Trust’N & Bkwds Fly High On New EP ‘Neverland’

Rising Wisconsin group Trust’N & Bkwds takes us on a magical journey to the well-known Neverland in the release of their new project. The five-song project combines different elements of Hip-Hop, Pop, and R&B, the artists showcase their versatility from beginning to end. And with the combination of elements with talented producers, like Milian Beats, Era Lake, and NextLane Beats. Over the crafty beats and blends, the duo address touches the topics of humble beginnings, heartbreak, and the lavish lifestyle their hard work has afforded them.

Trust’N & Bkwds on the project’s significance:

“Neverland is important because it brings a unique, self-crafted sound while still delivering musical elements as well as songwriting that meet the industry standard. After working on the project for two years, we are finally ready to share our art with the world. The EP is full of both happy and sad moments, capturing some of the emotions we felt during the pandemic. Coming from where we are from we never get the proper respect for what we’re doing because it’s never been a place for Hip-Hop artists to thrive.”

Entering music in Trust’N & Bkwds, the duo has always bet against the odds coming from an industry-less midwest city. Madison, Wisconsin has had a rough past with promoting hip-hop events, generally frowning upon organized Hip-Hop performances in the city. The latest EP follows the duo’s 2019 chart-topping EP, Lapse

Neverland is available now via Lost Boy Entertainment/Create Music Group.

Feel free to check out #Neverland below.

Stream Torrian Ball’s New Album ‘Philophobia’

Following a buzzing campaign that delivered new music videos in “Peace of Mind,” “Quad Cities,” and “Numb,” rising star Torrian Ball drops his new album, Philophobia. Available now on all platforms via Vibe Dealers LLC, Ball’s latest project is 15 tracks that dive deep into the new star, sharing vulnerability, strength, and pride about who he is and where he comes from. It’s his best work yet.

Torrian Ball on the new album:

“Philophobia is the fear of falling or being in love. This project touches on how messed up the state of relationships are and how the trauma from our past can ruin them. This album is the therapy session the world desperately needs!”

Ball’s latest work is the perfect origin point for newfound fans of the popular new artist. The project also comes out on the heels of Torrian’s new Live Out L!ve tour, for which tickets are available now for a city near you. Click here for more information.

Listen to the full album now, and afterward, you may follow Torrian Ball on social media for daily updates and more.

Alexia Jayy Releases New Single “I Need A Man”

Rising singer/songwriter Alexia Jayy has been approved by R&B’s biggest names, like Chris Brown, Rico Love, Muni Long, and Jazmine Sullivan as the genre’s next big star. Today, she takes center stage with the release of her new single, titled “I Need A Man.” On the new single, Jayy desires a soul mate and the love it brings. Stream it below.

“This record is about manifesting the perfect man,” Alexia Jayy explains. “Making kings understand that they are needed and helping couples realize that they have a good one on their side.”

Following her previous release, “Who Raised You” and “It Ain’t Easy,” Jayy new release is co-written by Jay Lyriq (T-Pain) and produced by AP Factor. Currently in album mode, as her single makes wave across social media, her forthcoming project is expected for an early 2023 release.

Available now via Collins Blvd-Foundation Media, stream the new song below. For more Alexia Jayy, follow her on social media.

Torrian Ball Releases New Music Video “Numb”

LA-based recording artist Torrian Ball continues to promote his upcoming album. Philophobia, with the release of the album’s third single in “Numb,” accompanied by the music video. In the new single depression, Torrian addresses his demons and entails unheard cries for help in the song’s lyrics, saying, “Life ain’t fair but it goes on / Everything feels right til it goes wrong / Ice running through my veins I am so numb / From the ones I call blood that showed me no love / Asking god do you hear me / All I wanted was to make the people hear me.”

Ball releases “Numb” during National Suicide Prevention Week. An annual week that begins September 4 to September 10, National Suicide Prevention Week is an opportunity to create awareness of this leading cause of death. The U.S. campaign is set to inform and engage health professionals and the general public about suicide prevention and the warning signs of suicide.

Ball on the making of his new single: “Numb is for everybody that feels like giving up, for the misunderstood souls all over the world that feel like they don’t matter, the underdogs that life has dealt a bad hand that can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. This record captures that feeling of being numb to the pain, and it reminds so many of us that have been down and out that we are not crazy for feeling the way we feel, but most importantly, that we are not alone. The significance of this record is not only does it capture the feeling sonically, but lyrically, it puts those exact emotions into words for so many of us that don’t know how to.”

“Numb” and Ball’s upcoming album come on the verge of the rising star hitting the road the rest of 2022 on his own self-promoted tour. From October to November, Ball will be performing in all major markets with additional acts. Click here for complete tour dates. “Numb” is available now on all platforms via Vibe Dealers LLC.

“Numb” is produced by Native. Feel free to follow Torrian Ball on social media for daily updates and more.

Watch “Numb” below, and if you or someone you know suffers from “suicidal thoughts,” reach out to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

E Bleu Releases “No Biggie,” Announces AWAL Partnership

Houston’s E Bleu career has experienced a hugely accomplished past that continues to get bigger and better as he enters the mainstream landscape. Today, he announced a new partnership with the independent powerhouse AWAL, and to celebrate, he delivered the new track, titled “No Biggie.” The track centers around him humble bragging about the lavish lifestyle he’s able to provide for potential love interests. On the song, E Bleu’s laid-back flow displays his nonchalant attitude when he raps: “Fly you to the islands it’s no biggie baby / Driver pick you up in Maybach S650 baby / When you ride up to the penthouse make it sticky baby / Too much motion, pay them hoes no mind that slick be hating / Off a couple shots, got you on a roll.”

“I’m just in a great space right now,” E Bleu shares on the song’s origin. “I think the music has always reflected where I’m at in real life and No Biggie is just that confident, feel-good vibe to me. It’s the start of a new chapter in my mind. I think that will be felt in the music as well.”

“No Biggie” follows E Bleu’s previous track “2AM.” He’s best known for his breakout single “3AM” remix featuring Derez De’Shon, and buzzworthy follow-up “4AM.”

E Bleu’s “No Biggie” during the making of his forthcoming project, which is anticipated for an early 2023 release. “No Biggie” is available now on all platforms. For daily updates and music news, feel free to follow E Bleu on social media.

Listen to “No Biggie” below.

Orion Follows “Tenet” With New Video “Send It Up”

Rising North Virginia recording artist Orion returns to the mainstream landscape eager to become one of the industry’s hottest new stars with the release of his new music video “Send It Up.” In the Ayden Brav-directed visual, Orion stars as a mad scientist on the verge of a breakthrough but has a few side deals he needs to make to complete the experiment. Throughout the visual, Orion embarks on a Pulp Fiction-esqe mission to secure the unknown formula.

“Send It Up” is a clever and fun release from the uprising star. For newfound fans, it’s the perfect origin point as he prepares for his forthcoming album. “Send It Up” follows the previous release “Tenet”. Orion’s love for cinema is quickly becoming a niche and a hit with fans that will add to the artist’s fanfare as he grows into a superstar.

“Send It Up” is produced by Rasneek. The song is available everywhere via HEY Collective/WeAreVA, LLC. For more on Orion, feel free to follow him on social media.

Watch it now.

Philthy Rich Joins DeeBo Lotti Maserati & Judge Da Boss For “Save Me (Remix)” Music Video

Oakland legend Philthy Rich joins rising stars DeeBo Lotti Maserati and Judge Da Boss on the remix to the breakout hit “Save Me.” Directed by CMDelux, the trio trades gritty, money-chasing, designer label-referenced verses in the Phoenix streets — donning the most fly designer fashion. “Save Me” is a preparation to the new stars, DeeBo Lotti Maserati and Judge Da Boss, forthcoming projects, which are slated for late-2022. The song is available on all platforms via Every Stacks Counts Ent.

Oakland Budda Mack New Visual “Hollow” Featuring Foreign Glizzy

Recently Oakland rapper Budda Mack released the video for his song “Hollow” which features fellow Bay Area rapper Foreign Glizzy.  Featuring red highlights throughout the visual, Budda Mack gives rap fans in Oakland something to cheer about for years to come.

Themed after all the classy ladies that Budda Mack is used to seeing in the Bat Area and around the world, Budda got prominent Bay Area rapper Foreign Glizzy to join him on the song. 

Anaya LoveNote New Visual “Preference”

Artist, entertainer, and songwriter Anaya LoveNote has something to say and she’s not holding back or biting her tongue for anyone or anything. Breaking out with her anthem for females titled, “Preference,” this Texas-bred and California-residing entertainer is winning over the hearts of the industry with her candid takes on life, love, and relationships. 

Taking back the labels that men impose on women like “hoe” or “gold digger,” Anaya LoveNote wants to level the playing field of dating with her new video. She lets them know it’s just her “Preference” to date the kind of men that have a big bag and the means to take care of a family.

16Geechi Unveils New Single “Statement”

New rising Yay Area recording artist 16Geechi returns with another spectacular Stacking Memories-directed music video for his latest single, titled “Statement.” Eager to make a bold statement on this one, the rising star takes us on a shopping spree while he raps about living the extravagant life he’s always dreamed about after long days and long nights of grinding. Throughout the visual, 16Geechi flashes diamond watches, meetings with high-profile connections, and designer drip from head to toe. Easily one of the new star’s best works yet and the perfect origin point for newfound fans as he preps his formal introduction to the world.

Stream it here

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