MSB Boog Releases Run It Up!

Independent artist out of Pensacola fl Who has been rapping, seems like all his life,”in his words” but now finally to a point of taking it serious. Boog is currently set to open for the new 1017 artist Enchanting on tour having its first stop in Atlanta, GA. He was inspired to get serious as an artist by his big brother, who tried to make a mark in the music industry but felt as if he fell short do to a 10 year sentence in the penitentiary.  So now he’s the steam behind his younger brother MSB Boog, who have vowed to take the touch to the finish line for his brother, family and his peers from his neighborhood.

MSB had been inbreeded in Boog from the start well before he decided to be a full time rapper. The acronym oringinally stood for “Mallory Street Bosses” but to clean up his image and the background that stands behind the oringinal meaning of “MSB”, Boog associate his mean of “MSB”, for his music to “Money Stakkin Bozz”. in which outlines the main goal of his independent record label Money Stakkin Bozz Ent”. MSB Boog over all goal is to touch souls with music and make a way for his people to see a new light other than the norm. MSB boog recently release an EP titled Life In The Trenchez on all platforms telling his life story!

DB Kash Releases Born Broke Die Rich

A sparkly pamphlet of production that DB KASH can boast in today, the album is a high-octane juice that tells of so many life’s stories that people have been eager to listen to for long. In his song “Blessed,” he delivers a smooth number that tells his story from the beginning to where he is now. A true definition of never giving up!

Throughout his past music albums, DB has evolved into that capable artist who just delivers heartfelt lyrics with bars wrapped in from track to track and release after release. Several of his new releases have embarked on providing a message of his life story with a speck of some of the most tragic events in his journey. On tracks like Envy, the adept rapper laments how those close to him try to rip him off his success on a daily. The reality of expressing one’s vision of their personal journey and showcasing their own struggles can create a path for many lukewarm friendships.

Artist DB KASH has had to strife against people around him who change when they can’t get what they want. This is a vivid picture of many false relationships he has had to deal with, even though these struggles have not stopped him from becoming the entrepreneur with the big vision he is today.

From every angle of the album “Born Broke Die Rich,” artist DB KASH might have just released his best release since Cuffing Season. Tracks; Rat Traps & He Say She Say appeal to the storyteller within him and awake his agility to turn Hip-Hop music into a powerful story shot from the lenses of a creative musician that has tasted the journey of fame.

Adreana Gears Up To Release New EP “Lucky For You”!

Adreana’s 1st EP “Lucky You” is set to release in March 2022. She completed an Artist
Development Bootcamp with Bad Boy R&B Legend Q Parker from the mega group 112 & Grammy-nominated Producer TedyP from New Fam Entertainment. Adreana studied everything from media training & vocal coaching to live show performance and in studio sessions creating hit songs for her upcoming music project. Adreana is also an accomplished model, owner of ALH Modeling Agency and a budding actress who is featured in the newly released YouTube series “Situationship”.

With her passion and experience building, Adreana has performed all over the United States of America. She enjoys sharing her gift in her hometown of Shreveport, LA at events such as the annual Let the Good Times Roll Festival. She has worked with writing teams in Atlanta, Ga and Gary, Indiana. While working with Nard Music Group (NMG), she performed at the “Dear Frank” Movie Premier After Party for Brian White, Claudia Jordan and several others. Through this opportunity, her single “ReapinSeason” is on the Dear Frank soundtrack (released in 2021).

Trillionaire Thugs Just Became One Of The Biggest NFTS!

Trillionaire Thugs is a collection of 7,777 NFTs, each representing a Thug as a digitized piece of 3D art. With more than 300 traits in 3D, our collection will be one of the most diverse and detailed on the market. Our goal is to build a community around the hype of the hip hop universe. The models to follow are no longer in suits, but in sneakers, their crypto wallets often being more loaded!

The Trillionaire Thugs’ collection brings the hip hop and urban scene to the NFT market . This universe is not very well represented even though it is an important part of the hype and is in line with the times. Many hip hop characters embody success and achievement nowadays. Our characters are thugs who evolve in a hype universe and who have been digitized by talented artists to give them life in the Metaverse. By joining the community, you may be making the best investment of your life. Be part of this new financial era where being cool and rich is more compatible than ever!

The NFT project has completely sold out as of now, being one of the fastest selling projects to hit the OpenSea marketplace. The project was backed by celebrities, athletes, and music artists such as Soulja Boy!

Have you ever seen a gang without a boss? In any gang, you get respect and the benefits that go with it, by climbing the ladder. On mint day, you have a direct chance to become a Gold member without having to start from the bottom. On mint day, you will have 5% chance to mint a Golden Thug, as 390 pieces are randomly Golden! Their owners will receive additional benefits when the NFTs are connected to the Metaverse. Just by holding you will get a reward from the crew! In addition to that, 10 Legendary NFTs that will make reference to the crypto world will complete the collection.

The creators of the project are as follows: MARC L. , Producer of Trillionaire Thugs, SAM R. Marketing for the brand, HAU N. is the Art Director, EMMANUEL J. is the 3D Artist for the models, IEGOR A. is the Blockchain Expert, and ALEX A. is the Developer. Each member had an integral role in making the concept come to life and the brand become a reality.

Stay up to date with all the information for the brand and when more Thugs will become available here:

Tamira Breon – Perfect Timing

The Decatur Georgia bred songstress known as Tamira Breon has been passionate about music since a young age. What now has been 3 years of consistent work and focus has now turned to a budding musical journey and career for the budding music artist.

Her latest project is a mixtape titled “Over Due” hosted by Grand Hustle’s own DJ MLK! The Atlanta native has began her long over due and awaited stint in music, creating a sound and style to compete with the already music oriented South.

Tamira Breon’s leading single from her project is “Perfect Timing”, which sums up her consistent grind and balance needed while dealing with a relationship and putting out music.

Riiyoo & Lil Lee Drops New Visuals “Unavailable”

Atlanta rap duo Riiyoo & Lil Lee release the video for their latest project and lead single titled “Unavailable”. The video sums up the cool ATL scene of nightlife and Southern Music, bringing to life the track itself with words that show why anyone can be deemed as being unavailable.

This “money loving” anthem is something everyone on the grind will find relatable. Options are part of the lifestyle and when you are out here doing what it takes to stack your money to the ceiling, it leaves no time for meaningless interactions. If it’s not about money, then we’re “Unavailable”!

Being from Atlanta the duo are not new to breaking the mold on the music scene. Growing up as childhood friends and now business partners has created the successful drive and opportunities for the rap group to showcase their talent to the world.

Stay updated with the group here:

Ke$hun Releases New Single “Hundred Rounds”

Atlanta’s own Ke$hun a.k.a. 32 Baby releases his latest single entitled “Hundred Rounds”, distributed by Equity Distribution. The 20 year old Atlantian has been making strides in the music industry and with the release of Hundred Rounds it shows why!

The new single speaks volumes to the real life of many gen z and millennials, with a catchy hook and melodic cadences the record will definitely captivate the listener. Hundred Rounds tells the story of survival for the everyday rap artist and person trying to make it out their current situation by any means necessary based on the conditions of ones environment. With so many things rappers deal with in an everyday setting it’s not new to hear words speaking of protection against ones adversaries.

Ke$hun is considered to be a street poet bringing melodic harmonies and bars together to create a fluent trapish music sound. Coming from the hit TV show on Lifetime, The Rap Game, by Jermaine Dupri, Ke$hun has continued to prove himself in the music industry and bring forth the same success as rap counter part Mulatto. Ke$hun is the front runner for his BMV or Big Money Visions brand hailing from Atlanta, Ga. producing some the highest quality merch, and experiences for its audience. Since its creation Ke$hun has showcased the brand on national television to millions worldwide!Ke$hun is more than just about penning and performing a few well written lines.

Exclusive: Devontaii – You

Devontaii, is originally from Miami, FL. The singer/songwriter whose passion for music happened at an early age is now releasing his latest single entitled, “You”! Since music is his passion and what he loves to do, Devonatii focuses on life experiences and bringing the stories to life through his pen.

Since the successful release of soulful and catchy melodic single, “Brown Sugar Thang”, Devontaii has been consistently working and making strides in the music entertainment industry. The Dollyhood Records artist has been setting the scene for Miami, FL. as the R&B artist to look for, with several cosigns from established industry giants and more Devontaii has definitely secured his place in the ever changing world of music.

“You” is the intimate, love ballad creating the ambiance of a romance story like no other Devontaii delivers the vocals to a true masterpiece for ears of the listener. The song embodies the love between a man and the love of his life as they embrace each other and revel in each others essence.

Making feel good music is an understatement for Devontaii, and the new single and video relishes in that. Not only is the song filling the gap in R&B music, but its all giving us something to vibe too. The video embraces the visual of Black Love and Black Relationships. With an ode to the Black Man and the love he actually gets and can receive, “You” is the perfect song signifying love and positivity.

J-Roca Releases “My Brother”

J-Roca is a lyricist, serial entrepreneur, songwriter and philanthropist from Detroit, Michigan. J-Roca has come a long way from killing emcees in lunchrooms and beating on tables. His versatility, stage performance, style and witty personality sets him apart from the norm.

He delivers charm and a grittiness that’s sure to capture fans hearts and ears worldwide, with a vibe you can definitely ride to. At the age of nine, J-Roca started writing rhymes and poetry and started recording music in the studio at the age of 13.

Influenced by notable emcees such as Eminem, Drake,Jay Z, and Lil Wayne to name a few. He grew into his own style and released multiple mix tapes throughout the years while staying in his lane, taking no shorts and dropping fire music for the masses. He’s currently tearing down clubs, dropping new and creative music videos, sharping his sword and preparing to take the crown in the music industry.

In 2019, J-Roca lost his best friend Ruben “Goggles” Kendrick to a tragic car accident. Full of pain and sadness, J-Roca poured his heart and soul into his next single“My Brother’. My Brother is a hard hitting, soulful, heartfelt homage to falling soldiers and to ones we’ve lost way to soon. In 2020, “My Brother” took off virally reaching over 500,000+ streams and close to 1 million impressions online. Garnering co-signs from Quality Control’s CEO P and a recent video of Sada Baby going up to “My Brother” in a nightclub.

Get To Know Ledonia Davis!

Entrepreneur Ledonia Davis, has worked her way to expanding across the West Coast into the Southern states. She plans to take artist management to the next level with her experience and expertise. With over 18 years of professional experience she can sure help clients to fulfill their dreams and succeed.

Ledonia is an innovative, solutions and goal oriented manager and adept talent broker industry strategist. A management consultant with proven success in talent management, marketing, branding and business development. With over 15 years of entertainment expertise, she is an accomplished and results-oriented professional, with a proven track record of supporting key business and client objectives. Her strengths are fostering relationships, strategizing, and planning.

Carte Blanche Entertainment Group headquartered in Seattle. WA is an Entertainment and Artist Management company. As an Artist and Independent label management firm we assist in developing artists and assisting labels to reach to the next level. Carte Blanche is entertainment company providing a wide range of artist development, career streamlining and project planning/analysis services. We are geared to provide solutions to many challenges and opportunities in today’s music marketplace.

As consultants, we are equipped to socialize the right knowledge getting, gaining access/exposure, strategic planning, booking, career development, and provide grassroots work on the marketing and promotion side for our artist. We are committed to providing an optimal service and an option to compete with the majors as Indie is the New Major! We are poised to develop the skills and public profiles of our clients and have the ability to consult & represents Artists, Producers, DJs, Models, Entertainers and independent labels.

Get more info on her company today by visiting:

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