Grabbz Channels JAY-Z On ‘Toonies Loonies’ Single

Toronto-bred rapper entrepreneur Grabbz is taking a page from Roc Nation bossman JAY-Z’s handbook for his new release.

Showcasing his nimble lyricism while also blatantly expressing his focus on getting the bag, Grabbz educates the masses on the true value of Canadian currency on his “Toonies Loonies” single.

Energized by production from Buckroll, “Toonies Loonies” captures Grabbz flipping the meaning of small value coins into a call to action for his own hustle and feverish grind. He says when he heard the rolling Jazz-infused instrumental, he immediately thought of JAY-Z’s anthemic track “The Story Of O.J.” and let the inspiration flow from there.

Speaking from his experience as a business owner of Toronto’s premiere Grabba company, Hotgrabbz, which he established in 2014, Grabbz drops off bars stressing the importance of accumulating any and every dollar in sight.

“I want your toonies, your loonies/Your nickles and dimes/I want that multi colored paper cuz I stay on my grind,” Grabbz raps.

In addition to being featured on Master Class Radio in Canada, Grabbz single accumulated a healthy 18,000 streams on the lyric video on YouTube.

Grabbz “Toonies Loonies” follows the release of his debut single “Nasty,” which accumulated over 80,000 streams and increased his base of monthly listeners to over 14,000 followers on Spotify in under a month.

He also started off 2022 with a strong feature on Yo Gotti’s trending social media banger “Dolla fo Dolla (Remix).”

Stream “Toonies Loonies” below.

2YnG Brandon Keeps His 2022 Streak Going With Hollywood Cobain On His ’15’ Video

2YnG Brandon is going crazy with Hollywood Cobain for their teen-spirited “15” collaboration.

Shot and directed by Eric Slater, the light-hearted visual captures a priceless father-son moment as Hollywood Cobain and 2YnG Brandon bounce off each other’s energy while throwing around an insane amount of cash.

2YnG Brandon has also been on a roll this year, having already delivered a string of singles and his recent Space Money 2 album.

The release of “15” follows a strong start to 2022 for Hollywood Cobain, who recently shared the cinematic video for “What You Needed.” The track is also a part of Hollywood Cobain’s 12-song Dysphoria album which is also home to his popular deep cut “Zombie.” Hollywood Cobain previously explained how the album serves as his interpretation of heartbreak and pain through the lens of music.

Hollywood Cobain has already racked up well over one million streams with his “Playa” single and boasts production credits with artists such as EMPIRE signee J-Haze along with Texas rap legend Lil Flip.

Watch the “15” music video below.

OMGitsBeezy Reflects On Life In ‘Repentance’ Music Video

Just as 50 Cent survived a life-threatening barrage of gunfire and lived to rap about it, North Carolina rapper OMGitsBeezy has also overcome his own trauma with gun violence.

OMGitsBEEZY keeps it real and even makes peace with his shooter in his verses on “Repentance” which acknowledges his part in all of the violence.

Personifying a 2018 near-death experience in which OMGitsBEEZY, whose real name is Nicholas Murphy, was shot down in North Carolina, “Repentance” captures the icons+Giants signee recounting his thoughts the moment a bullet meant to kill him left him temporarily paralyzed instead.

The official video for the harrowing release, which is directed by Fatin “10” Horton and Woosy, also opts for a twisted and suspenseful plot capturing OMGitsBEEZY in the midst of an eery out-of-body experience as he watches his own life play out like a reality show.

“I can’t be mad because someone caught me slippin/I can’t be mad because a young nigga shot me/Cause I would’ve did it too if I was in his position/I can’t act like I ain’t been on a mission/I can’t forget bout the way I was living,” OMGitsBEEZY raps.

The release of “Repentance” initiates the start of OMGitsBEEZY’s 2022 campaign, which was already organically catapulted by the momentum he built up with his 2021 The Leaks, Vol. 2 album — the follow-up to his 2018 album of the same name.

Since he began producing his own music at 12-years-old, OMGitsBEEZY has focused on elevating his craft through a years-long process that came to a head upon the release of his breakout 2019 Boyz N The Hood project.

OMGitsBEEZY recently joined the independent record label icons + Giants, which is also home to multi-platinum artist-producer Dubba-AA, who is rolling out his artist project following his hit-making placements with rappers such as NBA YoungBoy, Lil Uzi Vert and more.

Launched in 2021, icons + Giants is an exclusive joint venture partnership with ADA Worldwide, the independent label and artist services arm of Warner Music Group. The diverse outfit was founded by Grammy-nominated songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, and artist manager, Billy Mann, in conjunction with A&R executive and artist manager, Benton James.

Watch the video for “Repentance” below.

Bo. T Delivers Cinematic ‘Mrs. Jackson’ Music Video

Ice Cube just killed off the rumors for a new Friday movie starring Vince Staples and Druski, but Bo. T may have just created the closest thing to a sequel for the film with his latest visual single.

Utilizing the alluring, MILF-next-door theme portrayed by Craig’s shapely female neighbor as the muse for his banger, Bo. T expresses his desire to get with a mature woman in the visual for “Mrs. Parker.”

Joining forces with producer BigCityOnTheBeat, Bo. T falls back on his background as a hustler and uses his smooth-talking negotiation tactics to lure in “Mrs. Parker.”

The 28-year-old Florida native makes it well known he keeps a good stash of exotic green on him at all times to further flex the five-star accommodations he has on deck for the perfect shorty.

“Took it to another level 75 a week we got some light green depths and good lows for cheap,” he raps.

Following his recent G-Funk collaboration with Ethica Music and rising West Coast artist Nhale, the son of deceased R&B legend Nate Dogg, Bo. T locked in the studio to start 2022 and is on the brink of rolling out a string of new releases such as music videos and new singles.

Bo. T has also taken his FTL Productions imprint to new heights this year, notably connecting with music industry giants such as 808Mafia producer Southside and Dame Dash, among others.

Watch the full video for “Mrs. Parker” below.

Thug Muffin Kicks Off ‘Muffin Mayhem’ Album With ‘All The Parties’ Music Video

With her creative flip of Coi Leray’s “No More Parties” bars, Thug Muffin unleashes her on her new 10-track Muffin Mayhem album with the music video for her Cocain Omidayo-produced banger “All The Parties.”

In addition to her creative flip of Coi Leray’s “No More Parties” bars, Thug Muffin delivers a standout lyrical performance throughout the album on slaps such as “C*ke” which is produced by her “Scream” collaborator Luke White and “Kotal Kahn” which was handled buy Los Angeles-based producers Mousa and Kaddyx4.

Thug Muffin actually manages to incorporate an assortment of regional sonic trends throughout the project, due to her work with such a diverse group of producers, which features beatmakers such as Marc Derell who constructed memorable soundscapes tracks from the album including “C*ke” and “Xenomorph”.

With songs such as “Pu$$Y Funeral” and “On My Face” Thug Muffin has made it abundantly clear on multiple occasions that she is all about the ladies and making music that celebrates them in their various forms.

While the release of Muffin Mayhem marks the beginning of Thug Muffin’s 2022 takeover, the genre-bending rapper made 2021 her punching bag by dropping hit after hit including her spicy club-ready “Call Your Hoes” anthem.

In addition to the release of “Call Your Hoes” Thug Muffin also dropped off several entertaining visuals for her fan-favorite records like “Puff” and “Woo Woo” which, amassed well over 20K views on the house party-ready visual on YouTube, also.

Stream Muffin Mayhem below.

Ricc Suavey Explodes On His ‘Out The Pot’ Single

Following the release of his “Fucc It Up” banger, Pittsburgh rapper Ricc Suavey has brought out his best hand-to-hand bars to deliver his rocked-up “Out The Pot” single.

In collaboration with Soulja Boy’s “Walk Em Down” producer Kontrol Beats, Ricc Suavey takes aim at the art of hand-to-hand hustling and uses the dope game’s crude manufacturing process as a high-brow metaphor for the potency of his lyical attack.

Taking the opportunity to both flex and kick game, Ricc Suavey intertwines cheat codes to the game whilst weaving in and out of cocaine rap reference.

“I keep a chop/While riding round’ with my Glock/I stay up like 60 shots/Because beef is what we’ve been taught.”

Growing up in Manchester, the ShowOff Gang Music/EMPIRE signee cites his transition to Belzhoover following his father’s incarceration as a major turning point in his life and explained how music was the only constant throughout his journey.

Ricc Suavey recalls early memories of his family member mistaking his freestyle raps for actual songs on the radio, which is part of the reason why he invested in his musical career by attending Full Sail University for several semesters.

Unfortunately, Ricc got shot and was forced to play the background for several months as he recovered from near-fatal injuries.

In 2021, Ricc Suavey initiated his get-back campaign by unleashing his Versa-produced “Hold Up” single.

Stream “Out The Pot” below.

Dubba-AA Transcends VH1 Success With ‘All I Need’ Visual Single

Dubba-AA channeled his experience as a 15-time RIAA Platinum-certified record producer upon stepping into the role of an executive producer for VH1’s hit television show Signed, with music moguls, Lenny S, Rick Ross and The-Dream, and is doing so again to launch his career as a solo artist.

Galvanizing the sound of hits he’s crafted over the last decade for Kodak Black and NBA YoungBoy, Dubba-AA blends trap and gospel in the Trill Phil-directed video for “All I Need” as he belts his rap-sung bars while seeking refuge in the pews of Hurst Chapel in West Palm Beach.

In an Instagram post on Friday (February 25), Dubba-AA revealed how his humble beginnings influenced the release and represent the strength he manifested during his journey from the trenches to the top of the charts.

Dubba-AA explained how his intentions behind writing “All I Need” were rooted in his desire to force his listeners to take a moment to be introspective.

“When I wrote ‘All I Need,’ it was intended for the listener to tap in with who they really are,” he said. “Whatever it is you need in your life, listening to this song will bring it out of you.”

While “All I Need” marks Dubba-AA’s first release of 2022, he’s been in his artist-producer bag for years, starting in 2018 with his debut “Raccades” single.

Dubba-AA fully jumped into the waters as an artist with his 2019 The Flex Tape mixtape series, which his home to his Latto-assisted “Can’t Be Mine” banger.

Now, Dubba-AA is focused on carefully carving out his lane as a solo artist, and has joined forces with indie label icons+giants, in partnership with ADA Worldwide, Warner Music Group’s independent label and artist services arm.

Last November, Dubba-AA also joined forces with veteran rapper Bow Wow for their “Hold You Down” collaborative single which samples the Beware Of The Dog lyricists 2005 hit “Let Me Hold You” featuring Omarion.

Check out the full video for “All I Need” below.

Duke Binladen Hits The Kill Switch On His Ops In ‘Blow Out’ Video

Duke Binladen is putting on for Netaway The Label with his new visual single.

Building on the success of his recent “Saudi Arabia” single Duke Binladen continues to apply pressure with his “Blow Out” release.

Duke Binladen expresses his desire to run up a check with the gang in the midst of his pocket rocket-clutching bars on “Blow Out.”

“I’mma hop out and finish the mission/Put you in position to finally go get you a bag/ I’m balling hard like a Piston/I shoot I’m not missing/But I’m tryna drop me a bag.”

It’s only appropriate that Duke begins the year in stride considering he ran numbers up on several occasions in 2021 with popular singles such as his “Big Dog” collaboration with Netaway artist Baby Slime and his “Push Start” banger which has over 15,000 views on YouTube alone.

Watch the full video for “Blow Out” below.

J-Haze Starts Out 2022 With ‘You’re Welcome’ Mixtape

J-Haze has connected with YSL Fireboy, ShowOff Stoner and Toronto’s first lady Chromazz and more for his 15-song You’re Welcome release.

The success of the project is highlighted by an impressive Top 20 Apple Music Top Albums Chart appearance off the strength of bangers such as he and 5iveMics “Covid 21” track.

The deal serves as a full-circle moment for J-Haze who has come a long way from his beginnings as the protégé of West Coast rap veteran Glasses Malone.

J-Haze put forth a banner effort last year, delivering his 7-track project The Mainline, which is powered by BhramaBull’s pulsating production.

He also managed to work with artists such as AdELA, COMP and producers Fernando Mota, Kanno, CycoVizion and Maserati Sparks. He and the Philly beatsmith also joined forces for his fourth-quarter blitzing Happy Fiends, Happy Dreams mixtape

J-Haze has already teased even more new music on the way in 2022 and has previously hinted at collaborations with artists such as 21 Savage, NBA YoungBoy and more.
Check out the full stream for You’re Welcome below.

NWG Suave Is Back In His Rap Bag With Latest ‘Vengeance (Freestyle)’

NWG Suave is floating over the blaring trap-leaning production in the video for his “Vengeance (Freestyle)” single.

“My ole girl starting to worry/Been fighting demons trying to find the light/Comprehension thru disaster/Bitch I’m focused creeping through,” NWG Suave raps.

“Vengeance (Freestyle)” follows NWG Suave’s 2021 Misunderstood album. The 12-track project arrived amid string of successful singles such as his “Free Smoke” collaboration with Republic Records artist FCG Heem.

While the visual is his first release of 2022, NWG Suave has been working on several collaborations with artists Producers such as DaBaby’s affiliate DJ Kidd and legendary Memphis rapper DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia.

He’s also been hard at work developing the artists apart of his imprint Netaway The Label. In addition to himself, the label is also home to Dallas-born rapper Duke Binladen and rising artist Bandbaby Twon.

Watch the video for “Vengeance (Freestyle)” below.

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