David Shine – “Slow N*gga Melodies” (Album)

Based in New York, comedian David Shine is one of the most promising acts in comedy today. His viral hilarious social media content got in the hands of entertainment icon Nick Cannon and that led him to being on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out season 14. Visuals for songs like “Where My Studs At?,” ”Stud Love,” and “Dad Now” helped him accumulate a major amount of views and following.

He’s had appearances doing stand up comedy and being on television but he also found love in making music. Within the year 2022 he plans on dropping more music and we can expect his brash, goofy and somehow intelligent humor music style. His song and project titles are outlandish but that’s what captured the hearts of comedy fans. He has plenty of visuals on YouTube and the comment sections are always on fire. His project ‘Slow ‘N*gga Melodies’ is on streaming platforms and it definitely lives up to the hype. The song “Dusty” is a great way to start off the body of work as it perfectly demonstrates how he’s able to laugh at his pain and imperfections. David Shine just loves making people laugh and he does it effortlessly. Be on the lookout for new music from David Shine!

Link: https://music.apple.com/us/album/slow-n-gga-melodies/1617520985

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Instagram- @IamDavidshine
Twitter- IamDavidShine
Facebook- www.facebook.com/Iamdavidshine

Thouxanbanfauni – ‘Forever Figueroa 2′ (Album)

There is no doubt Thouxanbanfauni is a hip-hop favorite. The Atlanta based rapper provides that energy we all crave within music. His new project ‘Forever Figueroa 2’ is officially out on all streaming platforms and it provides everything we love about Fauni. He is transparent more than ever while providing dope flows over unforgettable production. Thouxanbanfauni is a true rebellious spirit doing things his own way. He is definitely in his bag right now going hard with the music more than ever! You can expect more releases from him throughout the year but for now, enjoy Forever Figueroa 2 and his latest music video drop of his classic “Beyond The Pines.” Be on the lookout for official FF2 visuals!

Austin Poe – Levels

Austin Poe releases his new song “Levels” produced by iznae. In the track, he demonstrates his ill rap skills over dark production. When asked the inspiration behind it he explains, “The inspiration was to drop something for the people to enjoy with a different vibe and energy compared to what’s popular out there. Also showcasing levels musically to keep you focused on seeing what the next line will be, a lyrical exercise. For hip hop fans they will enjoy this breath of fresh air!”

With the success of the clothing brand Zoony Life, the “Levels” design is one of the more popular items. It just made sense to give them “Levels” musically as well. Austin is offering a “Levels Package with T-Shirt & personal email to download the mp3 with some other cool perks/content available at www.ShopZoonyLife.com

Video: Marc Hughes Music – I’m So Sorry Bullsh*t (ISS BS)

On 3/1/22, Marc Hughes Music released his new single, “I’m So Sorry Bullsh*t (ISS BS)”. It was written after his last and final time ending a very toxic relationship. He said he wanted the tone of the song to be “Southern, Petty, and Churchy”, and he thinks he achieved that with Singer, Songwriter, and Producer, Sharod Virtuoso, and Frank Taylor of TaylorMade Records.

“I’m So Sorry Bullsh*t (ISS BS) will be on Marc’s second album that will be released the Summer of 2022. The new single is available on Itunes, Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube and all other streaming platforms.

Follow Marc Hughes Music
Tik Tok: @MarcHughesMusic85
Twitter: @MarcHughesMusic
FB: @IAmMarc

Kodie Shane – Cappin

Hitting the scene, The Young Heart-throb herself, Kodie Shane, is back with a new joint titled “Cappin” as she’s gearing up to drop yet another special project & installment to her catalog of heartfelt melodies & witty flows.

It’s clear Kodie has been catching vibes & not anything “cap” or less. A lot has transpired since we last heard from the songstress but it’s clear she’s continuing to show & prove against the boys that were amongst her in her “class” prior.

With “Cappin” being produced by the late Matty P, Kodie is focused more than ever, while at the same time taking charge an setting a solid path for herself in memory of her longtime producer and partner, Matthew Pearson aka Matty P which helped coin the nostalgic intro “This beat’s so hard”.

Kodie Shane’s Up & Coming Album is entitled “Love Roulette” & set to debut leading the summer. But for now Kodie offers up “Cappin” as an leading single, and not to mention another banger dropping 3/29, right before the month closes!!

Thouxanbanfauni Announces New Project “Forever Figueroa II”

ATL rap icon Thouxanbanfauni is always keeping new music coming. With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify, Fauni continues to prove what makes him king in the music world. In 2021, he dropped three projects so it’s safe to assume he’s going to keep that same energy in 2022. He begins the flood of dope music with his new project that’s on the way titled “Forever Figueroa II.” Fauni made the announcement via Instagram and Twitter with the tracklist and a mention that there are no features. Prepare for elite production and hard-hitting tracks! The exact release date has not been announced yet but for now, check out his latest visual and tracklist.

Willie D. Tha Kang – G.I.N. P.A.L.U.

Willie D Tha Kang returns to the scene with his single “G.I.N. P.A.L.U.”. The Jackson, Mississippi bred MC crafts a slow brooding banger for your enjoyment. Backed by a catchy hook, Willie D. Tha Kang puts you in the mind frame of a fun night out with his vivid lyricism. It’s a bit of a departure from more introspective records we’ve heard from the rapper in the past few years. In regards to the track he said the following:

“Most of my latest releases have been dark and angry. I heard this one beat from a great producer I’ve worked with for years (JP on Tha Track) & it just got my energy up again. I called Hershey Blakk and set a session for the next hour. I was drinking Monkey 47 (my favorite gin) so it was up from there. The P.A.L.U. saying comes from a close friend of mine that passed away about 15 years ago. We went awhile without linking up because I was living in Hattiesburg, Mississippi and he was in Jackson at the time. He would always smile when we linked & say “Players Always Link Up”, so that’s just something I carry with me in regards to all the friends and family I hold dear. So whilst taking shots of that gin and getting a ride to the studio, I put the track together. Back to the old me a little, just shìt talking, having fun & promoting responsible drinking.”

With warmer weather on the horizon this track is a good one to throw into your playlists. The uplifting and fun vibe is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer party scenes. Check it out now.

DYG ft. Willie D. Tha Kang – Asking

Have you ever just felt the pressure on your shoulders and had to fight how it was weighing down on you? This is the exact mind frame Dyg is on with his new release “Asking”. The single sees Dyg addressing himself and his own doubters in a manner that definitively shows he is still on his grind, even when things are looking down a bit.

Willie D. Tha Kang joins Dyg on the new track and adds to the vibe with a perfectly crafted feature. This track comes from Dyg’s 2021 project “vIBE”, which is available on all streaming services now. Peep the single below and check out the entire project if you’re liking what you hear.

Dus10 MZK – 22 Two’s X 2

One thing you always want to see from an artist as you become a fan is growth. Oftentimes for a listener, someone’s sound and subject matter can become mundane, leaving you wanting more. It’s important to keep things interesting and show your talent in multiple ways and all the greats have mastered this skill.

As Moss Point, Mississippi’s Dus10 MZK continues into year two of his journey as an MC he shows his range on a new track. Titled “22 Two’s X 2”, it showcases the ever cool persona of Dus10 in a form that’s more of a lyrical exercise. He takes a concept done by legends like Jay-Z and puts his unique flair on it. “I just really dug in and noticed no one raised the bar on a dope concept. The numbers lined up so I was like, shitttt why not do it to commemorate my 2nd year of rapping. The only thing I felt I forgot was to make the song 2:22 minutes long but I thought about it after I already sent it to the distributor. “

Helping to present his picture is producer Soy Is Real, who provides Dus10 with a soul sample-driven backdrop to get his bars off. The record comes on the heel of releases like his October 2021 debut mixtape “Invasions” and “Year One” visual. Check it out and follow him as he continues his ascent.

Trust BurnEM’ and Tah O announce their new project “New Age Black Tribe”

Trust BurnEM’ and Tah O join forces for their new joint project “New Age Black Tribe”. The LP comes as the first installment in their “The Nomadz” Universe series. Described as an album for the unit of dreamers, the sound is palpable from the beginning. From the instant hype of Track 1 “Okay” to the infinite depth of track 7 “Black”. Energies and synchronies manifested in metaphors and innuendos with BPM for all ears of music. A team of Producers with the styling of EDM/HIPHOP/R&B infused on this project set the tone immediately and don’t release pressure of the pedal. From the likes of Stevi Young, Syce Productions, Veniice and Darren Rymar. Trust BurnEM’ and Tah O really put their foot on the neck of every song. Features come from Nomadz Universe members also include Stevi Young and Negro Suave. Check out the pre-save link below and be sure to stream (https://m.soundcloud.com/kumar-jones-10995725/sets/new-age-black-tribe/s-JBa7Cxesg7Q) when it’s released on February 22nd.

Pre-save: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/thenomadz/new-age-black-tribe?fbclid=IwAR2l-Xuy-eNp2gKrFGt_bhO_4vhoZX2JhDAkAQY4XZRMuruJes5uInIEaNU

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