Kendall Williams Continue to Dominate The Music Industry With His New Single “Trap Gospel Remix”

Virginia Beach-based Christian rap artist Kendall Williams is on the rise to stardom. Quickly captivated the hip-hop industry with his new single “Trap Gospel Remix” featuring super producer Zaytoven and legendary artist Project Pat. Kendall has received an abundance of support from the single.

The feature with Project Pat doesn’t come as a surprise because the duo previously collaborated on a track called “Geeked Up” earlier in their career. With his rap/sing style, audiences worldwide are drawn to Kendall’s new music and embrace him as a new up-and-coming artist. The single did so well that Zaytoven has plans to continue to work with Kendall and help him by producing his next single. The song will be on Kendall’s new project that is scheduled to be released this year. Kendall Williams’s unique sound is inspired by the freedoms of being yourself and creating original content. 

His determination and relentlessness to rise to the top are shown through the continuous output of new music. Kendall Williams wants to continue dominating the music industry with strong principles that he will keep on upholding. He believes that there is no accountability in other people’s opinions and that these opinions only become facts when you let them. His nonstop hard work to keep releasing more new music has helped him rise to the top. It is important to keep track of Kendall and his quick progress because he is on the track to becoming an overnight success. Kendall Williams expresses his thoughts in rhyming words with soothing beats to let all his listeners know that he is not merely telling a narrative but also singing out his heart and truth.

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Multi-Talented Artist Rico Santino is Taking The Music Industry by Storm

It takes something special and unique to be a success in this industry. Rico Santino has proved his mettle in music at a young age and is already taking the music industry by storm. This young musician has revolutionized hip-hop with his own compositions and fiery lyrics.  Rico Santino is a master of creative composition. By combining sounds of Boom Bap, Trap, and R&B with personal life struggles Northeast Ohio native Rico Santino is quickly becoming one of The Land’s most vibrant and diverse sounding hip-hop artists. Rico started producing his music at the age of twelve. Having gone through intense struggles, Rico commands a venomous approach to lyric writing, and his attack on the mic is both unrelenting and uncompromising. Continuously producing and consistently writing.  

Rico Santino Is a Cleveland-born Hip Hop and RnB artist who is Black Puerto Rican And Italian and Irish. He got into the Music Game when he met Mark Hunter the lead singer of Chimaira a heavy metal band from Cleveland Ohio. He then went to Spider Studios to make his first studio album “As Time Progresses” which features some artists such as Billard, Chxpo, Jmoletemknow, and Lindsxy Mesenburg. Shortly after this release, Rico Dropped his Music Video “See Me Out “ Produced by Nikko Bunkin who has also worked with Juice Wrld and Future. After dropping this body of work Rico became a young rising star in the city and started opening for more popular artists such as Bone Thugs and Harmony, Mopacino, Mark Battle,s and Chip Da Ripper. After this series of shows, Rico made his Second Studio Album “Prince Of Darkness” which features Chip The Ripper, and has Production from Franky Wahoo who made songs for MGK, Wiz Khalifa, Doeboy and, Trippie Redd, and many more. After that during covid Rico Santino Still Dropped Some Music another Project called “Rich Talk”.

Once covid was over and the world opened back up Rico Santino decided to make his own label Serious Sounds and took a trip to Los Angles to work with Dj Flippp and 808 Kartel to make and release a single and video titled “ICHIGO”.  Shortly after Rico opened for BFB The Packman in Cleveland and got on the IHeart Radio Stations in Ohio. 2021 Rico Released more music than the years before a handful of singles featuring a lot of local artists and Two Projects one was an ep titled “Because Of You” and a full-length album “Sad Boy Savage” that features 2 out of 3 of his music video drops this year “DRIP” which was produced by Treonthebeat who has worked with artist such as DDG and also was shot by local legend Sceneamatix a very popular music video cinematographer. The other two music videos were “East 2 West” and “Goodguys”. After releasing all these new proof jects and content Rico has done interviews and worked with brands worldwide even got on a podcast out the country in Greece.   

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Olawumi – Moody

Olawumi brings a major sound that is impossible to ignore on the new album “Moody”. Everything about this release stands out as supreme, with a high quality to it that puts it in a special class of artistry to enjoy. Her star quality resonates, as you take in her charisma and sass in her approach, that delivers the writing to the max, as the well-crafted verses, serve up the catchy chorus to take things to another level. Moody is a culmination of black love, heartbreak, self-discovery, and honesty that is just as sonically pleasing as it is impactful for anyone who may listen.

Olawumi’s “Moody” is an amazing body of work that shows the power that a mega-hit will always have. As subjective as music can, and will always be there are records out there that stand above the rest, with a professional touch to it that you hear the care in every aspect, to make upper echelon work that can travel to any part of the world.

Listen to Olawumi – Moody

Olawumi’s music carries a confessional, old-soul storytelling nature rooted in honesty. From love and heartbreak to womanhood and self-discovery, the New Jersey native’s music is telling the lived experiences of Black and toxic love stories. In the video above, Olawumi details what it feels like to drop her debut album and reintroduce herself to her fanbase. She aims to touch the souls of anybody who listens and is 100% sure that these are the songs that everyone needs to hear.

Shoutout to Olawumi and the many voices keeping R&B alive and well. Stream her debut album ‘Moody’ here.

Zodiac Tracks is Making a Change in The Music industry

Hailing from California, the Bay Area, Zodiac Tracks is an American rapper, producer, singer, and songwriter. Zodiac Tracks is a 27-year-old female rapper who is revolutionizing the hip-hop industry in a big way. She liked music even as a youngster and would often listen to Nicki Minaj. The more she listened, the more she was hooked on music.

Having unique and original aspects helps you sell fast in the industry, with the fans being able to remember you. Outstanding musician Zodiac Tracks is one of the uniquely talented individuals gradually rising in the music scene. She has hit the industry with a unique and captivating music style that captures the fan’s attention. She is also a gifted songwriter who started from a young age, rising to compose for some of the great names in the industry. She has gained the attention of her new single called “Vital Virgo” and has been featured on Thisis50, The source, Hip-Hop Weekly, Honk Magazine, and many more. She has attracted the attention of many despite being a total newcomer to the music industry.

Zodiac Tracks had advice to other young artists is not to be scared of trying something new. A musician’s career is highly anchored in their creativity, and this can only be achieved best when you are free to try out new ideas and concepts. She has plans of releasing more singles throughout the year. Stay updated by following her social media.

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FROSTisRAD is Emerging as a popular Alternative Artist and Songwriter

FROSTisRAD, a Metro Detroit-based alternative artist, is making music as per the modern trends. The singer and songwriter have released his new single titled, “Mclovin/ the ugly one”, which embeds elements of his style of music.

The young alternative artist and songwriter has been emerging as a popular music talent all over the world and has been mentioned on great platforms like Honk Magazine, and many more. Because of his deep passion for music, he started recording songs at an early age and then dived into the singing department after writing many successful songs. He is getting a positive response for his work on a large scale and people are simply appreciating his ability to produce music as well as sing songs.

FROSTisRAD developed a way to blend his passions, with the creation of AV CLUB. AV CLUB was solely created to encompass his dual passion for both audio and video aesthetics. With his recent release of Mclovin, he conveys the trials and tribulations of self-love and remaining a forgiving person through all aspects of life. Be sure to examine FROSTisRAD’s latest release for “Mclovin/ the ugly one” on all digital streaming platforms, link below. There are tons more to return this year from FROSTisRAD.

Singer-Songwriter Steph Devine Drops a New Single “You & Me”

Singer-Songwriter Steph Devine has been on the scene for a few years, making progress on his musical journey, by advancing and networking throughout social media. She recently drops a new single “You & Me“, via Lit Honey Productions. The song “You & Me,” tells the story of someone who allows a person to come in and out of their life, over and over again. It’s about always taking the same person back despite the way they’ve treated you. The message she hopes people take from this track would be to have the strength to realize that if a relationship isn’t working for both people, it’s time to move on.

Steph Devine “You & Me” is a supreme sound you can get lost in with a big-time sound that builds a world around you, that is fun for every second to explore. It’s pure magic at every turn, with something new that makes the world and culture of music more fun to be a part of. If you love good music, you will have infinite reasons to enjoy this record.

Listen to Steph Devine “You & Me”

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What you need to know about the Music Producer, J. Manifest

Success is no accident. It is hard work, preserving, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do. If you have a goal in your mind just focus on it, it will take some time but you will go to achieve it. J. Manifest is a talented music producer and engineer based in Raleigh, NC. He was born in Rocky Mount, NC, and raised in Raleigh, NC. He began engineering, live sound, and the rap scene at the age of 13.

His love of music began at a young age, which took his production and engineering to different levels. As his love, passion, and creativity grew for making music, he has been able to work alongside many different, well-known artists. J. Manifest is best known for producing “Drug Dealers Dream” by Rick Ross the most popular tracks J. Manifest has produced. And also known for his work on the Album “Love is the New Black” by Anthony Hamilton. “Pillows”, and “Safe” is some of the fan favorites track on the project “Love is the New Black” which was produced by J. Manifest.

Using his musical talents to assist and improve the art of others is what motivates him to be the best engineer and producer he can be for his clients. J. Manifest’s musical compositions leave a musical legacy that will be heard through decades by creating beats, sounds, and songs that have never been heard before.

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Kickz N Snarez Website:

Benji DaRula, American Music Artist and Street Sweepaz Owner, is Working Hard to Make Everyone Proud

Benji DaRula is working hard to make Everyone proud with his music. Born on July 9 1986 with the name, “Michael Benji DaRula”, in Columbia, South Carolina. Benji DaRula is making news with his flourishing music career. He is bringing a new wave of hip-hop music to American. He began performing at artist showcases and networking mixers to build his following and made a name for h himself and his brand, Benji DaRula CEO of Street Sweepaz, Da Mafia, iMOBEnt.

His recently released single is “StreetBitches”. He has also made a strong presence as an artist in the music world. Benji DaRula is receiving a positive response from people who appreciate his musical talent and confidence. He isn’t just a skilled businessman and a music artist but is also an investor.

Benji DaRula has worked with a lot of people in the industry. His versatility as an artist, and businessman is what makes him unique. Benji writes his own song and performs under his own label. His lyrics teach other aspiring artists to follow their dreams.

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Get To Know Cat Calabrese Hailing from Cleveland, OH

Cat Calabrese is doing everything in her power to make a big name in the music industry. It is so exciting to see where her career has taken her to and all that she has accomplished. She shared that “I have always loved to sing and write, but for a long time, I was too self-conscious to really give it a shot. I experienced a traumatic event in August 2020, I felt like all control had been taken away from me and I chose to go after music in the way I had always wanted as a way to cope and heal. It gave me the push I needed to finally follow my passion”- Cat Calabrese. 

Hailing from Cleveland, OH, Cat Calabrese is a pop vocalist singer, and songwriter. She began her solo career as a way to cope with and heal from trauma. Feeling stripped of all control, she looked to music to regain her power and begin fighting back. In doing so, she is cultivating a pop sound that reflects a woman who is ready to tell her own story in her own words. It’s clear that Cat Calabrese is well on her way to success and notability, however, she is doing it in her own, humble way. 

Her sincerity, honesty, and commitments are mirrored in the presence she has on social media. Unlike other accounts with large followings, Cat Calabrese actually cares about her growing fanbase and regularly responds and engages with the people who support her musical journey. Cat Calabrese gives her valuable thoughts on sustaining herself in the music industry as a musician. She is an inspiration to all her followers and also for the ones who are willing to take up a career in the glamour industry.

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DJ Jaz B Is Up Next Out Of the UK

Jaspreet Singh Bansal, known professionally by his stage name DJ Jaz B, grew up in Stoke On Trent, UK. Music and the music industry caught his eye from a young age. As he grew older, He was determined to turn this interest into a lifelong career. DJ Jaz B is best known for his two singles “Masti” and “Baa Farke” which garnered his fame with his unique style of sound and skills never heard or seen by no one in the music industry. DJ Jaz B is a talented musician who can play a variety of instruments. His ability to write unique and memorable tunes sets him apart from his competitors.

His musical skill is best seen in the song “Baa Farke”.

“There are several artists and DJs who have inspired and continue to inspire me musically such as Dr. Dre, Tim Westwood, Trevor Nelson and a few from the bhangra industry such as Dj Dipps Bhamra, H Dhami, and Sat Singh, and Jazz Sahota”, DJ Jaz B said. He has become a celebrity in the music industry. He will undoubtedly become a rising star in the next years. As a result of his talent and musical prowess, he will undoubtedly rise in life, and success will follow him everywhere he goes.

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