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The Influence of Social Media with Influencer & Business Mogul Loren Lo Leon

Commencing her brand in 2017, Loren Leon, knew success was inevitable. The thirty-one-year-old business mogul’s roots originate in the Dominican Republic. Building her business from the ground up as an illegal immigrant she embodies the definition of a success story. 
TheCreditAssist.com has flourished by converting into a lucrative six-figure earning business.

From Hiphop Video Vixen To Star studded Actress — Katherine Nunez Is The One To Watch

Katherine Kristine Nunez is Latina American Actress on the rise. She is of both Dominican and Spaniard descent. She was born in Weehawken, New Jersey and grew up with her brother in a single parent home. She is the proud mom of two teenage boys. You can watch her in films such as Pocket Full of Game 1 & 2, In Vein, Sisters Keeper, and Groupie all On Tubi. 

Rich-P’s Widespread Acclaimed Third album “What Does Love Get You?” Is Peaking at #12 on iTunes

Rich-P, born Julian Perkins, started rapping when he was only five years old, started recording at eleven and formed a group at thirteen that left him with three CD’s under his belt. As a teen Rich-P used to sneak into underground shows to battle and improve his lyrical skills. Being from New York City, people associate their culture as it pertains to the borough they represent. He spent his early years in South Side Jamaica Queens bouncing around to Tennessee, North Carolina, and Atlanta before finally settling in Harlem.

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