804 Nano Prepares For 2022 With ‘Real As They Kome’ LP

After catching a wave with previously released tracks “Buss It” and “Bigger,” red-hot new act 804 Nano previews what’s to come with the release a new 12-track collection, titled Real As They Kome (R.A.T.K.). Adding more flare and style, 804 elevates the buzz with more great music that captures the rising star’s unique, soulful, and has a no holds barred reputation. The new effort is led by the album’s breakout cut “Redi Rock.”

In visual for “Redi Rock,” the Virginia native is brash, arrogant, aggressive and confident in the booth as he raps about being unapologetic with peers and ready to take on the world. It’s the perfect introduction for newfound fans.

Watch “Redi Rock” now.

Real As They Kome is a prelude to the artist’s anticipated 2022 album, Pain Turnt Me Up, which drops early next year. On R.A.T.K.’s importance, 804 Nano states: “This process took countless long nights. Seen too many friends lose their life or serve time behind the wall. So many people hated on me, not knowing I would give them the shirt off my back. Everything I’ve been through brought me here to this moment. I laid out all my emotions. I’ve overcome so much since I broke on the scene. I’m here to stay. This is for my city; for my guys that told me to never give up but aren’t here to see me win. I will always remain real. Real as they kome.”

Available via DotCom Music Group, LLC./Overtime Hustle Entertainment, LLC., stream the full project by 804 Nano below.

Marc 2Ray Displays “True Craft” With MC Bravado & Allison Balanc: Watch

Birthed in 1973, Hip Hop has become the most influential culture in the world. Today, Hip Hop educator and recording artist Marc 2Ray pay respect to the culture with a trip to the record store with a love interest in the new visual for the track, “True Craft.” Linking with MC Bravado and songbird Allison Balanc for the assist, the trio take us down memory lane with memorabilia in vintage vinyl. “True Craft” is available on all streaming platforms via own imprint.

Directed by Shaquille Pariag and Ashley Littlese, “True Craft” is a romantic story inside of a record store day deep dive. A traditional style and flow, Marc 2Ray raps about the influence the culture has had on his methodical wordplay with “Intertwined with the Prime Grind gene who better?/ Rhyme Schemes that’ll make Einstein Scream “Too clever!”/ Yeah, it’s Wordplay til’ the Day I’m Grey and die/ So put that Bouquet to Display the Grave I lie.”

Balanc plays co-star in the visual and delivers a feel-good hook while MC Bravado aligns with Marc with a clever verse, rapping, “Funny, you corny but I got your Freak on a Leash/ The Beast of the East, and I didn’t mean to take your Wife/ But when we touch, sparks fly like a Power Ranger Fight.”

The song and visual pays homage to the basics that made the genre what it is today. “True Craft” is produced by CPSL0CK, the trio strips down the standard semantics found in mainstream rap music and returns the basics. “To be considered a Hip Hop artist, you must be true to the craft,” says Marc 2Ray.

Become a fan of Marc 2Ray today, follow the rising star for daily updates and more on social media.

Take a look at the hip hop tributing new visual to “True Craft” below.

A.Chal Releases Live Performance of “Selena”

Peruvian sensation A.Chal has transcended from Gazi World frontman to stand-alone superstar with a series of runaway hits in “Dirty Dancin,” “High Horse,” “TAPPD’N,” and “Nobody Like Me.” Fresh off the release of his third studio album, Far From Gazi — which completes his popular Gazi series, A. Chal builds long-lasting momentum for the project with the latest release of the live visual for album-cut “Selena.” In the in-your-face, literally, visual A. Chal is in the house with a party-starting fan-favorite. Stream it here via Gazi World Inc.

Shot in California at Chadano Hills 5 Acre Open Studio, the Jayoh & Matt Zolly-directed visual captures the NYC native bursting into a mild party-setting while reciting the song’s lyrics with a bottle of Don Julio 1942 in aid. The latest single is the perfect jump-on point for newfound fans as A. Chal buzz continues to grow to mainstream notoriety.

For Far From Gazi, A. Chal bares his soul with his most personal body of work yet that allows him to leave his past behind and embrace his bright future. “The reasons I made music changed. I felt like I was chasing something, like I was making music to feed my ego. I had lost control. I was frustrated and the fans kept asking where the music was,” he says in a statement to the press.

Available everywhere, Far From Gazi, features new fan-favorites “Zorro,” “Tappd’n” and of course “Selena.” Stream the full album below.

Watch “Selena” by A.Chal now.

Stream Cam Wallace New Song “That’s Ok”

To close out a huge 2021 that includes newfound popularity and major label record deal, Houston’s Cam Wallace — who is signed to Motown Records — gets ready for a high-profile 2022 with the release of his new song “That’s Ok.”

Produced by talented producer Sean Notty, “That’s Ok” delivers a signature 90’s style dirty south trunk-rattling bounce with verses filled with southern references about candy paint cars and big booty boppers. Known for his crafty wordplay, on the new single, Wallace tones down the complicated lyricism for fun-loving banter like, “What’s the play, set a date, I’m in route to get the cake.” and “I got plenty options, there they go, Saweetie icy fall like snow.”

On the making of “That’s Ok,” Wallace states: “Every now and then we have to remind ourselves of the hard work we put in. Work hard, play even harder and that’s ok!”

Effortlessly, Wallace builds anticipation for his forthcoming major-label debut, expected in 2022, which follows his 2021 re-released EP, 6Rings. Wallace is best known for new hits “Retail” featuring Wiz Khalifa and the latest track, “Energy!.” Before the full-length debut, learn more about Cam Wallace daily via social media.

Stream “That’s Ok” now via Motown/UMG.

Half Ounce – “Bussdown” (Official Video)

Wrongkind Records and West Coast Hip Hop heavy-hitter, Half Ounce, drops the third visual, titled “Bussdown,” which appears on his forthcoming untitled project. On the new visual, the Strong Arm Steady lyricist details his arduous route on the road from rags to riches. Produced by V8, the dope new track features VFMadeTheHit. Watch it now and stream it here.

Model Eric Brynne Details Experience Modeling For Nike, Apple, Adidas, Amiri, Amazon, Puma and More

Recently male model and fashion designer Eric Brynne detailed his plans after an impressive run of shoots with Apple, Nike, Adidas, Amiri, Puma, Amazon and Boss Hugo over the last several years. 

Born in Ghana and raised in Atlanta, model Eric Brynne has had a storybook experience in the modeling industry getting his start on a whim and establishing himself with some of the top brands in the world as a Mavrick Artists Agency Model. 

“My modeling stuff took off even though I didn’t have a passion for it. So when I got into modeling I really didn’t like it. Even though it’s cool, I didn’t really like it because I felt like I was still trying to find myself,” Eric Brynne explained. 

After standing in with a friend for moral support at a modeling audition, Eric Brynne was plucked from obscurity after being noticed by the agency’s scouts. 

The contract offer was good but Eric Brynne was still attending school at Georgia State University. He turned down the offer and told them he had to finish his engineering degree, but they liked Eric so much they agreed to wait until he finished school. 

After finishing school Eric Brynne avoided the 9 to 5 jobs and moved to Los Angeles to establish himself as a model. 

“In the beginning it wasn’t really great, I kind of had to learn. I learned all the grips of modeling and everywhere you put me I learned fast. My agency is Mavrick Artist Agency in Beverly Hills, they helped me land my first big gig with Adidas in New York,” Eric Brynne said. 

“I realized modeling is pretty much the fashion industry and pretty much I love playing with clothes, like wearing stuff and putting fits together and creating. As a model you are a mannequin and people dress you, but I wanted to dress myself and bring out the creativity. So during quarantine I experimented with that and really learned that I love clothes and I love being creative. “

Eric Brynne’s experiences modeling and working with clothes helped him find another interest in design and creating his own brand, Hellfighter. During the COVID lockdown he experimented with that interest, even applying some of the skills he learned while earning his engineering degree. 

“I started putting fits together and posting it on Instagram and people started following me. Right now that’s on pause for my real estate interest, but that should be back in effect early next year,” Eric Brynne explained. “I feel like the engineering degree helps me in terms of being creative in real life and it gives me courage and confidence in what I want to do. It helps me create and recreate in my life. We are all engineers of our lives as humans and we constantly grow and evolve and it’s not always smooth. But the degree has helped me go harder because I know that I always have something to fall back on.”

Bully Wiz ft. Benji – “Summertime”

Bully Wiz follows breakout single “Mob Ties” with a quick hit in the new release, titled “Summertime.” Joined by fellow new star Benji this time around, the rising star keeps that same energy with a catchy wordplay track laced with a unique bass-thumping sound. A seasonal track, Bully Wiz closes out the year with arguably his most exciting track yet. Stream it now via Breakthrough Records.

A 2021 artist-to-watch, Wiz and Benji’s chemistry on the track is electrifying, generating popularity for the two to produce future tracks or a collaborative project. Hailing from San Francisco, Bully Wiz is a first generation son of immigrants from El Salvador, and certainly made a name for himself by being the face of BACKPACK BOYZ. Like “Mob Ties,” “Summertime” builds on a new stride of popularity that Bully Wiz has accrued with a newfound audience and sets up anticipation for his forthcoming full-length debut, expected in 2022.

With such a high fan base that is continuing to grow daily, we never know what tricks Bully has up his sleeve. One thing is for sure, he has all types of surprises in store for his fans. To stay tuned, follow the new artist daily on social media.

You may listen to the new single below.

Road Runna Rio ft. King Louie – “Gold Medal” (Official Video)

Rising artist Road Runna Rio links up with veteran Chicago rapper King Louie for a competitive new single and video called “Gold Medal.” Grinding for the chip, the two stars put together a team of beautifully skilled baddies to performance world-class efforts for the gold. Stream the new single by Road Runna Rio here via Breakthrough Records.

“Gold Medal” appears on Road Runna Rio’s latest project, Heavy Hitter 2: Bases Loaded. The ten song project features guest appearances from OJ Da Juiceman and thegoodperry. King Louie appears on “Gold Medal” courtesy of Machine Entertainment. “Gold Medal” and Heavy Hitter 2 is the perfect origin point for any newfound fan of the rising Road Runna Rio. Rio is expected to drop a new full-length album at the top of 2022.

Watch the new video now and follow the rising star on social media, afterward.

Check out RRR’s new visual, below.

Hugh Lee – The Younger I Get (Mixtape)

Chicago’s Hugh Lee is an on the rise recording artist showing a lot of promise and natural potential with his unique sound and lyrics. On the rise, the new star delivers his latest project, a Childish Gambino-inspired release, titled The Younger I Get. In the new mixtape, Lee displays growth and comfort in every one of the eight-track collection. Stream it here.

The Younger I Get provides us with breakout tracks “Face Off,” “West Side Story” and “Return of the Dragon.” Hugh’s uniquely crafted story, in album form, is created for followers and fans to have a better understanding of this particular way of life and how he came to overcome it. Hugh strives to make clear that there is an inevitable struggle in life, but long gone are the days when one should feel stuck in their predicaments. Lee says in a press release, “We can change our circumstances dramatically. You just have to jump in order to fly.”

The Younger I Get is inspired by Gambino’s first mixtape — released in 2005. The project reached #25 on Apple Music. The project featured vintage tracks “A Runaway,” “My Baby” and “2 Brains.” The popularity behind this debut led to breakout projects Sick Boi, I’m Just a Rapper 1 & 2, and R O Y A L T Y.

Lee’s latest effort creates anticipation for the rising star’s forthcoming album, which is slated to be Hugh Lee’s full-length debut. The mixtape follows Lee’s Carbini that dropped last year. The Younger I Get is the perfect jump-on point for any newfound fan. After the stream, for more on Hugh Lee, follow him on social media for daily updates and new music.

Take a listen to the new single now, below.

New Jersey’s Johnny Quest The Rebel + Cruch Calhoun Drop “Blue Diamonds”

With 2021 quickly coming to an end, Quest has decided to run into the new year on FIRE, ensuring that anyone who witnesses take notice and recognize that New Jersey is fully entrenched in the hip-hop scene.

After dropping his last EP Money Dreamz in May (earning a BET Jams placement and featuring in publications such as Flaunt Magazine and All Hip Hop), he got back in the studio quickly. His follow-up is “Blue Diamonds”, a verbal checklist to determine if you got the “glow”, even before others recognize it in you.

Blue Diamonds is a reflective look in the mirror, a reminder to all listening that pressure and experience are what build us into diamonds. With rising star producer Fatir offering cinematic-style production, Quest brings listeners into his movie. They are taking a walk in the shoes of a star, right before his rise to fame. While Blue Diamonds is a story, it’s also a warning shot, a unification of North Jersey and South Jersey that has been in the making for some time. With Cruch Calhoun, a solidified star and frequent Dave East collaborator, offering OG perspective in a chilling verse, the record takes on a different feel.

Through his last few releases, Quest has begun building his reputation as one of the emerging forces in New Jersey. With Blue Diamonds, he only continues to shine bright as a burgeoning star.

Stream it here.

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