Scotty ATL releases ‘Candler Rd To Melrose’ album featuring Curren$y, Young Dro, Big K.R.I.T, & More! 

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“I’m here to win, I am going to be around forever. Follow me in real life”. ~ Scotty ATL

Scotty ATL has remained consistent as Atlanta’s music scene has progressed over the years and what’s most exciting about his new project ‘Candler Melrose’ is that it shows his evolution as a businessman and artist. Scotty ATL has truly branded a sound on this project that is rooted in Southern rap stylings along with the emcee’s impeccable beat selection. It’s more of a tale of success than just the hustle, two things Scotty ATL is extremely familiar with.

It’s not too far-fetched to consider ‘Candler Melrose’ a classic project from Scotty ATL already with its stacked production and feature credits. Mega producers and frequent collaborators like Zaytoven, DJ Burn One, DJ Tune, Tasha Catour and many more helped to create the space for Scotty ATL to talk about his journey as a rapper who easily balances running his own business. Other collaborators on the project include Big K.R.I,T., Curren$y, G Perico, Ace Hood, Sleepy Brown, and Young Dro to name a few who aid Scotty ATL in bringing it all to life. Even with the long list of collaborators, the lyrical delivery from the East Side representer is what stands out the most. 

Outside of rapping, Scotty ATL successfully runs a custom grills business based in Atlanta with Grillz by Scotty which has led him to receive some high-profile clients such as Issa Rae, Tory Lanez, Big Boi of Outkast, Atlanta Hawks, PUMA, and has provided a new level of freedom for the young entrepreneur to focus on creating music on his own time. He’s even been a featured guest on the Steve Harvey Show, The 85 South Podcast, and has performed twice during Rugby ATL’s halftime games, outside of his countless accomplishments with his business. Scotty ATL is proof that you don’t have to stay in one lane as a rapper and can still feed your audience with good, solid music. 

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Scotty ATL releases audio & visual for “Good Pressure” from his upcoming project ‘Candler Rd To Melrose’  

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Scotty ATL releases another single “Good Pressure” from his upcoming project ‘Candler Rd To Melrose’. “Good Pressure” is one of Scotty’s favorite songs because it’s honest, vulnerable, authentic, and it’s real music, the world is in a space where it needs real music even if it’s just a minute. It’s motivation music and it’s a breath of fresh air to get you through the day.  

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 Blo5k Lil A & Hunxho release “Keep Going” official video

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Both Blo5k Lil A and Hunxho are making noise for their city of Atlanta and the 2 recently collaborated for the motivational record “Keep Going” which is featured on Blo5k Lil A’s debut project ’12-30-92’ produced by Bankhead. 

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Big Boi’s Protege RENEGADE EL REY Releases ‘My Gift to You’ EP 

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In true RENEGADE EL REY fashion, the artist is releasing his newest project ‘My Gift to You’ on his birthday on July 16th. As the title suggests, this is a gift to not only his fans and listeners, but to himself, and acts as an invitation into his world through his multifaceted music. His request is simple; for each listener to just receive the art. 

He wants most for his fans to take in the hard-hitting bars he’s delivering as this EP is just an extension of the consistency RENEGADE EL REY is known to provide. At the same time, ‘My Gift to You’ opens a new chapter for the MC, one that is full of possibilities and something he’d never imagine as the 3-year-old on the cover. RENEGADE EL REY remains the main featured voice as he was very selective in who he collaborated with. Instead of grabbing a handful of artists to join him by dropping off verses, the artist instead insisted on connecting only with vocalists who fit the bill on what he wanted the listener to hear. Dijon Stylez, who is a writer and producer, adds vocals to the hook for the track “Balance It All” while RENEGADE EL REY’s close friend Kourtney Jackson shares vocals on “Earn My Keep”. 

Following the release of ‘My Gift to You’, RENEGADE EL REY aims to share new visuals and highlight potential singles like his favorite tracks “F U Mean” or “Ain’t Done” and continue to bring engaging live performances for his supporters.

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Tipp & Drumma Boy collab for “Coming Home” [AUDIO] 

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More about Tipp:

When telling her story, Tipp can either speak about her troubled past or talk about her

successful music career and for the budding music artist, she’s more interested in sharing the

latter. Despite the challenges she’s experienced in life, Tipp’s focus remains on creating music

for her fans to enjoy and in the ten years that she’s dabbled in the craft, she’s just getting


Tipp is an artist who represents the Eastside of Atlanta and has a sound that is inspired by her

Southern roots. Her music is best described as a vibe and with one listen, you’ll definitely agree.

She recently caught the attention of mega producer Drumma Boy who’s aiding the artist with

production on her newest single “Coming Home”. The single is a blend of Drumma Boy’s layered production and the rising talent’s uniquely crafted sound and acts as a testimony of what can happen when you stay the course. Tipp has triumphed against being both robbed and shot, and with her impending 13-month jail sentence, she’s sure to come out on top with even more

experiences to share in her music. 

Tipp has blazed her own path in the industry, one that is riddled by her many trials and tribulations, but it’s her success story that she hopes her fans can relate to while bringing a fresh, new perspective to the industry.

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RoseUp releases “Beat It Up” [AUDIO]  

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About RoseUp:
In less than a year, Roseup has made the type of efforts in his career that would rival any major rap artist. From performing at Coalition DJs’ New Music Monday to working alongside industry giants such as Atlantic Records’ A&R Serge Durand and hip-hop artist The Game, Roseup is quickly becoming the rapper he set out to be despite being incarcerated for over a decade. 

Roseup, whose birth name is Dorea Pickens, spent 11 years behind bars before pursuing his music full time and many people in his circumstance wouldn’t even fathom that they could have a successful music career after a troubled past. Roseup, who comes out of Anderson, SC, decided to aspire for much more in life in hopes to inspire other incarcerated men. He’s since crafted a sound that is trendy, but fully authentic to him which is heard on his record “Love No More”, which he shared in 2022.

Recently, Roseup has recorded new music entitled “Ima Don” and “Beat it Up”, which he is hopeful of releasing very soon. His music has a vibrancy that has caught the attention of fans across the country as well as media outlets like the Elephation Magazine, 4shomagazine, Hiphopsrevival, and Iamhiphopmag to name a few. As he continues to grow in his craft, the young entertainer is already looking to expand his talents to acting as he’s focused on giving his fans more of him.

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Lil Mikey TMB & KC Da Beatmonster Collab for “Spin” [Audio & Visual]  

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Longtime collaborators Lil Mikey TMB and super producer KC Da Beatmonster just released an audio and cinematic visual to their latest single “Spin”. “Spin” is the first single from Lil Mikey TMB’s upcoming fourth project ‘Sum’n Special’ set to release late July. 

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King Elway & Black Metaphor collab for “Big Dreamer” audio & visual  

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Along with the official release of “Big Dreamer”, King Elway shares the MillieX directed video, which comes as the latest single from Elway’s upcoming project entitled 2 Soulful. With this being the first full length project that he’s released in over two years, Elway is pulling out all the stops, even shooting the music video in Las Vegas. 

“Big Dreamer” is a motivational record that offers the listener some inspiration when it comes to working towards their goals. He offers the same type of encouragement his OGs gave him, coming from a small town. They often told him to think bigger and that’s the message he wants his listeners to take from the track; that you can think bigger than your environment and rise to the occasion. Featuring production by super producer Black Metaphor, King Elway was able to set his position as a frontrunner in the Atlanta scene as he layers the smooth Southern stylistic production with hard hitting bars. The visuals find the rapper in his element after choosing to go beyond his hometown (Griffin, GA). Now, he’s living good with his paper stacked surrounded by beautiful women. 

King Elway continues to deliver real, good music and the video aims at bringing his words to life. “Let me hear yo 16 I bet my shit cleaner,” he spits. “That’s why Real Niggas know the sound ain’ got no hit Singles,” he continues in a line that is sure to grab your ear once you press play. The single joins King Elway’s already hefty catalog and is just an indication of what to expect on the forthcoming 2 Soulful.

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