This week Portia Terrae from had a talk with Juno Award Winning R&B artist Dru over the phone about his music influences, how he got into becoming a singer, favorite city while on tour , favorite liquor and more with this series for #BeforeTheFame.

Portia: Where are you from?
Dru: Toronto, Canada but my background is Jamaican.

Portia: Some of your influencers Usher, Frank Ocean, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye that inspired you in music. What inspire you to start singing and do R&B music?
Dru: My older brother use to sing in the choir. I did not think singing int he choir was cool at the time but I was singing to myself one day and he caught me singing. He was Dru you can sing, you have a voice. He was not playing or joking around when he told me. I really took that in that we told me I really have a talent. I took it series since then. 

Portia: How old were you when your older brother heard you sing?
Dru: 8-9 Years old. Listening to Jackson 5 and New Edition

Portia: Who are the new current day artists that influences you?
Dru: Artist like Khalid, 6LACK, HER, and Daniel Ceaser art artists I listen to. 

Portia: How was the European Tour? What was your favorite city you visited dealing with the food and activities?
Dru: Cannes,France. To the food, the scenery, whole like historic buildings. Its like Miami tropical king of feeling with everything combined.The weather and the beautiful women. You cant complain about it. I might have to retire there.  

Portia: I heard you have a Canadian tour coming up well?
Dru: The big show thats coming up for summer is Tdot Fest. August 18th, Ill be headlining that show. It will be a combination of hot new artists thats coming up in the city and the couple of rest of us that been keeping records coming and keeping momentum. Its a 2 day festival on the 17th & 18th of August but I'll be performing on the 18th.

Take a listen at 8:13 mark for when Portia and Dru discuss his top 5 artist dead or alive) music he would take onto an island.

Take a listen at 8:58 mark while they get more personal with questions with the segment "This or That".

Take a listen and watch below: 

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