The South Florida native singer/songwriter/poet, Savannah Cristina put out a string of stripped-down videos that she recorded with a mic and minimal set-up on a beach, basketball court and anywhere else she’d feel inspired, including a busy street intersection. She released her ‘Comfortable’ visual back in April. Savannah’s “Self Care” video has over 4 million YouTube views, and garnered a co-sign from Alicia Keys.

I got the chance to speak with Savannah Cristina to discuss her single “Comfortable,” life during quarantine, she describes the meaning of her music being soul therapy and more below.

Damian: So you are just coming off a new video last week called “Comfortable”?

Savannah: Yes.

Damian: How do you get the premise of it? I were listening to the lyrics. It’s something a little different from the other songs. Listen from you already.

Savannah: I mean, with this song, it’s just, you know, it’s inspired by, you know, just being at home, being quarantined and just kind of just, catching a vibe. It’s really a vibe.

Damian: You shot the video at your house?

Savannah: Yeah, it’s not the entire video inside of my house. Yes.

Damian: So that is what we will be expecting for right now. A lot of home and self produced. All your videos is set up around the song. ‘Belong To The Streets’ and ‘Self Care’. I like that. I like you have a background theme of the song. Like your videos background, its like a cover art.

Savannah: Always use my environment for, you know, the stuff that I do, I always try to use what’s surrounding me so I can like get something done.

Damian: So what got you into music?

Savannah: Really just started off with writing poetry. I started writing poetry and then all of a sudden the poems turned into song. And that’s pretty much how I got into it.

Damian: How young when you got started?

Savannah: I started making music my first from my studio. I was 15 at a friend’s studio, you wanted me to sing a hook for him for one of the songs he was doing. And I was the first time I saw the inside of a studio. I didn’t drop my first single until I was 19 years old and that’s when I started officially making my own music.

Damian: So the first you made, did you ever put it out or put it in the tuck?

Savannah: No, I have an out. It’s called trust.

Damian: That was the first song you ever made, ‘Trust.’ So you like to call your music soul therapy. Where did all this soul come from?

Savannah: Um soul therapy just came from music, from the soul. You know, I like to listen to a lot of Jill Scott and Erykah Badu about do, and I think that music is really just therapeutic. It’s supposed to be there to make you better. It teaches you how to heal from a lot of pain. So that’s kind of why I just wanted to make my style called soul therapy.

Damian: Like the songs like ‘Belong To The Streets’. When I say self-reflecting, like have you ever talk to yourself like damn why I do that. It’s like thinking your thoughts out loud and realizing what you should’ve really did?

Savannah: Yeah. No, definitely, I always have those moments rounds, you like that. You know, that wasn’t the best decision. But what I tried to do her mistakes is I try to at least gain from them. So even if it’s just me gaining or something, at least I can say it wasn’t all for nothing. So yeah, I definitely have those moments. OK, girl, you should never do that. But I never regret anything because there’s always a lesson learned. There’s always a song to be written out of the, you know, out of those certain things that we do that we might not be the most proud of.

Damian: Yeah. Very self aware. That’s what thing I can tell when I listen to is very self aware.

Savannah: Yeah a lot of honesty, I just try to be very honest about who I am and things that I do. They just try to own it so I can grow from it.

Damian: Do you work with multiple different producers or you’re like to have a go to producer work with so far.

Savannah: I’m still building a team. One person I really get a lot vibes with is Keezo. He is a producer that I met him in L.A. and so far me him have made a lot of dope tracks. I’m still figuring out blue plastic. And I just dropped that song, some sort of figuring out, you know, who will my partner in crime is going to be, because I would love to just lock in for like a week and just walk out the studio. You know, something beautiful.

Damian: Do you play any instruments?

Savannah: No, I don’t play any instruments.

Damian: Now, there’s a voice is so strong that a lot of times its a melody by itself.

Savannah: No, I totally agree. That’s my instrument and I used to play the saxophone in the marching band briefly, but I wouldn’t say that I’m like an adult player. So, yeah, singing is pretty much my instrument.

Damian: So after working so much by yourself independent, is it like a difference now since you with a major now?

Savannah: I mean, I don’t think it’s any different. I think the workload that I have and the things I have to accomplish is the same. It’s just nice to know that, you know, there are there are people who want the same the same success for you as well. And they’re rooting for you and they want you to succeed. And so they’re going to be there to help you and guide you in that process. But as far as like me, what I do from day to day basis, my schedule is pretty much the same as, you know, go to the studio work, make sure I do what I gotta do and, you know, handle business. It’s definitely a blessing.

Damian: Got a question. How did you get into silk kimono’s?

Savannah: I wore them, I write them all the time and I’ve had a lot of my supporters ask me where I have gotten them from. And, you know, how can they get one? And I was like, well, I think totally, just give me some. So that’s kind of where I’m came from. So come on. Those are my signature. I’m home alive. I’m really into self-care routines. I feel like it’s something that everybody should have. Everybody should have a silk kimono or just something that makes them feel comfortable. So I think it’s such a rewarding feeling to be able to provide that to my supporters and just like give them the same feeling that I get when I wear these.

Damian: So you make the kimono’s yourself?

Savannah: No, I just sell them on my website.

Damian: So have you always been into CBD?

Savannah: Actually, the. Finally got into it, but it’s definitely something that as far as like my family, they’re very, very, very enthusiastic about. So I’m always down to support anything that I do or that I catch myself who is all about self care. And I definitely want people to be able to accomplish things and holistic in healthy ways. I know a lot of us, you know, we self-medicate or we get caught up in the wrong stuff. And I just want everybody to be in tune with themselves and take care of themselves in a way that is safe and natural.

Damian: Not just how nurturing is, even with your music feel like you more of an outdoor person than indoor. Not like clubs or parties. Just one with nature outside?

Savannah: Yeah, definitely, I mean, I was I ran across country for a long time. I love to run and run at the park and going in Florida rallies. So going in and being in the environment, going to the beach, that’s something that I love to do is really therapeutic for me. For me. Luckily, I have a lot of plants in my house, so I still feel like I’m outside even when I’m inside. However, you know, I’m I’m really looking forward to being able to be safe outside and waited for that to happen.

Damian: That’s great to hear. You have music inspirations, not just the older generation, like the ones that are now. You listen to?

Savannah: Umm the ones that inspire me would be Young Thug, Drake PartyNextDoor, Tory Lanezv. Those are kind of like the people who inspire me. Well, what they do because they’re self-made. You know what I mean? They they really got it at the bottom. And they really created a brand new set for themselves and an original brand, not a brand that was based off of somebody else’s brand. And they found like this person, no like they’re all very original. And I’m inspired by originality. So those are kind of the people I’m looking at right now that I’m trying to gain from that. I can possibly learn from.

Damian: Is there any concerts you performed at and where like woah – damn. I’m really singing in front of these people?

Savannah: Yeah, I mean, about four years ago, I did a show with LMA, her Snow Allegra Aaron Ray was a big festival, best light festival, and that was in Miami. And that was a pretty big audience. I was super excited to do that. And then just like the the the staple places like S.O.B’s in New York where, you know, I was in a totally different state and I had people that were pumping my music and singing along. So it’s different stuff like that. It never gets old. Where you really feel the love. I mean, the best part about it is to be somewhere that’s not your city. When I was in Chicago and in L.A. and you have people who are extremely happy to see you perform and have the waiting room, you have to sing these lyrics, which you. So that was definitely surreal through our performances.

Damian: When you wake up in the morning, whats the first song you listen?

The first song in the morning. I mean a shower. I was delighted to ‘Be with you by Beyonce’s.

Damian: What about before you go to sleep?

[00:13:49] 5 Honestly, I probably was in something slow, like the Maxwell, ‘Like Whatever,Whatever,’ or my mind just in time, my Erica by do I listen to something slow?

[00:14:04] Yes. You’re saying.

Damian: Vegan or Non-vegan?

Savannah: Non-vegan I was a vegetarian for like six and seven months, but it wasn’t for me. But, you know, I I support everybody decision to eat where they want to eat.

Damian: Why you only last 6-7 months?

Savannah: I went to the Bahamas and they had fried conch and I was about to not eat fried conch in the Bahamas. I was like, yeah, I’m cool. So that was really the only reason I went on vacation. And I’m like, yeah, we we’ll stop this now. So that’s how it went.

Damian: You have a childhood that you feel in love with?

Savannah: Maybe “Don’t You Worry bout A Thing” by Stevie Wonder. I just remember my parents playing that for me all the time, all the time, just loud through the house. My mom and my dad loved that song. They will always sing together. And I just remember being in between them, too, and just saying that song. And I still love it.

Damian: What would be one question, especially for singers and songwriters and know is kind of difficult sometimes to find like up-and-coming platforms and showcase. What will tell a rising singer or songwriter , how to maneuver as an independent artist.

Savannah: I would say just, you know, be smart, be be and as rude and as aggressive as you need to be to make sure that you are protected and respected. Definitely. As a woman, my demeanor is all for reason. And I would I would always tell a woman, just be I’d be as aggressive as you need to be. And, you know, just just understand that business is business and nothing is personal. You know, nobody owes you support. The only support is earned. And you earned that support by work. A lot of people ask, what did you do so that you could work? I really can’t give you any. I’m not related to nobody got no cousins in the game. I don’t come for money. I just come from hard work. So I’m just selling the work. No. Take anything personal. Everything’s business.

Damian: That’s the hardest rule right there, I don’t take nothing personal. Thank you so much Savannah. Is there anyway you can shout-out your social media information and how people can find your music at?

Savannah: Yeah, I mean, you can find me every where at Savannah, Christina. That’s Savannah, like the city and Christina. Can find me on Instagram, Twitter, all streaming platforms, whichever you prefer. And YouTube as well as got my YouTube channel. Just off the new music video “Comfortable” with the homemade video that I made inside of my house? Start up a Flowercrop. And it’s for my new single ‘Comfortable.’ So yeah, you can find me in all those places.

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