Seattle Rapper Wranq Ramone Turns In His Reflective New Project, ‘Sex, Drugs & Therapy’

Despite us starting to see the other side of the pandemic, the effects from being pulled away from human interaction are starting to show. For many, the world opening up is a reason to rejoice, while for some, learning how to reintegrate into society has became quite depressive. Looking for ways to relieve the pain, people have turned to their respective ways of coping, leading to self-reflective journeys for many. Hailing from Seattle, rising rapper Wranq Ramone knows all about this journey as he checks into our pages with his engaging new project, Sex, Drugs & Therapy.

Clocking in at 23-minutes, Sex, Drugs & Therapy is a reflective body of work that see’s Wranq venting through the frustrations on some songs, while on others, he’s looking to turn up through it all. Showcasing an authenticity that has endeared him to his growing fanbase, he leaves no stone unturned as he actively highlights his versatility on records like, “Temptation,” and, “Bloodline,” the latter of which is a poignant tale about loyalty and betrayal over engaging production from Legal Remedy. With limited features from Jango and Mr. HentviiSex, Drugs & Therapy sees the Seattle native utilizing the project to get some things off his chest and showcase his arsenal, which is only getting more vast from project to project.

Sin City Vocalist Maejoy Returns With Her Engaging New Single, “Dark Side”

Staying consistent with your releases and content is without a doubt one of the most effective ways to build a fanbase. Hailing from Las Vegas, rising songwriter Maejoy understands this notion perfectly, as she’s spent 2022 releasing a steady stream of singles both solo and with her band, The Noir Movement. Looking to keep the streak alive, she returns to our pages with her infectious new single, “Dark Side.”

Produced by Jeremy Elises, “dark side,” is a lyrically engaging record that finds Maejoy infectiously showcasing her talents over the uptempo, synth-led production from Elises. Rather than highlighting her vast vocal range, she opts to mostly stay in pocket throughout the record, impressively allowing more focus on her lyrics, which paint a very poignant picture. Speaking to a lover, she croons about not feeling her best recently while starting to feel the fatigue of everyday life. With this bringing out a not so sunny side of her, she’s hoping her partner can bring some light to a dim time.

Miami Vocalist A-D Drops Off His Infectious New Single, “Lovesong.mp3”

In 2022, there are infinite ways to separate yourself from the pack as an artist and start to gain notoriety due to the ease of what the internet provides. Despite that, the best way to separate yourself and stay relevant is and has always been to make undeniable music at a solid pace. Hailing from Miami, rising artist A-D understands this perfectly, as he’s spent most of 2022 releasing engaging singles at a rapid pace. Looking to keep the streak alive, he checks into our pages for the first time with his new single, “Lovesong.mp3

Actively highlighting his abilities as a songwriter, “Lovesong.mp3″‘s production is colorful and emotive, containing swelling samples, rich keys, and an infectious bass-line that draw the listener deeply into the song’s atmosphere. Atop the poignant instrumentation, A-D weaves together melodies that are immersive and sharply written, showcasing his aforementioned songwriting prowess.

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with A-D.

Get Familiar With Rising Collective Divert & Their Engaging New Single, “feeling you out”

Fast-rising music group Divert have shared a new single called “feeling you out”. Ran by Jon Savona, the Divert collective includes talented artists TOPFLOORWAXGhetto Guitar, and Prod Jai, who are featured on this track. “feeling you out” is a poignant, genre-bending track that showcases that this is a group worthy of paying attention to. 

“feeling you out,” blends genres for a refreshing, idiosyncratic offering. With a driving bass-line that draws influence from punk that pairs with crisp, trap-influenced percussion and raw guitars, the instrumental on “feeling you out” is electrifying and addictive. A highlight is the track’s vocals, with each artist showcasing kinetic chemistry as they trade versatile yet cohesive verses. Packed full with commanding, memorable melodies that blend elements of punk, hip-hop, pop, and more, “feeling you out” is a song that tantalizes with its enticing, energetic sound. 

The latest from the rising music group Divert, “feeling you out” makes for a catchy, focused release. Take a listen to the single below and get familiar.

Get Hip to Las Vegas Rapper LeaninLo & His Impressive New EP, ‘The Plug’s Best Friend’

Typically known for his ability to shine bright next to stars around him, Las Vegas rapper LeaninLo has been eagerly building out an impressive catalog over the last few years. Boasting features from artists like Sada Baby, BlueBucks Clan and more, the Sin City artist has taken the fast track to gaining attention by proving his prowess next to more well-known rappers from around the country. Looking to keep the shine for himself this time, Lo’ checks into our pages with his featureless new EP, The Plug’s Best Friend.

Clocking in at 6-tracks, The Plug’s Best Friend is a deviation from the norm for LeaninLo. Typically known for his ability to snag impressive features, the Sin City rapper instead opts to be selfish and keep things to himself on this project, and rightfully so. Throughout the 14-minute runtime, Lo absolutely puts on a masterclass as he shifts through cadences at a breakneck pace, brining the engaging production to a new level. Standing out as the crown jewel of the project, “Say Grace,” finds him floating over the production from DatBoyGood as he rhymes about defying the odds in honor of those that love and believe in him.

Check out the EP below and get familiar with LeaninLo.

Rising Songstress Maejoy Turns In Her Dreamy New Video For, “Top Down”

One of the most consistent qualities you’ll find about Las Vegas artists is that either they, or their families, are often from different areas of the country, and sometimes the world. Despite this, Las Vegas carries a certain aura that encourages transplants to sew their roots and feel at home in the desert. Calling a combination of Los Angeles, Minnesota and Las Vegas home, rising singer Maejoy understands this notion perfectly, as she’s utilized her vast network to help get her music some shine. Looking to take things further, she steps into our pages for the first time with her engaging new video for, “Top Down.”

Directed by Duke Vano, the video follows Maejoy throughout downtown Las Vegas as she happily frolics through the area with her love interest. Buoyed by a nostalgic lens that drives home that classic Las Vegas feel made popular in early movies about the area, Maejoy does a wonderful job of meshing these qualities with the record itself. Produced by fellow Noir Movement member, Jeremy Elises, “Top Down,” finds Maejoy bringing together many of the qualities that have made her an artist to keep tabs on. Over euphoric drum-breaks and guitar melodies that sound enchanted, Maejoy takes her time showcasing her strong vocal range, instead starting the song placing emphasis on her lyrics. As the record progresses, she transitions from being laid-back and letting the music come to her into eagerly taking control of the melodic progression and flexing her abilities as a trained vocalist.

New York City Duo Divine ScienZe Recruit Raheem DeVaughn For Their Engaging New Single, “Cool Water”

Comprised of Brooklyn rapper ScienZe, and the Queens native producer, King I Divine, rising New York duo Divine ScienZe has been gradually creating a lane for themselves. Over the last few years, they’ve garnered acclaim through a slew of releases that have started to cut through on more than just a regional level. Looking to take things a step further, they recruit legendary vocalist Raheem DeVaughn for their infectious new single, “Cool Water.” The production on “Cool Water”, handled by King I Divine, is mesmerizing. Centered around watery keys that create a rich ambiance, moored by lively, buoyant percussion and underscored by infectious bass, the beat draws the listener into the single’s immersive atmosphere and sets the tone for ScienZe and DeVaughn’s vocal performances. ScienZe enters first and delivers potent, pensive hip-hop verses that drift smoothly a top the beat, as he weaves together dynamic rhyme patterns with ease. Then, DeVaughn follows with a chorus that lifts the track to the heavens, demonstrating his vast range and keen ear for crafting addictive melodies.Take a listen to the single below and get familiar with Divine ScienZe.

New Jersey Native DZH Unveils His Engaging New Single, “Issues”

New Jersey artist Dzh has shared a new single called, “Issues,” assisted by Ricky Walters. Following up his last project, the well-received LP Dante’s Inferno, “Issues,” continues his streak of hard-hitting, lyrically-focused offerings that balance introspective, heartfelt verses with charismatic braggadocio.

The instrumentation here is infectious and energizing, containing swirling flutes that meld with mercurial keys to create a focused atmosphere that enhances Dzh’s sharply-crafted flows. As driving 808s, and clean percussion lock in an invigorating rhythm, Dzh demonstrates his deft, flexible flows as he weaves together dazzling rhyme schemes with a crisp delivery. His clarity as a lyricist and emcee is evident, as he comes through with a barrage of lines that hit home immediately. He is followed by Ricky Walters, whose verses contrasts nicely with a more melodic-leaning flow, and Walters provides a strong follow-up.

Take a listen to the single below and get familiar.

Get Familiar With RYN SCOTT & His Engaging New Project, ‘Peaks & Valleys’

Grand Rapids, Michigan artist RYN SCOTT has shared a new album, titled Peaks and Valleys. An engaging record that bears its soul across 9 tracks that resonate with heartfelt energy, Peaks and Valleys finds Scott focusing on his strengths. Sharply-crafted lyricism that remains relatable throughout, as well as infectious, inspirational production, make up the hallmarks of this powerful record.

Opener, “Lost,” sets the tone for the LP with its uplifting piano lines and crisp percussion. As graceful violins are brought in to accent the beat and give it a layered feel, Scott delivers fast-paced vocals peppered with confessional lines that draw the listener into the project and make them invested in its message. This song transitions smoothly into, “Lose Control,” which ups the pace to adrenaline fueled levels with dramatic instrumentation that underscores Scott’s vocal performance in a sublime fashion. “To All My Demons,” featuring Crystal Rae, brings in a country and folk influence with fluttering acoustic guitars and bouncy, upbeat percussion. “Feels Like Home,” conjures a warm, reflective soundscape through its grand keys and sturdy percussion, and Scott comes through with powerful, captivating vocals that make it hard to focus on anything else. Peaks and Valleys closes with the soulful track “Noise,” which finds Scott delivering some of his most poignant vocals on the LP, closing it out on a high note.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with RYN SCOTT.

JASMINEGOLD Impresses With Their Anticipated Debut Album, ‘Serpent’

Formed by friends David Nights and KJ, rising North Florida group JASMINEGOLD has been gradually gaining traction over the last year or so through staying consistent with content on platforms like TikTok. Combining their reach on the app with a critically pleasing response to their first few singles, it’s not hard to see the train beginning to leave the tracks. Looking to accelerate their rise with their engaging new debut album, Serpent.

Clocking in at 21-minutes, Serpent separates itself from the crowd straight away with a mixture of old-school production, booming bass, glitchy synths and lush atmospheres. David Nights and KJ work their way through 13 captivating tracks as they open up about their internal struggles, with the vocals and song structures getting more fascinating and daring as the album progresses. Standout tracks include, “Backseat Driver,” and, “Broadcast,” with the later serving as the lead up single to the release of their debut.

Take a listen to the project below and get familiar with JASMINEGOLD.

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