Bay Area Rap Group UglyFace Released Their Debut Project “The Good EP”

Bay Area rap group UglyFace released their debut project “The Good EP” today. This release follows the buzz Aaron Temple, Andre Mosley, Aric Jones, and Kevin Farpella collectively known as UglyFace have started in the Bay Area since their reformation during Covid-19 in 2020. Since re-forming UglyFace have hit the ground running with the release of singles Woke Up,” “Oxtails,” “GWEN,” & “The Coast,” “Pillow Talk”and “Ain’t For Sale” all of which will be on their debut project The Good EP.  UglyFace’s unique style has drawn comparisons to legendary groups like A Tribe Called Quest, and much like Tribe UglyFace doesn’t always feature every member on each track but in turn allows each artist the opportunity to champion their own songs adding in the other members when it organically works for the music.

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