Adarious Smith aka Lil Migo is the young sensation heating Memphis, Tennessee & the rest of the world. Inspired by his cousin to rap, Lil Migo eventually took a liking to making music. Not taking music serious at first, it wasn’t until the release of his song “Rockstar” That Lil Migo felt & understood that this can be his career. Giving music a year run, Lil Migo realized music changed his life & wanted to keep it going. Receiving positive feedback from supporters, it encouraged Lil Migo to hone his skills even more & make sure that music remained important to him.

Trying his hand in college, Lil Migo didn’t seen any future in finishing. Dropping out of school and still having the vision to be successful, Lil Migo released “Voice Of The Trap”, which was a compilation of songs that was released on Youtube. Rising in his career, Lil Migo caught the attention of Black Youngsta. Black Youngsta co-signed Lil Migo & then signed him to his label Heavy Camp.

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