#EastCoast | Spinx Da Don – “Where’s The Love (Official Video)” 

Bronx Born, Long Island-based recording artist, Spinx Da Don drops off his music video, “Where’s The Love.” Rapping over soulful production courtesy of Daniel Thompson, Sphinx Da Don reflects on the coldness of the streets and his daily grind. 

Directed by WillC of StreetHeat and presented via CASH POWER RESPECT RECORDS, the buzzing song has been steadily spinning on the airwaves of SHADE45 with the Heavy Hitter DJ- DJ Wallah being the very first to break the record.

Watch the video below, and be sure to keep up with Spinx Da Don on Instagram here.


Chyng Diamond Drops New Single “Guess What” 

After the viral success of “Lose the Ugly”, “Guess What” is an elevated, empowering anthem that not only has a message but stays authentic to Chyng’s sound and roots. After being reposted and followed by Cardi B, Snoop Dogg, and Lizzo, Chyng is primed to take on the next stage of her career.

Self-proclaimed queen of Omaha, NE, Nenzingha Davis, better known as Chyng Diamond, is a 25-year-old rapper who has already lived a lifetime of experiences and is ready to share her lessons learned with those who are willing to hear it.

Growing up, she was influenced by her family in the art of rapping; both her mother and brother are rappers. Having been raised around gang life and violence, Chyng has seen how horrid those experiences can be for people and wants to use her voice in her music to bring light to dark situations. Her recent stint in the slammer has given her a new lease on life.

Despite all that she has endured, she knows she is destined for greatness; she is everything society deems to be not beautiful yet she owns her self-taught beauty and worth with such swagger it is inspiring.

At the core of her music are the powerful and emotion-provoking beats that back all her tracks. Listeners of Chyng can expect to be dually inspired and ready to fuck shit up upon hearing her music. A voice for all of those who doubt themselves, Chyng embodies overcoming adversity to attain the highest goals a person sets for themselves, all while being a boss ass bitch.

Chyng Diamond hopes to be the person referenced when people say something can’t be done, “Well, Chyng did it.”



OwnBoy – “Panamera”

Barcelona native, OwnBoy, shares his new single, “Panamera.”

His musical influences came from Young Money, Lil Wayne, and Tyga, which had a lot to do with inspiring the new banger. Continue to keep an eye out for OwnBoy as he continues the grind and check out the official single below!

#CALI | Kryptic Reign Music Presents Xpression Ft. Bizzy Bone – “Lilith (Prod. by Bebo Beats )”

C.E.O. and founder of Kryptic Reign Music label, Juan Carlos Fajardo Jr, aka Xpression (music artist, songwriter, author) from Indio, California drops a new single titled “Lilith” featuring Bizzy Bone from the iconic legendary rap group Bone Thugs-N-Harmony.

“Lilith” is a dark, twisted sexual sacrilegious fantasy smothered in a blanket of raw, melodic hip-hop. The Song starts with Bizzy Bone spitting an descriptive intro to the record depicting a scene of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden.

The song title “Lilith” comes from Adams’s first wife, who got banned from the Garden of Eden; according to the Biblical Archaeology Society, Lilith returns disguised as a snake and convinces Adam and Eve to sin by eating the forbidden fruit.

Throughout the record, we hear a lot of references on this topic from both artists. On the production side, Kryptic Reign Music’s own producer, Bebo Beats, works alongside “Rikanatti,” an audio engineer from shady records, to bring the quality sound to life.

Listen to the brand new hitter, ”Lilith” below!

Twitter: @kryptic_Reign
Instagram @krypticreignmusic

#LA | Mike Zombie – “Triumphant (Prod. By Marcus Mayhem)” 

Known for his work with Drake, Eminem, DJ Khaled, Young M.A., and more, Los Angeles own, multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated producer Mike Zombie has been relatively quiet since the formation of his Don Juligans group and the launch of his WAV TECH app in 2021. 

Now, the self-proclaimed “Humble Genius” gifts fans with a surprise release in the form of celebratory Marcus Mayhem-produced song, “Triumphant.” The motivational, horn-driven track finds the Jersey-bred rapper/producer radiating confidence as he spits some boastful rhymes addressing competition and his own resilience.

“I used to make beats in college with my brother..he actually sent me this beat from this producer named Marcus Mayhem and it immediately screamed anthem when I heard it. 

The first thing that came out my mouth was ‘this sound like somethin ****** this sound triumphant.’ I love making motivational music and it seems people love hearing it .. it’s starting to be my lane. Album on the way,” Zombie shares with us. 

“Triumphant” is expected to appear on Mike Zombie’s forthcoming album, Nice Guys Finish First, dropping on all platforms June 2022. Stream the single below on your preferred streaming platform.

Follow Mike Zombie:
Website / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Eastsidebaby Tdot – ” I Feel Good (Official Video)” 

When we think of Eastsidebaby Tdot, we think Baton Rouge, Louisiana. When we think Eastsidebaby Tdot we think superstar status. So, when you think Eastsidebaby Tdot think, next up, on point, the future. Allow us to take you through the reason he is telling the world “I Feel Good”

Born and raised in East Baton Rouge Baker, Louisiana, 27-year-old Troy Eley Jr aka Eastsidebaby Tdot has been focused on the business of music early in his life. Overcoming the struggles in his life, which includes the loss of his mother to domestic violence. Tdot was able to take his pain and use it to fuel the music that became his professional career. What more motivation can you get than to honor the woman who gave birth to you.

 Lyrically he chooses his words wisely and his beat selection helps him take anything he is developing to higher levels on a consistent basis. Real life experiences, true stories and relatable topics are what give Eastsidebaby Tdot the advantage he needs to be on top of his craft. Teaming up with producer Trell it’s a Hit, they came up with the dope song “I Feel Good” where he is motivated, focused and on top of everything.

 Understanding the devils that also plague the music business, he understands he must keep his business straight and guard up. “I Feel Good” is the representation of that which is pushing him to becoming mainstream, headlining shows on the biggest stages.

To get even more tuned into his music stream the official video for “I Feel Good” on YouTube now.

GunPlay MMG – “Aunty Hold Up (Prod. By DeeDay)”

New Orleans producer DeeDay seems to be breaking new ground with his Nola infused sound, recently producing GunPlay MMG newest single “Aunty Hold Up” featuring Bobby fishscale it looks like his sound is spreading much further than just his city, also producing songs with Artist like Lil Boosie, Currensy, and Kevin Gates.

DeeDay’s future as a producing is looking bright, his unique sound by infusing Nola elements to his beats makes his producing stand out amongst some of the best. 

Connect:Instagram @DeeDay504 DeeDaybeatz.com

2MRW Ft. NateTaylorr – “Money Code (Official Video)”  

New Jersey-based, singer/song-writer 2MRW drops off his latest single, “Money Code” featuring NateTaylorr. Turning heads with his infectiously melodic sound, it’s no wonder why he’s already receiving comparisons to acts such as Don Tolliver, Tory Lanez, and Saint Jhn.

Just shy of 3-minutes long, 2MRW and NateTaylorr have an undeniable chemistry on “Money Code.” Radiating a casual bravado the two take turns crooning about their hunger to make it, women and of course, money. With hazy, menacing, piano driven production courtesy of the UK-based SulienBeats, 2MRW’s high pitched vocals pierce through 

“Money code was made in my home studio at 6 AM . I was at the end of a 5 hour studio session and just felt like I was in my bag . I made the song to reflect on the hustle , the hunger you feel to accomplish your goals,” 2MRW shares with us.

Stream the song below on your preferred streaming platform below. 

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Music: Balyztyk – “Gang Gang” 

If you know anything about music, then you know it can have an impact on anyone’s life at an early age. Once you connect with it, you will never disconnect from its influence again. At the age of 12 a little Polynesian boy from Long Beach, California who we now know as Balyztyk felt the influence of music and started to develop/create a sound of his own.

His influences came from the talents of Michael Jackson, James Brown, Busta Rhymes, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Juvenile to name a few. From a business perspective he gained his know-how from the likes of Baby and Slim of Cash Money Records. Musically Balyztyk is in tune with the sound he has developed with records like Gang Gang and Sittin in The Trap which he has circulating the digital masses as we speak.

Not letting up on his music he is set to release “Started with an Ounce” and a mixtape hosted by a DJ which will be announced at the final stages. As an artist you must treat yourself like a business as well as understand the business you are in. With that in mind in 2018 Balystyk created Dove Gang Records where he puts 100% of his focus in because he understands what it takes to make it in this business. Everything he does is self-financed, and he burns himself out every day doing the leg work and physical street promotion himself. He truly is self-made and a go getter full of surprises and motives.

Under Dove Gang Records Balyztyk collaborated with Gmob Music Group and Swish Gang in Atlanta with recording artist Gmob Hamo selling 20K in physical copies. Gang Gang alone streamed a few million with Sittin In The Trap right behind it with 1 million streams and counting.

Balyztyk plans to take Dove Gang Records LLC to higher levels with Dove Gang Films LLC, Dove Gang Apparel LLC and more. Not stopping there, he has also invested in his own Trucking company and cleaning services certifying himself as an all-around business man.

TMF Precha, Layzie Bone, and Ronnie King Link with Xpression for New Music based on The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene

There’s no way, I’m fucking trapped! I can hardly pay the bills as is. I’m so sick of walking past needles on the ground and drunks stumbling into the yard and passing out right in front of my kids while I’m swinging them. Somethings got to give I can’t keep living this way and these kids deserve better!

These were thoughts running through Tony’s mind while standing in the kitchen watching roaches scurry across the countertop of his trailer at The Junction mobile home park in Gordon, Ga. 2010. 

Fast-forward to 2011 after working long hours and saving up he founded his label imprint Now Entertainment and released several projects including Silly Slim’s Alphabet. He later restructured the label into a blog a short time later.

In 2020 artist and writer Christian Vind interviewed Xpression for the first issue of Now Entertainment Magazine. Shortly thereafter Tony and Xpression connected on Instagram and began building a relationship and working more closely together on future projects such as the first episode of the Now Entertainment Podcast, the song “Bent Rules”, and making plans for an upcoming Amazon Prime episode. 

After learning Xpression had previously worked with Bizzy Bone on the song “Lilith” Tony, being a big fan of Bone Thugs N Harmony since a child, didn’t hesitate to let Xpression know inspiring it was to be working with someone that had previously recorded a project with one of his idols. Knowing this, Xpression asked Precha to join him on a new project with fellow BTNH member Layzie Bone. 

Xpression recalled that Tony aka TMF Precha had referenced the 21st law of power in his debut single G.I.T. and felt there was synergy on the topic so he and his producer Bebo beats conceptualized the instrumental and hook for their new song 48 Laws. Later the multi-platinum, Oscar and Grammy nominated, diamond certified Ronnie King joined the crew and laid down some keys on the song giving it the extra flair it needed and solidifying the beat. Layzie Bone then knocked out his verse of course referring to the 1st law of power “never outshine the master” as the beginning of the third verse on the track. 

Xpression held down the first verse and covered the majority of the laws in the 1998 New York Times bestselling book by Robert Greene. Tony M Fountain then followed suit with the flow but kept the majority of his law references slightly hidden and more cryptic in nature rather than blatantly stating them outright. Midway through his verse TMF Precha demonstrated his influence and respect of the Bone Thug flow by drifting in and out of harmonies. 

Tony says he can’t believe how things have come full circle from the days of daydreaming about this moment, while living in a rundown singlewide trailer with no heat, to present day. He encourages everyone with the hope for something better to keep striving towards their goals and never give up because anything is possible. 

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