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Jaison Steven, known by his stage name of Young Apex is an American Rapper & hip-hop artist from New York.

Raised in Colombia with a speech impediment and his purpose in doing music is to inspire other young artists that anything possible if you put your mind to it.

“Don’t let nobody stop you from any problems you have,” Young Apex told Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson in a recent interview.

Check out his latest project. 

Young Apex insists that artists like Lil Wayne, Tyga, YoungboyNBA, The Game, 50 Cent, Daddy Yankee, Jay Wheeler, Anura Ana inspire him.

He’s already collaborated with dope artists like Doggiekrazy. 

Be on the lookout for new work from him.

Musical artist Killa Vuitton is excited about going viral

Music lights up the life we are living. In the moments of happiness or grief, music can give us a lot of joy or cathartic moments. Music connects to our emotions thus it has such a powerful impression on us. Some use music to experience more joy, love, charisma while others make it to get them out of their life’s rut and experience their dreams come true.

For musical artist, Killa Vuitton, music shaped his life and dreams. This Haiti man came to America to live the great American dream. As soon as he set foot in America, he started recording music and has recorded more than 100 songs in his personal studio built inside his million dollar home.

Killa Vuitton is now ready to bring his musical journey towards an audience and will soon release much of it. When he started his music journey he had to face personal struggle including a 4 years stint behind the bars. But he kept practicing his songs and working on the English language to make sure he rapped fluently. Struggles bought him closer to his dreams.

Today Killa Vuitton is friends with major names in the music world including Bobby Shmurda, Rowdy Rebel, Meek Mill, MiG Arogan, Fivio Foreign ,Kodak Black , the late greats Nipsey Hussle and Pop Smoke. Vuitton is looking forward to going viral soon with his work. His passion for his work is on a booming stage and he cannot wait for the audience to fall in love with his music.

AGS Drops Collector Coin, The First Cryptocurrency for Collectors

AGS, Inc. announced the launch of Collector Coin, the first cryptocurrency for collectors. They made the announcement at Collect-a-Con, an event focused on trading cards, sports cards, comics, video games, toys, and more in Frisco, Texas, this past weekend.

AGS offers automated grading services to instantly add and grade any Pokemon card with machine learning technology through their mobile app. The app is currently in beta testing.

“Humans are prone to error. Computers are not. We believe grading cards should be an exact science. Current grading services are inaccurate, expensive, and extremely slow,” said Gary Haase, aka The Pokemon King. “Our team has created a scanning system that can provide valuable data about the card being graded. We have developed software to analyze the data from our scanners that will give each card a 99.99% accurate grade. We know that card grading will be done by computers eventually. We are doing it now.”

Collector Coin has also launched a cryptocurrency that goes hand-in-hand with collecting. Collector Coins will become the new standard method to buy, sell, and trade collectibles. The current collectibles market is an estimated $370 billion. In the collectible market, proving authenticity and verifying ownership is vitally important. Smart contracts on the blockchain allow collectors to authenticate and prove ownership of collectibles. This validation of provenance helps to scale transparency to the collectibles market.

Collector Coins have a total supply of 1 billion coins. The original minting was 100 million Collector Coins. The remainder of the coins will be minted at fixed rates over the next ten years. Every quarter, AGS will spend 25 percent of profits to buy back Collector Coins from the open market, rewarding holders by driving up the token price and providing continued liquidity of the Collector Coin.

Collector Coin is built on the Binance Smart Chain, the largest and fastest-growing crypto ecosystem. Twenty percent of the tokens were given to the founding team, 25 percent will be awarded to RoboGrading users. Fifteen percent of the token are reserved for new investors and AGS, and buyers from public exchanges such as Binance and Pancake Swap. Twenty-five percent will be awarded to users of the AGS database, and 15 percent will be held in reserve and used to grow the Collector Coin economy or be given to developers and employees of the Collector Coin foundation, a non-profit organization to build and scale Collector Coin.

Collector Coin holders also receive VIP service for RoboGrading on the AGS mobile app. In addition, they will get faster and cheaper pricing and have access to premium features based on their account tier.

The company is focused on Pokemon cards at this launch stage. However, as the coin matures, AGS envisions introducing the machine learning validation process to other collectors’ items worldwide.

For more information, visit https://agscard.com/collector-coin.

J-Key Drops ‘Better Things’

Washington’s J-Key delivers a relatable follow-up to last year’s “Crazy”, a title I’m sure he didn’t realize at the time would literally define the coming year. Like most of us, J-Key spent much of the pandemic doom scrolling his socials, convinced that literally everyone on IG had a better life than him and, like most of us, it lit him up to strive for “Better Things”, the title of his latest single. 

J-Key first hit national attention as a Nipsey Hussle collaborator, going on to not only record with Tre Ross and Glasses Malone, but out on tour alongside YG and Kid Ink, hitting stages nationwide. Now, as we slowly open up and live events look to be coming back, J-Key looks forward to taking his quest for the ‘flawless life’ back out on the road.

Stream “Better Things” up top and stay tuned on the socials below.

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DTB Chris Releases New Visual “Repetition”

As the phrase goes, “repetition makes reputation”. DTB Chris is making sure he’s an artist no one can forget, with his latest hit single “Repetition”. Arguably one of the youngest rappers to burst onto the drill scene, 15 year old DTB Chris is not the kid to be played with. With DTB Chris’ hard hitting lines perfectly marrying the grittiness of the track, it’s obvious why fans have this song on replay.Since age 13, DTB, DTB meaning Down To Business, Chris has been living up to his name. After releasing back to back singles “Catch an Opp” featuring Bugszy Citglo, and “The Spot” featuring Kenzo, DTB Chris has proven his hunger and versatility.In July 2020, DTB Chris teamed up with Ron Suno and dropped one of his most successful singles “Lil Devil”, which now reached over 1 million streams. “Repetition” is the second single and fan favorite from his latest EP titled “D.O.N.” (Depend On Nobody).Business is only elevating for DTB Chris. Immediately after his February 2021 EP release of D.O.N, he’s already gearing up for his next EP set to release in early May 2021. DTB Chris is making sure this upcoming EP will be even better than the last with features from Fivio Foreign and K-Rock.Don’t miss DTB Chris’ next big move. Listen to “Repetition” and the “D.O.N” EP on all major streaming platforms and watch the visual below. Follow DTB Chris on Instagram @dtb.chrishttps://instagram.com/dtb.chris?igshid=bpa9h73h0z80

Floyd Mayweather Gifted Rare Kobe Bryant/LeBron James Card Worth $15k

Cavaliers’ LeBron James and Lakers’ Kobe Bryant greet each other before tipoff, Thursday, January 15, 2015, at Staples Center. (Photo by Michael Owen Baker/L.A. Daily News)

In 2008, many NBA fans hoped LeBron James and Kobe Bryant would battle it out in the NBA final. Instead, the Cleveland Cavaliers wavered against the Boston Celtics, leading up to a confrontation between Kobe and people like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. Ultimately, the Celtics emerged victorious, while the Lakers were set to win the next two NBA championships.

To commemorate what might have been, Topps created a rare LeBron-Kobe map that is now selling for a wild prize of $15,000 USD. According to Brandon “Scoop B” Robinson of Heavy.com, legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather was actually gifted the card for his 44th birthday. The card was given to Mayweather by the Wooter Boys.

The value of the cards to be exchanged has increased exponentially throughout the pandemic, as collectors immerse themselves in their pastimes. The value of these cards continues to grow, making them a good investment for those seeking to diversify their portfolio. Some people even borrow money to buy these cards because they are convinced that buying them with leverage will lead to massive gains.

Although Mayweather certainly does not need the money, there is no doubt that this card is an asset that will continue to grow in value, and it will be better served to keep it secure. Decades from now, this card may well be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Since celebrating his 44th birthday in Miami, the champ recently announced that he would be opening a boxing gym in Dallas. The Gym will be called Mayweather Boxing and Fitness. It will be located at 2401 Victory Park Ln #170 Dallas, TX 75219. They are currently offering  Pre-Opening Membership at this time. So, go ahead and apply to lock in your membership.

Zoee8- Stomp

Zoee8‘s new single, “Stomp”, is a celebration – Of life. Of a new commitment to his purpose in life and to being given a chance to fulfill that purpose. It is also a middle finger to the doubters, shade throwers and those that tried to kill him.

Recently left for dead after a shooting incident, Zoee8 is determined to both prove them wrong and make good use of the second chance he was given.

“I came up with the song Stomp because I didn’t die. now I see what I’m meant to be and I’m gonna stomp on all the haters.” he explains.

That’s not to say though that Zoee8’s new-found purpose is all founded in revenge. He is a hero to the kids in his 8th Ward neighborhood – routinely arranging clothing giveaways, events to help the homeless or being that guy the kids hit up for allowance money.

“Stomp” is a testament to Zoee8’s resilience. To his refusal to lay down no matter what. The song is being released by UVF ENT/Bang Bang Music Group .

Washington State Native J-Key Unlashes ‘Crazy’ Music Video

West Coast up-and-comer J-Key channels his inner psychopath in his latest visual, «Crazy», a performance of a kind of iconic street movie «Juice».

Attributing all female problems, loyalty problems and his attempts to avoid the daily jealousy in his hometown of Everett Washington to his mental decline as the supportive visuals become ever darker.

J-Key reaches the breaking point from which there is no return… The perfectly frightening backdrop to untangle Key is provided by the talented consulting work of Mario Luciano.

J-Key initially drew national attention as a collaborator of Nipsey Hustle, and then recorded with Tre Ross and Glasses Malone. Now, with the wildest year in history recorded in our collective rearrangement, J-Key is looking to pursue its upward momentum.

Watch “Crazy” up above and hit J-Key on IG.

Lil One -Winning

Dallas Texas has another superstar on the rise. Lil One began pursuing music as a career after his brother passed away.  This is one of the ways he found best to express himself. Recently he released a video on YouTube called “Winning”, which has received over 20,000 views. In this song he speaks about wanting to see his friends win, keeping his business out the streets, getting to the money, overcoming the everyday struggle, hustling in the hood, and his experience with the ladies. I know many of y’all can relate to his pain, so I highly recommend y’all check out the video. 

LaDonnis Teams With Visuals Master Andy Hines To Co-Direct His Latest “Smackdown”

LaDonnis is back with a vengeance and a savage new follow-up to June’s fiery song-of-the-times, Black Boy, this time teaming with the always visionary Andy Hines.

From the opening line, “I’m sick and tired of seeing Black folks get shot” which LaDonnis quite literally spits, you know instantly that Smackdown is more Tear Da Club Up than We Shall Overcomeand that is its power. Smackdown is the perfect protest song for where we all stand in 2020 – staring in to a dystopia most of us feel powerless to prevent.

In the opening credits though, LaDonnis assures us that his intention is to incite dissent vs. violence. To prove it he is simultaneously launching his own voting initiative, #HackTheBallot, which encourages people, especially in the swing states, to request their mail-in ballots now to ensure they arrive in time to cast your vote. The initiative will put ad money behind celeb and influencer selfie videos touting the website and a call to vote in hopes of engaging the elusive youth vote to turn out in record numbers.

Over the course of his career, LaDonnis has graced every major media outlet and every stage from Coachella to the Governor’s Ball and his growth as an artist is evident in the more personal and significant nature of his most recent releases. LaDonnis will follow this trajectory with his next video, King, due out on 10/30, followed by the 11/6 release of his 7-song EP, American Psycho on his own Free Love Studios label.

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