Nochildhood Announces Upcoming Release Of “The Decision Is Yours” EP 

Up-and-coming Hip-Hop/R&B artist Nochildhood is working on something new for his fans. Fresh off his last music video release he announced that his EP “The Decision Is Yours” EP is currently in the works. If this EP is anything like his previous projects expect it to be nothing short of greatness. Hopefully, it comes with some great visuals as well. Nochilhood teased the EP on Instagram which got all of his fans excited for the release. The rapper posted a picture of what appears to be the cover art for the project. The caption mentions a potential release date for the EP to come sometime this month in September. With a dope title and cover that goes hard, fans are eager for the release of “The Decision Is Yours.”

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Rapper C.Pitt Making Waves With His Music & Twitter/Instagram: @cpittofficial

C.Pitt, a multi talented hip hop lyricist hailing from North Carolina. Being a pioneer of
discovering his own musical ascendance C.Pitt strives to create his own lane. Throughout the
duration of his ten year career C.Pitt quickly unearthed a talent for remaining relevant. Elevating
in his brand he was requested to perform on tours with Black Bear, Dizzy Wright, Corey Gunz,
King Los, Rich Homie Quan, Def Jam recording and artist Beau Young Prince. He’s previously
featured on Karen Civil, Earmilk, Ok-Tho Mag, Miss Info, Thatsenuff, Thisis50, and several
notable publications. In addition, his notoriety landed him cameo appearances on hit television
shows such as “Reprisal”, “The Walking Dead”, “Welcome to Flatch”, and “ Our Kind of

As the innovator he is, composing his own lyrics has been vital to his creative outlook. He
continually drew inspiration from his favorite artists in hip-hop 2pac and Kanye West.
Throughout his extensive independent career he has collaborated with several artists such as:
Rapsody, Mickey Factz, Sir Michael Rocks, Emilio Rojas, and Mark Battles. Triumphing
through the vast trials and tribulations he quickly adapted the mantra “stand for something or fall
for anything”. The mantra inspired his latest project entitled “Home Sweet Home”.

Mentored by 9th Wonder, C.Pitt took on the music industry head-on. Growing in his notoriety he
acquired the opportunity to Perform at the legendary SOB’s in New York City. Adding to his
growing career accolades he was featured on Shade 45 SiriusXM produced by hip-hop icon
Eminem. In which, lead to his placement on the top tier outlet Earmilk. He was cited for being
one of the hottest new emerging hip-hop artists. C.Pitt has transformed into being one of the top
emerging musicians from North Carolina; and he’s just getting started.


DJK’s latest lead single is titled, “No Pretend,” is out now, so we spoke with the talented artist to learn more about him, his sound, and his goals. Born in Tyler, Texas, DJK grew up living in different southern states throughout his childhood. He started doing music in 2007 when he would record himself rapping over beats. In 2012, he recorded his first song on FL Studios. In November 2017 he started a label with his mom and brother called FAST ENTERTAINMENT. 

DJK’s motivators are his parents and siblings.  He says that he has been serious about music business since 2018. He describes his sound as a “combination of hard ass raps, dope melodies, dope production and overall, about encapsulating a special feeling.” 

He writes his own music, but writing isn’t his only talent; he also is an actor and is interested in acting professionally if the right role comes along. Music has always been DJK’s passion, and he considers it a great release outlet for him. In the future, DJK hopes to earn a #1 song and/or a #1 album on Billboard, but he also wants to inspire and leave his mark on history and music culture as a whole forever. 

Known for his laid back yet fun and open personality, DJK mentions that not only has he performed for SXSW during 2017, 2018 and even this year but he is also an independent artist looking for the right major record deal. 

Currently, he has 12 mixtapes out, featuring songs such as his current lead single off of “Stay Out The Way”, ‘No Pretend,’ which the music video for has surpassed 200,000 views on YouTube. The video was filmed in Miami, Florida by Director Jeff Adair. By incorporating his ‘Rocked Out’ vibe, smooth melodies, hard raps and exceptional production, ‘No Pretend’ truly makes you feel like you’re at Miami Beach. DJK is also working on his next album titled, ARRANGED, COMPOSED, AND PERFORMED BY DJK.”As of right now the album has no release date, but an announcement will be coming soon! In addition to this, DJK also mentions that he has some pretty crazy collaborations coming soon that he can’t speak about. 

Follow him on Instagram @djkmusic and check oif

his latest music!


Music has always been a huge part of San Gabriel Valley product WESCOVDRU’s life. Whether it be singing with his mom, hearing his older brother freestyling and writing his own music, or his best friend constantly pushing him to get into the studio, music has always surrounded WESCOVDRU. When you ask the man himself what type of music he makes he admits that there isn’t of type of genre that defines his style of music. However that’s what makes WESCOVDRU so unique from everyone else, he can multiple genres including pop, R&B, rap, and trap soul. He does admit however that rap is the type of music that usually brings out the most emotion in him as he always raps about his past experiences in life. 

WESCOVDRU began chasing his dream as an artist back in 2016. It all started when one of WESCOVDRU’s friends heard him do a cover for a song on his Instagram story, from there another friend invited him to his studio and the rest is history. Since 2016 WESCOVDRU has released 16 singles and has been featured on two more tracks across Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and YouTube. 

Along with all of this WESCOVDRU is dropping his first album titled “Now Or Never” very soon. Once the album is released WESCOVDRU plans on making music videos and promoting his album. Having people genuinely supporting his music and career means a lot to WESCOVDRU, when he first started he would have to reach out to followers for support, now everything is genuine and authentic which means a lot to the rising artist. It is also very clear who WESCOVDRU’s biggest motivation is, his son. The independent artist hopes to give his son a life full of abundance and be a man that his son is proud to call his father. If there is one piece of advice or one message that WESCOVDRU wants to leave to his audience it’s to give yourself goals that seem impossible. Have people say you’re crazy when you tell them your dreams and aspirations, always bet on yourself, even if no one else does. With his versatility, goals, and past music, it’s fair to say that WESCOVDRU has arrived and put his name on the map.

Instagram: WESCOVDRU

Facebook: Andrew Perez

YouTube Channel: WESCOVDRU 


SnapChat: doitdrew9 

Twitter: wescovdru

Jackboy Marley Drops Pt. 2 Of The Jackal Series “Jackal Pt.2: The Ouroboros Effect”

Inspired by Bob Marley’s message of love and peace, Jackboy Marley is within the new wave of talented upcoming artists. Born in Fort Worth, Texas, Jackboy Marley hopes to be a legendary, trendsetting artist who makes music that “feeds the soul and liberates the mind.” The area he grew up in has garnered the nickname “Murda Worth” and wants to use his music to talk about things going on in the streets, social and political issues, and spirituality. When asked about his musical influences he said, “I have a wide variety of musical influences, and I like to creatively incorporate them into my music. I never want to be boxed in as a traditional rap artist when there is so much I want to explore.” 

Jackboy Marley started taking music seriously when he was in his early 20’s. “I started doing music when I was 20 and took it seriously at 22 as a member of a group named ‘New Era Jackboys’. I went solo at 26 and have been going since…further exploring, honing and developing my craft.” He has a daughter, and he wants her to know that “in this world of infinite probabilities, nothing is impossible.” 

Jackboy Marley believes that music is an outlet in order for one to express themselves. His song “What” off of his first ‘Jackal’ EP got recognition from rap icon, Busta Rhymes. His second EP ‘Jackal Pt. 2: The Ouroboro Effect’ will be released on April 29th, 2022. It will feature his newest singles, “Let Us Prey” and “How I’m Movin”. 

Shorty Corleone Releases New Video “Heartbreaker” Featuring Karlie Redd

Charles Garris, also known as Shorty Corleone is a hardworking, persistent artist. He was even ranked by the Washington, D.C. Go-Go band as the top punk vocalist and helps produce many of his bands’ songs including “Body Snatchers” which hit # 50 on Billboard Magazine’s Top 100 Chart. 

About Shorty Corleone:

Shorty Corleone was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He started his professional singing career at the age of just 14 by signing a recording contract with Warner Brothers Records. Shorty is a multi-talented artist. He has additionally earned fame as a songwriter, film and television producer, radio personality, as well as a composer.

Shorty Corleone is a talent who has made his mark in the entertainment industry due to his philanthropic work and dedication to improving the lives of disadvantaged people.

Music Career:

Since the beginning of his artistry – Shorty has released five solo albums and twenty-live album recordings with his Go-Go band, Rare Essence. Two of the singles that he released during his time with the band, “Body Snatchers” and “Overnight Scenario,”. Both singles earned him two Billboard hits. To this day they both remain popular tracks in the world of Go-Go music. Shorty has recorded over 300 singles with various recording artists, and released 15 music videos as well.

Shorty has also served as the music director for two big cable network projects “Angrily Ever After” and “Twas the Chaos Before Christmas” for BET Networks.


A 15-episode series, Crank, was the first project of Shorty into the film industry. The series is about the evolution of D.C.’s Go-Go music and its impact on the American urban culture. 

Another notable commitment made by Shorty is giving back to the community, forming a mentoring group for children called The Capitol KiddsShorty created a series titled Cooking With Capital Kidds, which documents their music, culinary, and fashion ventures that they manage under the watchful eye of their mentor.

Latest Music:

His latest music single accompanied with a visual is Heartbreaker which features VH1’s  Love & Hip Hop star Karlie Redd. The music video and single is available now on all music and streaming platforms. The combination of amazing lyrics and the expressions of Karlie Redd makes it both worth watching and listening to! 

Check out “Heartbreaker” here, follow Shorty Corleone on Instagram @realshortycorleone

and visit his website for more info

“Heartbreaker” On Spotify:

“Heartbreaker” Music Video:

Dr.TrevThomas Single Is Shaking Up The Industry

“Road To Riches,” Dr.TrevThomas latest single, is gaining major attention. His career skyrocketed as a result of transition his career into music as he has already worked with some of the biggest names in the industry! Throughout the world, admirers of his music have taken notice.

A lifelong music fan, he was raised in a house-music-centric neighborhood. Over the years he has worked in the music industry, he has witnessed the flow of music change and evolve. In other words, music has a profound effect on him because he has a deep understanding of how it works. The best way to express this is through his music.

Only a few weeks ago, “Road To Riches” was released. The song surprised everyone and defied all expectations. Listening to it will give you a new lease on life. Restarting a project can have an enormous impact. 

Follow Dr.TrevThomas on Instagram: @dr.trevthomas

You may listen to Dr.TrevThomas new track here: 

M3LO Capone Speaks of Trials in New Track, ”Vindictive” 

For Chicago- based artist M3LO Capone, coming out the trenches of south Englewood has been story of his life. Growing up wasn’t easy for him – he’s experienced losing close friends to being a victim of police brutality. This year, Capone translates his pain and struggles in his latest mixtape, “All Gas, No Breaks”, a collection of tracks that share his story to those who can relate to living through tough, life- changing situations that have been brought upon them. 

The Chicago native shares with us that going through tough situations for years as a young boy, he’s been able to find a way to translate his thoughts and motions to hardcore street tracks that are relatable to those who know what he’s talking about. His ultimate goal is to get others to relate to his story and be motivated to get out of the trenches and make a name for themselves. Capone tells us, “ I plan to connect with people everywhere and have longevity when it comes to this game, having a career that pays well and will open the doors for other lanes in life.”

In his latest track, “Vindictive” along with intense visuals, M3LO Capone expresses how it’s now his turn to get back what was taken from him and he’s pretty bold about it, too.

M3LO Capone: The Next Young Star Prodigy 

M3LO Capone has gone through many obstacles in his life but continues to learn from that pain and make a better life for his family and himself. Coming from the southside of Englewood area, he grew up on the southside of Chicago, beginning to make music at the age of 14 as a therapeutic way to speak his mind as well as to express how he feels inside before her became serious when he realized that his ability to make music could stem a career from it. 

The young artist got his name from the famous movie Scarface where Al Capone started off his journey with little to nothing resources but was still able to make it to the top by just using his connections and determination to be able to better his life. Because of this, M3LO Capone looked up to this mindset in order to achieve what he wanted in life. It was a motivation for him to never give up, work hard and meet the right people to help him win even though the odds looks like they are against you.

M3LO wishes to have an international impact with his wave and sound, planning to connect with people everywhere and have longevity when it comes to this game, he stated. Having a career that pays well and will open the doors for other lanes in life he states additionally. M3LO Capone wishes to impact the lives of people who need to free their mind and enjoy themselves; “. I want people who can’t go to areas that I’m from to understand what it is like to live there and the situations I’ve been through being in that environment. I also want the people who live in these conditions to relate and see that they can make it with persistence, perseverance, and dedication.”

Keep an eye out for M3LO Capone’s mixtape set to be released in the future titled, ‘All Gas No Breaks’. You can stream M3LO Capone’s songs on streaming platforms and follow him on social media to keep up to date with the young but very talented artist.

Instagram: M3locapone

Facebook: M3LO Capone

YouTube: ABS M3LO Capone 

TikTok: M3locapone

SnapChat: M3loBlessed

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