural influences. Taking this notion to heart, he recently released his well-received project, Forever Focused which spawned a handful of fan-favorites. Looking to take advantage of the response, he checks into our pages with the engaging new video to one of those standouts, “How Many.”

Buoyed by a great understanding of autotune and a charismatic presence, “How Many,” is an engaging video that finds Dolan pondering over a list of different topics. On the top of his mind, though, is women, with the chorus–and song as a whole–revolving around the age-old riddle, “How many b****es can I fit in this coupe?” Showcasing impressive cadence structures and a stout pen, Neilan does a wonderful job of enhancing the vibe brought forth from the video. Directed by Shangaii, the visual finds Dolan in a house with one woman, draped in heavy effects, before switching over to a few fun scenes of him with multiple women driving around Los Angeles, seemingly answering the aforementioned question.

Take a peek at the video below and be sure to get familiar with Neilan Dolan.

Northern California Rapper 4toda5to Returns With His Action-Packed New Mixtape, ‘THIS Might Never B 4 U’

Prior to the last decade, one of the most popular practices in Hip-Hop was rhyming over other people’s hit records. For most of the time, it was a way for rising artists to allow the public to hear them over mainstream production, while for others, it was a way around label woes. Hailing from Richmond, California, 4toda5to falls in the former category, as he’s spent the last few months on a tear to establish himself as one to watch. Taking things a step further, he borrows some popular beats for his engaging new mixtape, THIS Might Never Be 4 U.

Clocking in at 8-tracks, THIS Might Never B 4 U finds the Richmond native rhyming over a handful of industry beats, harkening back to a time where artists jumped on mainstream instrumentals to promote upcoming releases. Throughout the project, he recruits Fastlane P8.24 and more as they rip through instrumentals from Cashmoney APEmkayHitmaka and more at a rapid rate. Taking advantage of the fast pace set from the production, 4toda5to absolutely positions himself as the leader, showcasing a slick confidence that pairs well with his poise on the mic. Serving as the standout, “Dumpin,” perhaps showcases these qualities the best, as he realizes some of his rapid potential in real time.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with 4toda5to.

Ohio Native Copywrite Checks In With His Long Awaited Project, ‘The High Exhaulted II’

Columbus, Ohio rapper Copywrite has returned with a new album called The High Exhaulted II,
the sequel to his 2002 debut The High Exhaulted. Across his prolific discography, the
underground veteran has consistently pairs sharply-crafted lyricism with layered, versatile
production. On his latest release, he delivers powerful verses with intense, focused delivery atop
infectious instrumentals from Mondee, D1, the late great Camu Tao, and more that combine
diverse influences and keep it fresh throughout.

The High Exhaulted II beings with the epic, grand “Cold Turkey Leftovers“, which finds Copy
delivering commanding verses and flexing his lyrical prowess as he weaves together dynamic
rhyme patterns. The production here is expansive and textural, with raw keys, head-nodding
percussion and heavy bass. Next, “The Lah” follows with ethereal, mercurial production
featuring surreal guitars and vibrant keyboards. This song finds his verses confident and focused,
with sleek lines that draw the listener into this song’s layered sound.

The memorable and engaging “Spoiler Alert/ Have U Cena?” finds him sending shots at wrestler
John Cena, who he accuses of stealing his lyrics for Cena’s music. Atop intense production
featuring metallic synths and pounding drums, he delivers piercing lines, before a surprise beat
switch takes the energy up even further, as he dissects the situation with Cena through poignant
bars. “White Sean Price” provides another project highlight, with warm, layered samples made
up of graceful vocals and guitars ringing out atop a gritty drum loop that Copy flows atop with
assured ease. The Vordul Mega-assisted “Maintain” is potent and emotive, as it finds the two
rappers dissecting societal problems atop wintery, spirited production. Lastly, the LP finishes
with “Silence“, a pensive track that contains thought-provoking pianos and textural drums which
underscore Copy’s strongly evocative vocal performance.

Released on Man Bites Dog Records, The High Exhaulted II showcases some powerful, well-
crafted vocals from Copy, and finds him as sharp as he’s ever been. With potent, thoughtful verses and raw, enticing production, this is an engaging album that combines a variety of sonic
influences from hip-hop’s underground into a cohesive, exciting blend.


Over the last 2 years, artists have had to find different ways to adjust to the world around them when everybody’s plans for releases and touring were abruptly stopped by the pandemic. For some, their momentum completely shuttered while for others, the time at home provided the opportunity to creatively shine. Hailing from Richmond, California, rising rapper 4toda5to firmly falls under the latter category, as he utilized the pandemic to release a steady stream of singles that cultivated an impressive following. Looking to keep the momentum flowing, he returns and unleashes his engaging new video for, “P84.”

Produced by Drew Banga and James Delgado, “P84,” is a fast paced, aggressively charged record that highlights everybody’s sheer abilities to rap. Taking advantage of tailor made production that fits like a glove, 4toda5to and featured guests 8.24 and Fastlane P take turns attacking the beat with confidence and a calm, steady poise that almost makes you forget what they’re talking about. Over the 2-and-a-half-minute video, the trio compliment the rhymes with an equal amount of chemistry on screen, as they pass the mic between each other and dance in front of yellow police tape covered walls. Directed by Free Kev Black and AdamKG, the video does a brilliant job of bringing the aggressively charged record to life.

With the year just getting started, now would be the right time to get familiar with 4toda5to and company. To get started, check out the video below and get hip.

Canadian Artists PEAK, Shally Rehal & KULTARGOTBOUNCE Connect For Their Infectious New Single, “Outlaw”

Ever since the beginning of Hip-Hop, Latin culture has always been a major influence on the ebbs and flows of the genre. Throughout the years, that influence has only grown and over the last few years, Latin Trap has brought forth the evolution of bilingual rappers to the mainstream. Hailing from Canada, rising artists PEAKShally Rehal and KULTARGOTBOUNCE have benefited from this notion, as they’re style of meshing sounds and cultures has awarded them a substantial fanbase. Looking to take it further, they check in with their engaging new collaboration, “Outlaw.”

On “OUTLAW”, they lean upon their individual strengths to create an enticingly cohesive package, with infectious production from KULTARGOTBOUNCE, and vibrant, sharply-crafted vocals
from PEAK and Rehal. This is a track that uniquely combines influences from international music cultures, as two sides of Indian-Canadian music are blended together with an infectious English R&B hook by PEAK and smooth Punjabi vocals on the verses from Rehal. A resonant, versatile track from PEAK, Shally Rehal, and KULTARGOTBOUNCE, “OUTLAW” further proves that they are rising artists to keep a close eye on coming out of Canada.

Be sure to check out the single below and get familiar with the trio.

Get Familiar With New Jersey Emcee DZH & His Impressive New Project, ‘Dante’s Inferno’

DZH | 'Dante's Inferno' - Rap Fiesta

Despite the current climate of mainstream Hip-Hop releases that are talked about the most, lyrical rap is more than alive and well in more places than just the underground. Thanks to streaming services and the internet in general, music is more vast than it’s ever been and there are sounds and sub-genres for any and everybody. Coming from New Jersey, rising rapper DZH has benefited from this refocused attitude from listeners, as his style of lyrically charged rap has started to hit the forefront of the masses. Looking to take things a step further, he checks in with his impressive new project, Dante’s Inferno.

Right from the start, Dante’s Inferno displays remarkably quick-witted wordplay and a commanding flow that entirely absorbs the listener’s attention. Opener, “Inferno,” sets the stone and showcases what makes DZH such a captivating emcee from a technical perspective, while tracks like, “1999,” and “Relying On Me,” slow the pace down take on a more introspective mood, exhibiting his skills as an overall songwriter. Across the album, DZH’s performance is engagingly versatile, and he shows he can hang with the best of them when it comes to flow and wordplay.

In all, Dante’s Inferno does a great job of showcasing the Jersey’s natives strengths as an artist. Take a listen to the project below and get familiar for yourself.

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