Julien Anderson is a Memphis native who had the drive to change his life since he worked at a grocery story. 19 years old, Julien chose to manage one his friends whom he believed who could rap. Julien would take time out to invest into his friend with his own money, time, drive, & ambition to see to it that he and his friend would be successful. Before wanting to take on the role of a manager, Julien was an aspiring A and R. Declining a good paying overnight job, Julien would relocate to from Memphis to Atlanta to further pursue his vision in music.

Julien’s Younger Cousin pushed hard for Julien to leave Memphis to evolve outside his comfort zone. Sleeping in his car became apart of the grind for Julien Anderson. Solar Sound Studio’s being the most revered studio in Atlanta, Julien was given the opportunity to be a studio engineer. Quitting Solar Sound Studio’s, the whole Solar Sound Studio’s staff quit and followed behind Julien to the next best thing. Phoenix, Arizona, La, back to Atlanta, Julien Anderson took risk to breakthrough in the industry.

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