#BEFORETHEFAME | East Coast Rapper Gado Delivers Anticipated New EP “9th Wonder,” and Talks About New Project & MORE In Exclusive Interview

East Coast rapper, Gado, shares his highly anticipated 9th project with his brand new album, 9th W\onder.

This time taking a more personal approach This is different from what fans are used to hearing from Gado, but various tracks demonstrate all types of Gado’s personal thoughts making it raw and relatable to his fans and new supporters! 

This time #BEFORETHEFAME host, Portia Terrae, stopped by Gado’s official album release party for an exclusive interview.

Hosted at one of Atlanta’s premiere studios, LoudHouse Studios, the celebration quickly turned into a video shoot for his hitter, “I’m Straight.”

Gado’s album, 9th Wonder is officially available on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Music.

Check out the exclusive #BEFORETHEFAME interview down below!

Tell us about your brand new project 9th Wonder.

“It’s different from everything I got out! If you’ve been listening to me it’s different than everything I got out, like it’s completely different.”

What’s different about this project versus your previous projects?

“I’m from up north, we’re use to like “rappin.” Southern rappers have a different type of way of rappin’, so I had to assimilate in a sense. I switched up my style a little bit, not for permanent, but to appease. Down here slower lyrics resonate with people as far as speed… I’m the type of rapper to rap very fast.”

You’re originally from the East Coast, what brought you to Atlanta, Georgia?

“I was born in Long Island, moved to Delaware when I was five. I moved to Atlanta two years ago, I’m 25 now, and shit pretty much been goin’ up since I got here. Shit hot right now! I was doin’ my thing up there, but that’s as far as that shit goes. When I get Atlanta on locked, I’m goin’ over seas, or to Cali, or some other shit… it’s like a game, you gotta take over! I’m letting people know who I am. I came out here with nothin’, and you gotta really show yourself. You gotta outwork these niggas ’cause niggas is workin’!”

So you had a great turn out at your album release party, are these people from back home or people you met while being in Atlanta?

“Really, I met a lot of these people over the last week just by showing my face in the club and all that, so a lot of these people I’m just now meeting; but the support is there and that’s what really matters… that’s what I fuck with.”

Where do you see yourself a year from now?

“I just told Instagram… “Give me 52 weeks and I bet I’ll be rich.” I’ma let that speak for itself.”

Tell us about Jackpot Productions for those who don’t know?

“It’s my music company where we help and provide resources for independent artists. Eventually we gon’ venture into signing artists, and give these artists the tools to do what they wanna do… shooting videos, artist development, choreography… people are out here with talent, but don’t have no direction. I engineer as well, and a lot of artists want my input, so I give it to them.”

I ask everybody this! You’re top 5 favorite artists of all time dead or alive.

“Meek, Wayne, Ludacris, Lil Baby, and I fuck with Drake, I ain’t gon’ cap.”

What’s new for you?

“Big features comin’. We locked in. I’ma just let all the people who doubted me… see I’m not gon’ say too much, because if you say to much you give people room to block your blessings and hate on you. So I’m not gon’ say too much, I’ma just let it come out like I been doin.”

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