Beau. is set to make what’s left of 2020 his year as he continues to release captivating music. After making a name for himself in Australia, supporting artists like Yung Gravy, Lucki and Wicca Phase Springs Eternal on the Sydney leg of their tours, he is now based in Philadelphia and looking to take the US by storm.

After a strong start to the year releasing one song a week, he has taken some time off to work on and release his newest single, “Stuck In My Ways.” 

The pop / rap fusion radiates uninhibited energy with ear-catching melodic instrumentation and percussive, chilled out vocals from Beau. Andrew Rapier of Beat It AT (studio credits include Lil’ Durk) worked his production magic on the track and it shows. He allows the emotion-drenched vocals to adorn the instrumental in a way that makes it shine and sparkle at every turn. The track is atmospheric and spacey but still punchy and catchy. It’s a drugged out pop / rap tune that never gets drowsy. 

“Stuck In My Ways.” features powerful lyricism that puts you right in the throes of substance abuse. It’s the kind of record that will have listeners either getting faded with their friends, or recalling certain decisions in their lives, either way it’s a must-listen single.

Check it out below!

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